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An Honest Mistake

Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Style: One-Shot

Requested?: Not specifically, but inspired by my amazing BFF @dolangram​ who I just love sfm. I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS!!

Warnings: Angst, language, implications of sex.

Word Count: 2K

Summary: Not wanting to jinx your new relationship, you and Tom keep your relationship under wraps - no one knows except your family. But while on a mini getaway in England, Tom runs into a family friend and introduces you as ‘just a friend’, which leads to a fight.

A/N: Small one shot inspired by 10+ hours of imagines/angst/dumb hilarity with the one and only @dolangram​. Our chat inspired this fic as well as her Seb’s ‘testing you’ fic so go check that out if you haven’t read it yet! Stay blessed y’all xoxo (Gif isn’t mine!)

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In the few months you’d been with Tom, you’d never felt the need to “define the relationship”. You were happy, you were together, and that was all that mattered. Everything else – all the adult stuff – fell by the wayside. Having that conversation didn’t seem so important when your hours with him were so few and far between. Your families knew about the two of you; and that was enough. For now, anyway.

“Come away with me this weekend.” Tom’s low voice pulled you away from your thoughts, as his lips pressed gently on the side of your neck. You leaned into him, breathing in his scent – the faint smell of cologne filling your nose. You smiled as his arms wrapped around your waist.

“Where to?” You whisper, as Tom continues feathering kisses just underneath your jaw line, sucking and nipping gently.

“I have a place in mind.” He murmurs, squeezing your frame gently. “Trust me.”

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anonymous asked:

NaNo prep :D I have a character who suffered a traumatic experience (Kidnapping/torture) and was wondering; months after if they're not coping well and had a severe nervous break down, would they need to see a doctor for this? What kind of treatment would a doctor suggest someone who had a nervous breakdown? Can people 'tell' or 'sense' that someone may be heading for a break down moments before it happens? Are there any tell tale signs?

Hey there nonny, 

This is outside my realm of expertise. This generally falls under: 

They have LOADS and loads of posts on trauma and post-traumatic stress, and -torture has posts that (unsurprisingly) relate to torture and its effects on victims specifically, so go and check them out! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


You go to The Maze Runner signing with your best friend to get your copy of the series signed. You are super excited!

This is Thomas’ face when he sees you. He looks you up and down and you feel your cheeks heat up; you hope it’s not visible.

When you get a picture with him he whispers in your ear: “What’s your name, gorgeous?”

“Y/N.” You reply as your cheeks burn bright red.

“Y/N, huh? That’s a beautiful name.” He’s talking normally now, your best friend is watching with an excited smile on her face. “Well, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” He shrugs and you grin.

“T-thankyou!” You stutter.

“No problem..” He smirks and scribbles something else in your book. “Call me.”


This was based off my Wattpad book ‘The Signing’. If you enjoyed it, go check it out. My Wattpad is newtynewtnewt. Thanks alot!!

Love you all xoxo

anonymous asked:

Medic - Hi Aunt Scripty!! Can you tell me if my character's brain damage (from a car crash, left side of his head) is realistic? Loss of past memories, trouble with motor function, seizures (partial absence), trouble understanding speech, trouble gathering words to say, irritablity, poorer emotional control, and migranes? Is there anything else that would happen or anything I should take out? Could he make a full recovery (or close to) after a long period? Thanks!!

Hey nonny! Congrats on not only the first ask of the month – this came in before I’d even posted the ask box was open! – but on the realistic and meaningful representation of the changes that can occur after a traumatic brain injury, or TBI. Well done! 

Without the context of the rest of the story, I don’t know if you should remove some of the damage or not, but I certainly wouldn’t add anything in. I think the ultimate question of how much damage you use will be determined by how incapacitated your character needs to be to tell the story you’re trying to tell, and I don’t have enough information to make that assessment. 

Recovery is going to be a game of partials and “good outcomes.” The truth is that the recovery process is less about getting things back as it is adjusting to what’s already happened. Some improvements can generally be made, but the big strides will likely be in the first couple months of recovery. After that it’s mostly about coping mechanisms: how to leave himself notes if he’s forgetful (and where to put them so he’ll see and how big to write them so he doesn’t have to squint if he’s got a headache). Organizational tricks. Ways to try to and improve his patience. Etc. etc. 

I don’t think a “perfect” recovery is possible, and even if it is, isn’t the point of maiming characters to see how they change? 

Good luck with your story and I hope things go swimmingly for you! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

P.S.: check out [brainline.org] as a great resource on the recovery aspects of TBI! 


[Maim Your Characters email course!

Love the idea of April finally becoming a full-blown kinouichi. Naturally, Raph helped her realize this dream because I believe out of all the turtles, he’d be the one not to go easy on her. This is set during a small break in their patrol and naturally, they’re having their sarcastic banter and Raphael continues to be a smart-ass and April likes humoring him occasionally. They talk and get to know each other better while kicking ass and over time, become an item – I mean, how could they not!? They’d be so sexy together….


Anyhoo, to commemorate the new chapter of my nsfw fict, One Year, which you can read here on tumblr, fanfiction.net, or A03. Also, this chapter finally gets into the hawt stuff so naturally, I thought I’d have a lil’ piece of nsfw 2k12 Raphril art to go along with it. Go check it out here if you so desire. :-)


Have a swell week, y’all! xoxo

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