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Help a poor trans sex worker

Hi, I’m Raven a trans woman from southern California. I am currently unemployed and make all my money from camming. The problem is that my roommate is moving out and taking her computer, which I use for camming, with her. Without that computer or her help I can’t afford to pay rent on my own. 

While I am searching for traditional employment I’ve yet to receive anything and I need help paying for next month’s rent. She has promised to pay for a portion of the rent while she is here, but I still need $300. I’m sorry to ask this, but I would appreciate whatever you can help with.  

If I do happen to receive more than what I ask I will put that towards me getting a new computer, so that I can go back to camming along with a regular job. You can donate by clicking the donation button on my blog or by going to my PayPal jerawl72@gmail.com. Please ignore my deadname. 

If you can’t donate I would appreciate you sharing and signal boosting this.

if you’ve already sent me an ask about this just ignore this ok 

heya frens!!

i can’t believe i’ve reached 1k! ever since i’ve started this blog, it’s been a milestone that cam of two months ago would have only dreamed of reaching :^) one thousand people actually want to follow me (idk why but,,, thANK YOU)

so to celebrate? validate myself? thank you? i will be doing some url edits !!

how can i get one*?

you mbf me

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*i will only be doing urls i get inspiration from!

thank you all so much!! i’m excited to do these :^)

anonymous asked:

I kinda just imagine you and Cam drawing in one of those circular desks, back to back, with scattered drawings of Hauser, Meg and Buttons all around with snacks in bowls on the table and music playing in the background. :) I wanna work there! (I don't know why, but this is the mental picture I see :p)

Gonna have to disappoint you. I work on the top floor and he’s in the “basement” so we either scream at each other or call online if we want to hang while working. We rarely listen to music out loud because I don’t have a sound system up here and also it’s a condo and we don’t want to be the dick neighbors. But our desks are pretty fucking cluttered, for sure!

^and that’s after tidying up :P His got way more mugs and less paper bullshit.
Don’t get me started on the workshop where the 3D printer/airbrush station/my store supplies are! tbh I’d hang out more often down there if it wasn’t always cold as balls.

lol I’d love one of those endless round desks! And yet, I’d still run out of free space on it in mere hours….