go buy that 1 album

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I wish you were here to drag Tay Tay and her new baby Trump aesthetic

LOL @ baby Trump. There are similarities, unfortunately. Look What You Made Me Do is anthem for those that like to blame other people for their bad behavior, which is very Trumpian.

And I read about her suing a blogger who dared to question why she won’t rebuke white supremacists who’ve embraced her while failing to sue the white supremacist who said she includes Nazi imagery in her videos. Her moral compass seems to be broken. Also very Trump-like.

She’s an uber-capitalist who shamelessly games her fans into buy multiple copies of her album so she can go to number 1. Because money and winning is all that matters and not how you got there or who you exploited along the way. That’s Trump’s life motto.

She’s a narcissist. Also a Trump thing.

Her relationships are little more than business arrangements. Trump and Melania, anyone?

She’s a bald faced liar (see above business arrangements as relationships). I don’t have to say that’s Trump all day.

She’s a monument to white mediocrity and is propped up by the machine backing her. Oh damn, another thing she has in common with the Orange one.

She’s petty. She wants to be right even when she’s wrong. She keeps score. She wants to punish her enemies. Yup, she’s suffering from Trumpitis.

She’s got fake tits. He’s got a fake tan. I could do this all day. LOL

Have I dragged her enough? Honestly, it makes sense that in a year like this Tay Tay re-emerges more deplorable than ever with a blander than ever fake toy boy at her side.

i got my ly her album a while ago and i told myself i’ll only buy 1 ver. of an album bc i don’t have much money n i wanna collect all the songs but now i want all ver. of all bts’ albums can you believe it

VIP: I’m going to buy 1 version of the MADE Album only. I am a grown adult who can manage her money wisely. I have bills to pay and money to save. 

INNER VIP: stfu bitch it’s Big Bang’s last album as ot5 because enlistments are coming, you know you’re buying all 6 versions, your money management system is utter failure anyway. TREAT YOURSELF

Tinkerbells, Remain album is now available on iTunes, please go and buy it. We would try to get the album to the #1 album on iTunes Kpop chart (like we did during Awake era). Let’s do our best to support KNK this comeback.