go buy that 1 album

VIP: I’m going to buy 1 version of the MADE Album only. I am a grown adult who can manage her money wisely. I have bills to pay and money to save. 

INNER VIP: stfu bitch it’s Big Bang’s last album as ot5 because enlistments are coming, you know you’re buying all 6 versions, your money management system is utter failure anyway. TREAT YOURSELF

anonymous asked:

if taylor put ts6 on streaming sites when its released then she'll 100% go #1 bc her fans will buy the album to get her a million, and 'haters' will be streaming it bc they love her bops so at the end of the day its a win win for taylor

it seems like she probably will utilize streaming in some fashion

Tinkerbells, Remain album is now available on iTunes, please go and buy it. We would try to get the album to the #1 album on iTunes Kpop chart (like we did during Awake era). Let’s do our best to support KNK this comeback.