go buy it dammit

Sweet Prince, Sweet Nap

(I’ve actually painted him earlier but I’ve added a few touches and since this is kinda just a sketch, it’s not that refined. Anyway, it’s @heavenfell-au‘s sweet prince, Asriel~ I had fun drawing Azzy’s ears~~~ uwu but furries aren’t really my strong suits~ get it~? fursuits~ XD)

Zoe planning the perfect birthday for Alfie

I’ve some suggestions too:

  • let him sleep with nala,
  • let him sleep until his head hurts,
  • do his hair(curl up his hair, we need a curly fringe),
  • give magic stars and caprisun for birthday,
  • make him a smoothie,
  • buy/rent a bouncy castle and/or trampoline,
  • go to wagamamas,
  • and dammit zoe let him hold your leg and stuff while you’re there.