go blue

Jeremy Young, MSE BSE Student, runs a cylinder combustion simulation in the Michigan Immersive Digital Experience Nexus (MIDEN) in the UM3D Lab Digital Media Commons in the Duderstadt Center on June 10, 2015.

The simulation allows for Young to visualize and measure velocity of fluids of different volume points of a cylinder combustion engine.

Photo: Joseph Xu, Michigan Engineering Communications and Marketing



I was challenged by thepacificparrotlet to go blue for blue-throated macaws. Now I challenge… all of Birblr! YES, every last one of you. But especially, civil-anarchy horatioandalice and fyeahpsittacines…although that last one already sorta did it lol. (I tried to pick people who I think maybe won’t have a work/school conflict with hair dyeing.)

You can help raise awareness for the plight of the blue-throated macaw by dying your hair blue. Just tell all those who ask why you dyed your hair about our avian friends in need! BUT, most importantly, help directly by DONATING TO BIRD ENDOWMENT.