go blue


I was challenged by thepacificparrotlet to go blue for blue-throated macaws. Now I challenge… all of Birblr! YES, every last one of you. But especially, civil-anarchy horatioandalice and fyeahpsittacines…although that last one already sorta did it lol. (I tried to pick people who I think maybe won’t have a work/school conflict with hair dyeing.)

You can help raise awareness for the plight of the blue-throated macaw by dying your hair blue. Just tell all those who ask why you dyed your hair about our avian friends in need! BUT, most importantly, help directly by DONATING TO BIRD ENDOWMENT.


Again, all of these photos were taken by Rachel Shomsky of Rachel Shomsky photography. If you are in the Detroit area and need a photographer, she’s wonderful! And she said she loved Megatron so much she is looking into getting a corgi. This was our family photo shoot before the wedding on the University of Michigan campus diag. Go blue!


After hours of discussion and debate, the Central Student Government reversed the indefinite postponement of the controversial divestment resolution and subsequently voted to not pass it in a 25-9 vote with five abstentions early Wednesday morning. Hundreds of individuals gathered to watch the meeting in the Rogel Ballroom in the Michigan Union while hundreds more followed along online through a live-stream. (All images are subject to copyright)