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Let me go,” She seethed through her thin-drawn lips, the dry hands on her not relenting in the least, their grip tightening around her arms. Her own hands were covered with some type of masking cloth and there was nothing her spiritual powers could do to help her. She was afraid, but she refused to show it, her eyes narrowing into two dangerous slits. Kagome twisted against the control on her body but the harder she squirmed, the deeper the bruises that rippled over her muscles.

A sinister chuckle vibrated against her curved back in foreboding, reminding her that she wasn’t dealing with an ordinary villain. This wasn’t a passing thief, looking for something in particular. He was heavy with evil and he was bored. And his breath was foul. “Where’s your pretty dog, miko?” He breathed into the lobe of her ear and she growled. “Is he dead?” The image of a red garbed half-demon turned human, falling into the flames to save the village children imprinted hard against her memory. Kagome wretched some insignificant distance away from the man behind her, his sharp infected nails dragging red grooves against her skin, still sensitive and raw from the burn of the fire. She lifted her bleeding leg painfully to backwards kick him, and it made contact with his groin, but he merely laughed at her, unaffected, readjusted his strong grip to hold her against him with one hooked arm and reached forward to squeeze her foot before she could set it back down. She caught his crooked smile from the corner of her eye in the light of the campfire on the moonless night, and she swallowed down her fear once more.

“You have some fight in you! I like that!”

A dark snarl rose from the darkness, “Then you’re going to love me.”

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The Promo department must never be trusted. REmember how Hook's promo said he'd be the worst villain ever, much more evil than Rumple? and yet it was nothing like that. so i don't pay much attention to what they hype

Well, they do get some things right? They put CS in the Timeless promo back when all we had was Tallahassee and Queen of Hearts. But yeah, that promo for The Crocodile was very misleading. People built up the Shattered Sight curse to be this terrible thing and they played it for laughs. I don’t think they’ll make that mistake with Dark Swan, but unless she straight up murdered a series regular (which I don’t think will happen) then almost everything she does will either be reversible or not matter very much in the grand scheme of the show.

Let’s put it this way…I’m not expecting Angeles levels of death and destruction here. Or Dark Willow with the flaying. Say what you want about BtVS, but when they had heroes go bad, they did not pull the punch. And OUAT has been pulling the punch for a while now. IMO.


There is nothing more hysterical than Brendon Urie being 9000% done with I Write Sins.