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I can’t tell you how happy I am that Taichi is himself, optimistic and courageous again

If you take any step, no matter how small it is, towards achieving your dreams then you will surely find the right path and reach the abundance that lies in store for you.
—  Steven Richards

Rick and Morty AU where it’s Justin Roiland’s original pitch to Fox before he approached Adult Swim.

It’s basically the same with a few major difference.

  • No sci-fi elements.
  • Morty has no sister.
  • Rick is dying.
  • Beth is a single mother.

Other than that, Rick is still a fucked up eccentric alcoholic, Morty is still an awkward kid, they still go on adventures and crime sprees. But it’s all more grounded in reality.

I honestly feel so bad for anyone who joins TAZ after this episode knowing about this twist

It is so, so, SO IMPORTANT to not know this twist, it’s like a freaking gut punch narratively speaking and it’s too incredible to miss and I know some people are going to miss it and that makes me sad

i'll look after you - AccioInvisibilityCloak - The Adventures of Serena Berg [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: I’ll Look After You

Author: AccioInvisibilityCloak

Fandom: The Adventures of Serena Berg

Ship: Serena Berg/Roxanne Roberts

Summary:  Serena Berg is in the business of revenge. For the right price or the right sad story, she can make just about any unsavory character disappear. Her only weakness is her best friend and roommate, Roxanne Roberts. Roxanne has no idea about Serena’s double life- or the fact that Serena is in love with her. When the two worlds begin to overlap, it’s Serena’s job to protect Roxanne- and her own heart.

Notes: This fic is a gift for the wonderful @theperksofbeingabooknerd, as part of the @webseriesfemslashexchange 2017! I hope you like your gift, Shawna! :D

Hi friends! I’m sorry I didn’t give you my announcement yesterday, I had a really busy day!

But here it is! I have a YouTube channel now! We can go on fun outdoor adventures, see me do totally awesome tricks and so much more! I have a video going out later today, so make sure you subscribe!

anonymous asked:

I can feel my depression creeping back but I really don't wanna talk about it to anyone. I need to get out of this quickly do you have advice?

🌻watch a film or a tv show -this always helps Me to get my mind shut up;

🌻hang out with your family or friends; go on an adventures with them; eat lunch together; go take a walk in the nature;

🌻clean your room or house; organize your shelves -your books, your clothes; throw out the stuff you don’t need anymore;

🌻bake or cook something for yourself/ your family/ your friends;

🌻take a long shower, shave, lotion;

🌻listen to your favourite songs; maybe dance a little while listening to them;

🌻maybe try writing your thoughts down if you don’t want to talk about them,, so you still get the feeling you’ve talked about them;

🌻make yourself some tea or coffee or smoothie or;

🌻go to a cafe -take a book or a journal with you,, be aware of your surroundings -how amazingly beautiful all the lives are; how wonderful it is that YOU are HERE; how incredible it is that YOU were put here at the same time as all these other lovely souls; be aware that YOU are exactly as important and beautiful as every other soul here on Earth with YOU;

🌻play with your pet(s) or sibling(s); tell them you love them; tell your family and your friends you love them and if that’s not something you would normally do then you don’t have to say it out loud -you can show it in little ways -take them for a walk, hug them, ask then if they’re okay, play card or boardgames with them, help them;

🌻treat yourSELF - your body & soul; it may mean buying something nice you have always wanted(a book, a piece of clothing, a new piece of furniture), or making a new playlist, or buying some flowers to make your room smell nice; whatever makes YOU feel good and don’t buy a book ‘cus i told you it will make you feel better -it may not, so if u know you hate books then just leave it-

do what makes YOU happier & do you & be you &

honestly if i knew how to get out of this quickly i would be going to school and taking classes rn but i’m not so i am oh-so sorry ur going through this but you are not alone and i feel ya and unfortunately i don’t know the cure and everyone has it different so i really really hope any of this helps but i’m sorry if it doesn’t but take time from what stresses you and take time to work on YOURSELF☀️🌻🐝also u can always come back and talk to me (or someone else -there are loads of lovely people who would be happy to talk to you and help you here on tumblr or irl) xx bless you,, i wish i could do more and make it all go away

Musical/Finale Epiphany

Yesterday I was thinking maybe the new cast members were going to be young Emma and Hook because of the first curse being reset but today I had an epiphany.  It’s not Emma and Hook, but as many have said, it’s Henry and a CS daughter from the future.  Question is why?    Because during the musical the curse from season 1 is reset and it brings everyone back to  1x01.  

So clues for those of you who like to follow this kind of thing.   In the special, the very beginning starts with Once upon a time embarks on a new journey. One that brings this enchanted story full circle.  And then Eddy says ‘when we started this we wanted it to feel like a summer movie.   Heroes and villains going on an adventure but it’s time to bring them home. ( Special part 1) There are tons of mentions and clips of season 1, so they’ll be back to their cursed selves.  

In the musical the first half of the scenes are all EF scenes, with the exception of the group home and Emma’s house.  Also the EF scenes are somewhat telling as they seem to be when Snow was pregnant, possibly when EQ was beginning to cast the curse, Gepetto building the wardrobe…. And then the ending of the show seem to be SB scenes.  Is it that Emma and/or CS wake up and they are not affected for some reason?  

Then the finale - I think we are going to get a Back to the Future 2 type of show.  

In 6x02 Henry tells David/Killian that the Count’s story shouldn’t have ended like it did.  Said he should have known that Operation Cobra part 2 wouldn’t be as simple because it was a sequel and they are more involved.  He listed several sequels but not Future 2 (when they had used 1 as a model in S3) Here’s Henry’s speech X     plus yesterday’s NA info (X) ‘not’ naming the CS S3 finale Back/Future journey.     And then in the special when they are talking about a CS wedding they talk about them going places and they show them going back to the EF plus her line about Marty McFly (X)

So the question is, who is our Bif?  Is it the BF and she casts the curse at the end of 19 before dying which leads to the musical?   Is it Z because she thinks she’s lost everything and is taking away HE?  Or is it someone new?

Tagging some who like to speculate but anyone jump on….

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Had a semi-insane day today- so no writing. But I don’t feel bad because I’m going on a writing adventure tomorrow! It’s been forever since I’ve had one- mostly due to financial issues on my part-and I could not be more excited!!! Be prepared for posting galore!!!

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Te Rerenga Wairua - Ch. 3

Title: Te Rerenga Wairua
Summary: Found by the gods drifting at sea, Maui always assumed he had been thrown in it to drown. When that assumption is challenged, there is only one way to find closure: speaking to his long-departed family. But it’s never a smooth sail to the Underworld, and he’ll need help from a friend - plus a token that fell in the claws of an old enemy long ago.
Characters: Maui, Moana, Tamatoa
Rating: K
Prologue and links to all chapters up so far here.

“Wakey wakey, Crabcake! Ready to go on an adventure?”

“… Bwuh?”

“Yes! That’s the spirit! Come on!”

Something knocked on his shell, and Tamatoa opened his eyes with a groan. The cave he lived in had no source of light aside from the bioluminescent algae growing on the small seawater pond that connected it to the sea - plus his own bioluminescence - so he had to blink a few times before he was able to really see much of anything. Then again, there was no need to really do it: even before he turned his eyestalks to peer over his back, he knew who it was. The voice had been a dead giveaway and really, there was no one else who knew of his cave and would dare to jump on his shell like that.

Standing on his shell, leaning on his hook, Maui grinned at him. “Sorry, are you sleeping?”

“You’re not sorry and no, clearly not anymore,” Tamatoa grumbled, shrugging and causing Maui to jump off his back before he could lose his balance. “How did you get in here?”

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