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The Lemurian Star

A more action oriented story. I mostly do more emotional and day to day ones, but I plan on doing stories like this too, since the Reader is an Avenger. But I still want to incorporate her emotional side too. Please enjoy, and as always, any feedback is greatly appreciated!




Brock Rumlow explained the situation on the way to your drop zone.

A SHIELD ship had trespassed in foreign waters, and the ship’s crew had been taken hostage. You and Steve were both shocked to hear that Jasper Sitwell was amongst the hostages.

Steve was going to go after Batroc, the leader, while you got into position to cover him. Nat was to secure the engine room, and the Strike Team would extract the hostages.

Once you landed, you made your way to a ledge on the ship that gave you a discreet view of Batroc’s location, taking a few guys out as you went. Once in position, you set up your sniper rifle quickly, and settled in. This guy was dangerous, and Steve clearly didn’t want to screw around. You were not to shoot unless absolutely necessary, as SHIELD needed to interrogate him.

“Hey Cap, Romanov isn’t responding to comms,” you heard Rumlow say through your earpiece.

“Nat, where are you?” Steve asked, but there was no response, “(Y/N), have you seen her?”

“No,” you whispered, “wherever she is though, she isn’t in trouble. She’s calm.”

“Understood,” Steve replied, sounding agitated. You watched him begin to engage Batroc through your scope, when you were approached from behind. You took the enemy out as quickly as you could, then scrambled back to your rifle. Steve and Batroc were not in view. He must have made a run for it.

“Sorry Steve, I was attacked. I’ll find a new vantage point.”

“Ok (Y/N). You ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I think he’ll be feeling some regret when he wakes up.”

You heard Steve chuckle, before Rumlow was in your ears again, “Could use some help with the hostages. Black Widow missed rendezvous, and hostiles are still in play.”

“Damn it Nat! Alright, (Y/N), cover the hostages. I’ll be ok.”

“Copy that,” you replied, moving swiftly in the direction of rendezvous.

Things went smoothly as you took a few hostiles out. The hostages were almost all in safety when you heard a loud explosion.

“Rumlow, I’m going to go check that out. You ok?” you spoke fast, already moving toward the fire that had broken out.

“We’re good Barnes, thanks.”

As you moved forward, you saw a big man running towards you. It was Batroc, and he was angry.

“Steve, I need help. West side,” you panted into your earpiece, struggling to hold your own against such a large opponent. Just as you saw Steve approach, Batroc got the better of you, and you felt the sharp burn of his knife in your stomach.

You looked into Batroc’s eyes as he removed his blade, then down to your bleeding stomach.

“(Y/N!)” Steve yelled out, startling Batroc into retreat. He knelt down next to you, putting pressure on the wound.

“I’m ok… I don’t think he got any organs,” you comforted Steve, starting to feel dizzy.

The return to DC and trip to the hospital went by in a blur for you, but it was agonisingly slow for Steve. He was concerned for you, and angry with Nat and Fury. If Nat hadn’t been on her own mission, Steve could have easily taken down Batroc before anyone else got hurt.

Dr. Wiseman released you after two days. The knife had missed everything important, and you hadn’t really lost that much blood. You found yourself grateful to Dr. Wiseman for not only treating you, but also for allowing you to wear a long sleeved hospital gown, and for not letting anyone, especially Steve, see your left arm.

“I’m so sorry I let you get hurt,” Steve muttered, as he helped you into the apartment.

“It wasn’t your fault Steve. I’m the one who let him get the upper hand.”

Steve sat you down on the couch and got you set up comfortably. He was worried, not just because of your injury but also because, lately, it seemed like you had been withdrawing from everyone, even him.

All you had was each other, and he couldn’t bare the thought of losing you.