go back to your clique

11.23.15 // 2:06 am

ARIES - have you forgotten what good they have done for you? have you forgotten the time they took out of their day just because they wanted to be around you? just because you have been convinced that you do not need them by those who are their enemies doesn’t mean that you can’t still love them. you do not need to be so hostile.

TAURUS - have you sat back and looked at your own life before laughing at another person’s current status in theirs? have you realized that your hands are not clean either? i know you may be too stubborn to ask yourself these things sometimes, but being a kind person does not take much effort.

GEMINI - did you text or call them today? did you pick up your phone and think about them as soon as you unlocked it? why are you so distant from the people that you “like?” have you fucked them over? solitude is not always necessary. sometimes you just need a little company to change your view of those who fall for you.

CANCER - you stayed up all night again, didn’t you? you’ve grown so tired of caring too much, that now you care too little, am i right? you’ve grown so tired of the question “is it lust or is it love?” lingering in your mind. you may be in love with the night and the moon may be your safe haven for now, but the sun will still rise come morning. it is time to answer your questions for yourself.

LEO - why do you continue to choke on your pride? you appear as proud, courageous, and strong to others, but what if they saw what lies underneath? what would they say if they saw you in the bathtub with a hot face and red, wet eyes? what would they say if they saw you outside at 3:14 a.m. with a cigarette and bitten nails? you may be the sun, but even stars burn out eventually. it is time to admit your mistakes and your flaws.

VIRGO - have you asked yourself what good you have done for the world recently? when will you put down your pen and go outside again? when will you take a break from your desk? when will you finally say “hello” to that person that makes your heart pound? your sketches and scribbles and your writings and ramblings aren’t always clear. maybe it is time to be straightforward with the world. maybe it is time to make someone’s day in the world. you would find great pleasure in giving to the world.

LIBRA - did you compliment someone today and sincerely mean it? did you genuinely intend to make someone smile today without going back to your clique and laughing about the same person you complimented? this is a common human act, so don’t feel too horrible about it, but maybe you should branch out to more people with intentions to help, not harm. being different people when you are around different cliques or groups eventually gets tiring. if you continue to live this way, you will dull out.

SCORPIO - why do you keep manipulating those who just want to be your friend? why do you think that is okay? is it because you are too scared to trust? they just wanted to be your friend and you kissed the person they liked while continuing to fake a smile to them. all they wanted was to be kind to you. you are a good person underneath your cold exterior, i know you are. but you need to stop breaking hearts and causing tears.

SAGITTARIUS - have you slept in your own bed once this week? or has your home been wherever you have lied your head? you keep running and running because you think that you will never be caught — and you are you probably right. but what are you running from? is it your problems, whether they be at home, with loved ones, or at school? it is time to come home and face your problems head-on, with bravery. it is time to stop hesitating.

CAPRICORN - why did you tell them it wouldn’t be a one time thing? why did you have them in your car, in your arms, and in your lap? why did you put your hands in their hair and all over their body? why did you fake reassurance? they thought you meant it. why did you believe what you heard over them? you hurt them and that’s not okay. they can’t go about their lives when you keep smiling and waving at them in the hallways. it is time to confess and apologize.

AQUARIUS - do you not realize that your best friend loved you? do you not realize they sat in bed for hours upon hours, thinking of ways to apologize? why wouldn’t you accept it? why did you choose someone who is clearly untrustworthy over someone you have known for over half of your life? why did you choose that person over someone who sat with you at 2 in the morning and smoked a pack of your mom’s cigarettes while talking about life with you? you have faults yourself and you are equally guilty in this conflict. you need to start feeling. you need to understand the pain of others.

PISCES - why do you hide under your covers at night? why do you conceal yourself in public? why can you defend your loved ones but when you try to defend yourself, you stumble on your words? what are you so afraid of? what comes to your mind when you think of your phobias? sticking up for others will earn you nothing but enemies and friends. sticking up for yourself will earn you nothing but respect and fear.

A Different Beat | An Ashton irwin Imagine | Part 1


This is my new small series called “A Different Beat” as you can see on the title, I saw this old picture of Ashton and got inspired, so it’s based on Ashton being a nerd in high school x

BEWARE OF: mature language, upcoming smut, swearing

Rating: [PG-16] Unless you feel mature enough to read, but please if you’re like 12, what the fuck are you even doing on Tumblr?

Pairing: Ashton Irwin/Reader

The smell of lacquer and too many chemicals hit your nostrils as you opened the door to the chemistry class, letting out a small groan when you realized that you were going to spend the next two classes in this room. Who needs chemistry anyways?” You mumbled more to yourself than anybody else as you went over to the usual desk your best friend Brittany and you were sitting at. Throwing your bag onto the table you pulled the stool out from the table before plumbing down on it, your teacher giving you an unapproved glare. “So Ms. Y/L/N what is your excuse this time?” He asked in a monotone, the tiredness and his indifferent interest clear in his voice. “I accidently sat my alarm to ring half an hour after it actually should.” You shrugged, taking your chemistry books out of your bag before placing it down on the ground next to your table. Some of the other students let out small giggles by your statement, Brittany shaking her head at you in disbelief but she was still wearing a smile on her face. “You’re an idiot sometimes you know that right.” She whispered and you gave her a small smirk, shrugging your shoulders.

You and Brittany had been best friends since kindergarten. Always been in school together and never been separated. You did everything together, homework, classes and cheerleading. One problem though? She likes Noel, and then you ask, who is Noel? Noel is your ex-boyfriend, jock and leader of the football team + arrogant as fuck. And he clearly showed that in your relationship. You were together throughout the first year in high school but after misconceptions you broke apart. But the fully problem was that he was still head over heels with you, determined to get you back. He always made sure to be near you, touch you whenever he could, and basically just be in your present. And of course it bugged Brittany as fuck, but what could she do?

 Mr. Grown started to write different formulas, talking in between whilst all of the students were taking notes. You looked down at the empty paged notepad in front of you, determined to write down but you just couldn’t get yourself to it. “I’m not in the mood for this.” You mumbled throwing the pencil that you fiddled with between your fingers on top of the notepad, leaning back in your chair. “Nobody is in the mood for this.” Brittany groaned, throwing her pencil onto her notepad as well, crossing her arms as she looked up at the blackboard, trying to keep up with Mr. Grown’s rambling. “Just give up already we don’t get a shit of this.” You mumbled, feeling a tap from your shoulder. Turning your gaze over your shoulder you were met by Noel’s arrogant smirk. “You wanna get out of here?” He whispered, making you look back at Mr. Grown before turning your gaze towards Noel again. “How?” You whispered back and he looked around for a moment in thought. “I suggest we take the window.” He joked pointing towards it, and you let out a small giggle, pushing your chair back so it was leaning up against Noel’s table. “Or we could hide in the closet.” He suggested looking back and you shook your head at him with a smile. A small shush came from the left side of the classroom, you and Noel turning your heads towards where the noise came from, the nerdy group trying to concentrate on the teaching. “Pricks.” You mumbled towards them, and they gave you a glare, before turning back towards the blackboard. “I’m serious I can’t take this anymore, please let’s get the fuck out of here.” Brittany moaned pushing her chair back as well.

“Ms. Y/L/N, Mr. Cann and Ms. Rivers, even though I don’t really want your attention on the blackboard, it’s actually my job to educate you even though how much you probably don’t want it.” Mr. Grown said in a disturbing way, making the 3 of you turn your head around towards the blackboard. Mr. Grown shook his head at you guys, placing the chalk he was holding on the desk in front of him. I think we need to do some conversion in here.” He mumbled looking around at the different tables. “I won’t move.” You snapped, crossing your arms over each other. “Oh, you will.” Mr. Grown said as he looked at you with wide eyes. “Go switch place with Nick.” He said as he pointed towards where Nick was sitting. “You’re kidding right?” You asked in disbelief, but raised yourself from your seat as Mr. Grown kept staring at you, waiting for you to switch. “Fine…” You mumbled grabbing your books and bag before walking over to Nick seat, plumbing your books on the table before taking a seat. As the silence felt down over the class again, Mr. Grown continued his rambling.

Placing your palm on your chin, your eyes started to get heavier, you stared on the blackboard over and over, but the numbers and formulas didn’t give sense in your head. “Y/N, maybe you should write things down?” Mr. Grown said, snapping you out of your small doze and your body jolt by the sound of your front name, looking up at him wide eyed before looking down at your empty notepad. “Oh.” You mumbled looking over at the table you sat at before, your pencil placed at the end of it. Letting out a small sigh you ran a hand through your hair before looking to your right. “Can I borrow a pencil?” You whispered and the boy didn’t answer he just went for one in his pencil case, his hand was shaking as he gave a pencil to you. “Thank you.” You mumbled, trying to keep up with Mr. Grown’s writings.

But it wasn’t more than 2 minutes after that the pencil left your fingers and you placed your chin on your palm again, looking around in the class. Suddenly your eyes landed on the guy you were actually sitting next to, a curly haired lad with black colored classes, a Bordeaux sweater covering a dark gray t shirt. It was like his emotions were placed on his small state. He was nervous as fuck. Some of his curls were going in front of his eyes as he was looking between his MacBook and the blackboard, interested in getting the notes written down. Looking more intensely at him, his tongue started to appear from his lips, his eyebrows knotting as he tried to see how the formulas gave sense. There was no doubt that he was a part of the nerd clique.

Going back to look at the blackboard your mind started to focus again and before you knew it the bell ringed indicating that the class was over. “Thank god.” You mumbled packing your books back in your bag. Noticing the pencil that wasn’t yours you looked over at the boy, “Oh here don’t forget that.” You mumbled and your fingers brushed lightly over his as he was reaching out for it as you was about to put it in his pencil case. His hand jolt away by the touch of your hand as like he was being burned. You knotted your eyebrows by his move, he was now hiding his hand in his sweater, looking quick nervously at you before looking away. Rolling your eyes by his behavior you stood up from your chair, Noel and Brittany and some other students standing outside the door waiting for you. “Hey Ms. Y/L/N.” Mr. Grown said before you could disappear and you took a deep breath whilst you closed your eyes before turning on your heel. “What Mr. Grown?” You asked with a fake sarcastic smile, waiting for your probably detention note. “I’ve decided that you need some study lessons with a student tutor.” Your mouth opened agape at his words, looking over at the other guys, same expression plastered on their faces. “You’re kidding me right?” You asked almost above a whisper but he only shook his head, giving you a sweet disgusting smile. “Who’s gonna be my tutor?” You managed to ask, many faces in your head running around. “Ashton Irwin.” He answered, scribbling something down on a paper. You stood for a second with a thoughtful face, trying to recall his face. “Who?” You asked, still confused. “I’m Ashton.” A voice said behind you making you turn around, seeing the brown curly haired lad with the Bordeaux sweater you were sitting next to, looking nervously at you.  “Oh-key.” You managed to say before staring at his nervous form, him clutching to his books and bag, looking between you and the ground. You didn’t say more just turned on your heel ready to leave the classroom. “And Ms. Y/L/N.” Mr. Grown said and you turned around fast muttering out a “What.” But your mouth went into a straight line as you saw the lilac note he was holding in his hand. “Right.” You mumbled grabbing the detention note from his hand. “Maybe Ashton can teach you how to meet up at time as well.” He chuckled but you just rolled your eyes, walking out of the classroom to your waiting friends. Help from a tutor? No fucking way.