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[Chapter 3: PG 26]

So, which folks were telling Pinkie to ‘get the fuck back here’? :)c

I do adore how Reset!Pearl is ‘no thoughts head empty’


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NaNoWriMo Prep: How to Write 2000 Words a Day

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Two thousand is a big number. Sitting down to write 2000 words can be extremely intimidating, so the first thing you should do is make that number friendlier.

Write 500 words in 4 writing sessions.  

Chop up that big, intimidating number. Start with a goal of 500 words. In one session, with no breaks, write them all. Take a break, then write the next 500. Repeat until you reach at least 2000. 

If you write 650 words in one session, don’t aim for 350 in the next. Let those extra words add up. A few hundred extra words each day will get you to 50k quicker than you could imagine.

I recommend timing your sessions, aiming for 20 minutes each time. The deadline will help you get the words out, With 10 minute breaks between each session, you can reach your 2000 word goal in two hours. Which brings me to the next point: 

Write fast. 

Don’t stop and think about your words. Don’t go back and improve a previous sentence. Save all of your edits for later. Focus on writing as quickly as possible, throwing everything you have at that blank page. This will actually help boost your creativity. Make your brain work so fast, be so focused, that it doesn’t have any space to doubt itself and you’ll be amazed at what you can come up with. 

But don’t worry if you can’t write 500 words in 20 minutes on day one. Writing quickly is a skill and it will take a few days of training. 

Let the words suck.

This is absolutely key if you want a high word count. When you’re writing an entire chapter in a day, you shouldn’t expect the words to be beautiful. You’re not aiming at lyrical prose. You’re mining raw material that you can work into art later.

Letting the words suck can include:

  • Writing [something happens here] in place of a scene.
  • Letting yourself use cliches as shorthand.
  • Dialog that is really exposition.
  • Long descriptions of things that don’t matter.
  • Letting your characters ramble until you discover what it is they actually need to say.

As long as there are 2000 words and they relate to your story, they’re exactly what you need. And if you hate having bad words on a page, once you have your 2000 for a day, you can go back and fix all of it. Take all the time you need. Just reach that word count first. 

Tip: if you do edit at the end of each day, make that a separate document from your official NaNo doc. This way, you can trim scenes, descriptions, and dialog without worrying about its effect on your word count. (If you make a scene/description/sentence longer, feel free to include that in your NaNo doc.) 

Don’t know what to write next?

So you’ve written 1200 words, completed a scene, and you have no idea where the story is going next. Here are some things you can do to get those 800 words in anyway:

  • Go to writeordie.com and FORCE the words out.
  • If that doesn’t work, reread the scene you’ve just written and see if you’re missing some obvious foreshadowing, some clue as to where the story’s headed. (You can also add a few lines to bulk up your wc.)
  • If that fails, take a walk and let the fresh air usher a solution to you.
  • If that fails, skip the next section. Write another scene. Go where the story is waiting for you. Come back to the other scene at a later time.

Helpful tip:

Instead of breaking your writing session into four parts, break it into five. Use your first writing session to sketch out an entire chapter, like an outline, but with bits and pieces of dialog and description. Figure out where you’re headed and a couple of key stops along the way. Knowing what you’re writing towards will make doing the actual, fleshed-out writing much easier and quicker.

You can also do an outline for the next day’s writing after you’ve gotten your 2000 words for the day in. Future you will be extremely pleased.

theodoradove  asked:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was born in Brooklyn in 1933. She meets Steve Rogers pre- or post-freezing.



It was nice to be back in New York, Steve thought, after touring the whole country with the Star Spangled Show. Even better, once the show was done here, they were going overseas – not into combat, but at least it was a start. It made him cheer up just to think about it, and he maybe threw a little extra flair into the show every night, took a little extra time at the stage door.

“What’s your name?” he asked, crouching to get on eye-level with the little girl who had been patiently waiting behind several taller, pushier people. 

“Ruth,” she said shyly, offering him her autograph book.

“Lovely name,” he replied. “Did you like the show?”

She nodded. “I liked the dancing.” 

“You gonna be a dancer when you grow up?”

“Nuh uh,” she said. 

“What’re you gonna be?”

“A judge,” she said. 

“Yeah? You gonna make sure justice is done?”

She nodded soberly.

“Well, Ruth, you gotta study hard, you know that, right?” he asked, as he signed her book. “I expect to see you on the bench someday.”

“Thank you,” she murmured, stepping back, and another handful of kids surged around her. Cute kid. 


Steve had always liked Civics in school, but when you had to catch up on seventy years between your last history class and the present, it could get a little overwhelming. On the other hand, celebrity was good for something; when he’d been working on memorizing the names and major cases of the Supreme Court justices, Tony had said, “Well, do you want to meet them?”

A couple of long phone calls and a few weeks later, Steve passed through a LOT of security, down a hallway, and into a courtroom; it was early in the morning, ahead of the open public hours, and the room smelled like coffee. A tiny bird of a woman in a black gown was standing in front of the seating box. 

“Captain,” she said, as he shook her hand. 

“Justice Ginsburg, right?” he asked. “It’s an honor, ma’am.”

“I feel the same,” she said, and there was something very familiar about her smile. “I wanted to get here a little earlier than everyone else, to speak to you in private.” 

He was opening his mouth, about to ask why, when she reached into a pocket of the robe and took out a battered leather book, the kind kids used to collect autographs in.

“I don’t suppose you remember, you must have signed a lot of autographs,” she said. “But back in the war, just before you left for overseas, I went to see your bond show.” 

Steve looked down. Scrawled on the page was his clumsy signature and, in slightly better lettering, To Judge Ruth. Study Hard!

He looked up at her, eyes wide. “No, I remember – I asked if you wanted to be a dancer and you said no, you were going to be a judge.”

“You were the first adult outside of my family who didn’t sneer at a girl wanting to be a judge,” she said. 

“Well,” Steve said faintly. “Guess you must have studied.”

“Captain America said he wanted to see me on the bench. Couldn’t very well let him down,” she replied, and Steve laughed. 

I just saw a post about the Calm Harm app that said there’s also a very similar app called Clear Fear! I didn’t want to reblog that post because some of the reblogs were very guilt trippy, so here’s my own post about it:


Clear Fear is an app that helps you with anxiety attacks in much the same way Calm Harm helps with self harm. You can customise your colours, you can add a passcode to it so that other people can’t open the “self-monitoring” tab with your information, and you can customise your gender. This last bit is only for research purposes but I thought it was nice :)

When you first open the app, it asks you to make your own personal list of activities that you know help you reduce anxiety. You can also add contact numbers of people you know you can talk to when you’re having an attack. You can fill these in later, tho!

Once inside the app, you can go back to these lists in the tab “safety net”:


The orange circle takes you to a hotline number page. The other two circles take you to the activities and people that you listed earlier. If you write down these lists when you’re feeling good, it’ll help you remember all the things that can help and that you may not be able to list while you’re having an attack!


There are many more options depending on your individual needs — an animal gif section, a joke section, a section with ideas to express yourself, a list of positive thoughts and inspirational quotes, breathing activities, information on the different types of anxiety, and much more!

As an end note, please don’t add guilt-tripping comments to this post. No one must reblog this — only those who feel comfortable doing so!

Testing out popular (FREE) writing hacks

There are a lot of writing hacks floating around, tips that are supposed to increase your writing productivity. Well, I tested them, and here are my thoughts:

1. Use Comic Sans

  • Let’s be honest. When we were in primary school, we typed EVERYTHING in Comic Sans. However, as we got older and more professional, Comic Sans appeared childish and we stopped using it.
  • Ask anyone what the most unprofessional font is and they’ll probably answer: Comic Sans MS
  • However, earlier this year the idea of using Comic Sans when writing your first draft started popping up and now, a lot of writers are swearing by it.
  • So, did it increase my productivity?
  • YES
  • I started writing a scene in Comic Sans and I wrote about five pages in like 30 minutes. The words just flowed. I don’t know why this font increases writing productivity, but if it works, I don’t really care why.
  • So, I would 100% recommend trying Comic Sans for your first draft. Remember, no one’s going to see it. And it’s pretty easy to change back to something like Times New Roman once you’ve finished a scene.

2. Dictation

  • I’ve heard a lot of professional authors rave about how much time they save by dictating their first drafts. However, a lot of dictation software and microphones are quite expensive. So, I tried the free alternatives at my disposal.
  • The latest version of OneNote, which comes included in a lot of Microsoft Office packages, now has a dictation feature. I know this isn’t technically free, but it was for me, since I already have Office installed. The OneNote mobile app is free, but I don’t know it is has this feature. And I just used the built-in microphone on my laptop. Google Docs also has a dictation feature, I think, but I haven’t tried it yet.
  • So, does it work?
  • The accuracy is surprisingly good. I dictated about three paragraphs this morning and only one or two words were incorrect. Also, OneNote’s dictation doesn’t allow for speaking punctuation, which means you’ll have to add these after the fact. Additionally, few people actually write in OneNote, so you’ll have to paste the text into your document.
  • Overall, this could be great for someone whose hands are tired of typing or who cannot sit at a desk any longer than their job already requires. However, it doesn’t really increase productivity. This may just be me, but I take longer to think up good sentences when I have to speak them. Then, I have to go back and add punctuation marks and correct some words. And then paste it into my draft document. It’s easier to just write it from the get-go.
  • However, some authors say that it just takes getting used to. So, maybe if you’re more of a verbal/audio thinker and don’t have your hands available at all times, this is a good hack for you. I just don’t think I’ll be using it much. 

3. Writing sprints

  • This has been around for quite some time, but I only really started using it when I attempted Camp Nanowrimo during my test month. Essentially, writing sprints entail setting a timer for somewhere under an hour and then just focusing on getting as many words written as possible before the timer goes off. There are many published authors who swear by this.
  • So, does it increase productivity?
  • Yes. Firstly, it pushes you to write when you wouldn’t have in other circumstances, since it allows you to utilise even the smallest free periods. Have an hour between classes? Find a flat surface and do a writing sprint. Have to study all evening? Do a 25-minute sprint before you start. Secondly, it also helps you get more words down in that time, because you don’t have to worry about what you have to do next or whether your writing is any good. All you focus on is producing as many words as possible before that timer goes off.
  • So, if you’re a busy person, try using writing sprints here and there to increase your productivity.

4. Writing groups

  • Many authors enjoy the camaraderie and accountability that comes with writing with a lot of other people, whether it be in a physical space or an online group. There’s a set time everyone in the group will be writing and you keep one another company, checking up on one another’s progress and sharing motivation.
  • Does it increase productivity?
  • Not for me. This is largely a personal thing, but I actually get less writing done in the presence of other people. I’m more anxious. I get distracted by other people’s comments. And I constantly find myself wondering when the session will end. To me, writing is a solitary thing. I work best holed up in my room with no one around and no one leaving online comments about their own writing. Yes, I love checking in on others’ progress and sharing my own on Instagram, but only after my writing session has finished.
  • However, you may find that writing groups work for you. Maybe not being alone is just nicer for you, regardless of whether you get more words down or not. So, this one is definitely dependent on the individual.

5. Background noise

  • Some writers create signature playlists for each of their WIPs. Some write specific scenes to specific songs. Others use white noise or instrumentals. But it’s clear that writing with some form of background sound works for a lot of authors.
  • Let me start by saying that I cannot get any work done when listening to music with lyrics. So, I didn’t even try this. Instead, I tried fantasy instrumental playlists on YouTube, rainymood.com and ambient-mixer.com 
  • Does it work?
  • Sometimes.
  • If I’m writing a fight scene, listening to epic battle music will help me write it faster. I write at my best during thunderstorms, so rainymood.com definitely increases my productivity. Ambient mixer offers a huge variety of ambient sounds to listen to, ranging from scary woods to driving with the Winchesters. “Quiet library” on ambient mixer helps a lot when I have to study, but not really when I have to write. So, yes, in certain instances, background noise helps me write faster. But, mostly, I enjoy writing in silence or with natural, real-life sounds around me.
  • Once again, this is purely personal. Regardless, I can definitely recommend the two websites I mentioned above.

So, that’s all I have for you today. I hope that these “reviews” can help you decide which writing hacks will work for you. Remember that my asks are always open for creative writing questions, and that post submissions are always welcome!

Reblog if you found this post useful. Comment if there are any writing hacks you’d like me to try out in the future. Follow me for similar content.

Marry That Girl

The way I want Adrien to develop a crush on Marinette in canon, or at least realise that he has a mega crush on Marinette, is for him to find out about the future she had planned for the two of them. 

Let’s say Marinette has a special sketchbook. This sketchbook is filled with drawings of their future house, of Adrien as an adult in multiple occupational settings, of Marinette and Adrien’s wedding, and most importantly, their future children

Let’s say Marinette had accidentally brought this sketchbook to school instead of her regular one. Let’s say she accidentally dropped this sketchbook while rushing out of school to help go meet Mme. Chamack to go babysit Manon. 

Let’s say Adrien was nearby and picked up the sketchbook.

He wasn’t able to call out to her before she ran off, so he kept it, deciding to give it back to her tomorrow. He gets into his car and is driven home.

Of course, though, he’s a cat, curious through and through. It wouldn’t hurt to take a peek, right? Besides, Marinette’s such an excellent designer, maybe he could put in a good word to his father.

He didn’t expect to see the wedding dress on the first page, a self-portrait of her in an intricate bun and gorgeous white lace. It’s mesmerizing. It makes him excited, already imagining her at her wedding, her giddy smile as she stands before her future groom. 

He turns the page. His cheeks burn

The future groom is apparently him

There he is, in a sunny, shiny beige suit and a wide, toothy grin. His hair is messy and his tie’s a bit loose, and it surprises him how specific she was in those details. That she wasn’t expecting him to be perfect. That she didn’t want him to be perfect. 

His heart thuds loudly in his chest, and he turns the page. 

It’s him in a lab coat, standing beside some complex piece of machinery that Marinette had definitely searched references to. Beside him is the single word “Physicist.” 

He turns the page again.

It’s him in a simple suit, wearing a tacky tie, standing in front of a chalk board and talking to a group. Beside this drawing, the word “Professor” is written.

Once again, he turns the page.

It’s him in his fencing uniform, standing on top of a podium. In one hand, he is holding a shiny medal that’s wrapped against his neck, grinning right beside it. In the other hand, he holds his foil, his helmet tucked under his arm. “Fencer.” He didn’t need to read the word to guess that one.

He turns at least fifteen pages, each one of him in a different occupation, something related to one of his hobbies or likes, even things he’s only ever had a casual interest in. He nearly laughed at the sight of him as an ice dancer. He won’t lie, he did like ice skating, but really?

It’s the last one that leaves him in near tears. 

It’s him laying casually on a couch, two little boys tucked under each of his arms, and one little girl curled up against the center of his chest. All four of the people in the picture are fast asleep in front of a TV. “Stay-At-Home Dad” was written next to this drawing. 

He chokes down his sob. The driver looks at him through the review mirror in concern, and sees the wide smile across the boy’s face. Happy tears, then. 

The next page shows the three children together. He smiles wider at the sight of their last names. 

Hugo Dupain-Cheng-Agreste

Louis Dupain-Cheng-Agreste

His eyes land on the girl’s name, and his heart stops

Emilie “Emma” Dupain-Cheng-Agreste.

He stares, and stares, and stares. Then he closes the sketchbook, and brings it close to his chest, almost scared of the idea of letting it go. He looks out the window and sees the mansion. They’ve apparently been here for quite some time. 

He scurries to his room, locks the door, and doesn’t come out until he’s memorized every single page of the sketchbook. Damn the consequences.

He eats dinner that night in a trance. Gabriel even comes down to eat with him, informed by a worried Nathalie of his son’s strange behaviour. Adrien barely acknowledges his presence, too occupied with his thoughts, smiling as though he were floating peacefully on a cloud. Nothing anyone says gets through to him.

He imagines his life with Marinette. Her in a pretty, professional bun and shy, loving smiles, dressed up as she’s about to go to her office as a head designer. Him in casual, comfy clothing as he makes breakfast for their family of five, kissing the cheeks of his three children and the lips of his wife. He’d help the kids get dressed, brush their teeth, and take them to school. Take care of their hamster at home, because they most certainly will have a hamster, he guarantees it. He’ll bring a home cooked lunch directly to his wife’s work, and she’d drop everything to take a lunch break with him because that’s the kind of person she is— attentive… loving… 

Beautiful, his mind supplies. Her smile, her personality, her work. All of it absolutely gorgeous. He doesn’t even pretend to disagree. Marinette had planned this whole life around him. She knows what she wants. Her position as a fashion designer won’t change, nor will her future wedding dress. But she left his role in her life so open. Every option is catered around what he’d possibly want in the future. All the occupations he could choose from, their children’s names, where they’d live, who would take whose last name, etc, etc. 

He buries his face into his pillow and giddily kicks his feet, his thoughts once again remembering Emilie “Emma” Dupain-Cheng-Agreste. She wants to name their future daughter after his mom

He cries himself to sleep that night, but unlike every other time, it’s tears of happiness. 

He wakes up the next day with a single mission on his mind.

‘I’m going to marry the HELL outta that girl!’


started drawing this for last year’s irmonth prompt ‘she knows’, only just got around to finishing it. the idea was that if ichigo ever uses mugetsu again, he doesn’t just lose his powers, he will straight up disintegrate into nothingness - and the only person who knows this is rukia, who trained in the royal realm with him. 

Thor Ragnarok/Loki imagines - I see you

Originally posted by thortunes

AN: I’m really going back to my roots here. Marvel was always what I wrote most and what I started this page with. Thor Ragnarok makes me feel really old as I look back on the many years I’ve been writing fan fiction. Loki is and will always be my main first love. Thor Ragnarok may not have been as serious as previous Thor Movies but I still adored it and Loki stole my heart like he does every time he’s on the screen. I came up with this mid movie and I couldn’t pull my phone out to write the idea down so thank god I remembered it. Also, some of the dialogue between Thor and Loki is not word for word, it’s just what I remember.

I might turn this into a series where I start from the first Thor then lead the story up to Ragnarok. Tell me your thoughts on this. 

Summary: You have always been Loki’s rock and when Hela comes for Asgard, Loki wants to go back for you but won’t admit that. You are see-er and that meant you could see where Loki is at all times, but when you can’t, you start to panic. 

Pairing(s): Loki x reader

Word count: 1,106

Warnings: Spoilers. 

When Heimdall was exiled from the city, you chose to go with him. You had seeing powers much like he did however yours differed in a way that Heimdall found interesting. 

He was your mentor and when Odin banished him, you had to go with him as he was like a father to you. 

However, this meant leaving Loki behind. 

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So I’ve been using my bullet journal for three years non-stop because the system worked so well for me and I thought I would never go back to a traditional planner… until about a month ago I discovered the Best Self Co planner 😍

I saw that all the components of my bullet journal that I draw out every day: schedule, tasks, morning and evening gratitude, lessons learned, wins, habit tracker, in-depth goal setting and more are ALL in this planner. 💫

I used it for the first time yesterday in this two pages per day spread and had the most productive day I’ve probably ever had 🤔  plus there was enough room to add my own creative touches, track meals, add quotes, etc. 

Yeah.. this one is a winner, guys🌱 my studygram

Tips for people who like to write by hand

So you’re an old timey writer who enjoys the feeling of paper as you breathe life into a story? Or, like me, you can’t use your phone at school and just wants to get some writing done while math class bores the others? 

Well, me too and I’ve come to your aid! I’ve done some pretty stupid things that costed me hours and hours of searching for lost scenes and struggling to find ideas I knew I’d written down so you don’t have to! 

Find the right notebook for you

By experience, notebooks take a long time to be filled. In good nanowrimo times, I take from 6 to 8 months to finish one. So you’ll be stuck with this guy for a long time. Make sure to pick one that you like and is right for your needs. I, for example, prefer spiral notebooks. You can rip out pages if you need to (if you mess it up, if someone asks you for one, if you just need a page to write down a grocery list or something, etc) and you can put a pen on the spiral. I also like having a pocket to put pieces of ideas I have. 

Some spooky stories about having the wrong notebook: 

  • I got stuck with a brochure old planner for two years. My mom didn’t use it in the year it was meant for, so I thought oh, it’s free real estate. As it turns out, it had really small space between the lines, so the pages would take forever to fill, it had all those day and hour numbers and the paper was really thin. It was terrible and it made writing terrible. It would have been a thousand times better if I just spent a few bucks on a regular notebook. 
  • More recently, I started using just the kind of notebook I like, a spiral notebook with a pocket. But I bought it a couple of years ago at a fandom event I attended and the cover was a personalized Divergent cover. At the time, I thought if was pretty cool and everyone would know the reference. But now it has aged so very poorly. The cover has blood all over it and it says “Faction Before Blood”. So now I’m scared to pull it out to write at uni and people will think I’m in a gang or something. 

Number your pages

I know, it sounds like a lot of work. But you can get a notebook with pages already numbered, number it yourself or do it like I do and number it every 10 pages (just because it’s easier). If you don’t feel like doing all of this repetitive work,  date your writing. It’s cool to see how much you progressed, how long you have been writing this project, when you had this idea, etc. One thing doesn’t have to exclude the other, but both methods serve the same purpose. 

And this purpose is to help you get an idea of how much you write (and feel good about your progress) and to help you organize yourself on all you’ve been writing. Which takes us to the next tip. 

Make the first page an index

Not only it will take the pressure off the first page, it will also help you so you don’t keep losing the awesome stuff you’re writing and forgetting it exists. Everytime you start a new scene or change projects, go to the index and write down the page or the date you started this new section. Since I number every ten pages, I find the first page with a number on it and start counting forward or back to the new page. But you can do it in any way that suits you. 

Make a random idea page 

It doesn’t have to be the second page (it usually isn’t for me), but it’s good to have one. Sometimes, in the middle of writing, you have that great idea for something you need to change on what you’ve already got, or you got a completely new insight. It’s good to have your idea page somewhere close you can just flip to, write it down and get right back to writing. And don’t go easy on that page! Write it diagonally, vertically, draw on it, anything. It’s just there to take out those ideas so you can take a look at it another time and not mess the flow you’re in right now. 

Keep your enemies close. And your pen even closer!

You know your favorite bic friend? It has a secret weapon just for you to use. That little flap of the cap? Use it to keep your pen always close. I normally put it on the spiral of my notebook. But if you have a brochure, you can put it on the cover. Sometimes it damages it a bit, but it’s a good trade for having it always ready for action. If you use moleskine, I saw that they normally have designated pen places. If they don’t, I have a tip for it just under this one! 

Take your time to find which kind of pen is your weapon of choice. Personally, I think nothing beats a black ballpoint pen. I know some people like fineliners for writing, but they make the other side of the paper all gross looking and I like to keep it clean. Plus, I write really small and fineliners often bleed in my handwriting. I took my time searching for my favorite brand and I settled on Molin ballpoint pens. 

I would recommend buying your favorite pens in bulk. Nothing is worse than pen hunting around when you have an urgent idea. I bought 50 pens for super cheap and I stack them EVERYWHERE. In all my bags, in my sketchbooks, in my bullet journal, in my writing notebook, in my drawers, anywhere I think it will be easy to find one when I need it ( also giving some to my friends who keep stealing my pens).

Crafting the perfect notebook

You don’t have to be a crafter to modify your notebook to better suit you! Find a ribbon anywhere in the house. Cut it to be a little longer than the book. Tape that bad boy to the inside of the back cover and everytime you stop writing, put that ribbon on the page you stopped. This helps you not to get lost in your previous writing and get right back to business when you resume.

Also, if you really like that moleskine vibe but don’t have the cash, just get a regular clothing elastic, make cut it just the size of the notebook and glue both ends to the inner part of the back cover. There you go! Now you can close it (and keep it closed).  

If you like post-its, you can take half of the block (or however many sheets you cant put in there and still close the notebook comfortably) and glue it to the inside part of the cover of your notebook so it will always be conveniently available for you.

If your notebook doesn’t have a place to put your pen on and you really don’t want to mess up the cover, you  take a small elastic (smaller than the pen) and tape (or preferably glue it) it to the back part of the notebook with both ends inside. There! Ready for the trip! Speaking of which…

Always carry your notebook with you

You never know when inspiration is going to strike. In class. At the bank. In a mall. Whenever you have a little time, you can write something. Or just take a look at what you’ve done and feel good about it. 

Not in the mood for writing? Edit. Reread what you’ve done and start finding what you want to change once you type it in.  When doing this, don’t be scared to cross out entire sentences and rewriting them on top. If it starts getting too messy, go to a blank page and rewrite the scene and you think it should have been done the first time. It seems counter-intuitive in a copy+paste kind of age, but I assure you it is worth it.

Typing your work

This is one of the biggest reasons I love writing in pen and paper. When you type, your first round of editing is done! 

Don’t zone out when typing. As I said, typing is your first round of editing. It is important to keep aware of all of the things you might have done wrong when writing. Some people say writing it on paper and then typing it is a waste of time. I say it saves time and lives. 

Keep it loose!

Just because you are writing in an actual physical book, it doesn’t mean you are writing a actual physical book. This is still your notebook and these are still your notes. So don’t be afraid to get messy. Write things out of order (seriously, it’s okay to not go chronological. i know it’s hard). Outline. Sketch. Tip-ex the whole thing. Get post-its on it. Take notes. Make genealogical trees. Draw maps. 

If you’re feeling down or uninspired, try very basic writing exercises: write what you see, what you feel, something to try and make you laugh or something to make someone cry. It’s your place to express yourself. And once you got those creative juices flowing, happy writing :)

I hope you enjoyed my tips and please, feel free to reblog this with your own tips and tricks. I’d love to hear them! And follow me for some more writing content! 

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  • around: what people do you like being in company of?
  • baby don't like it: what are your pet peeves?
  • baby don't stop: your guilty pleasure?
  • back 2 u: have you ever had your heart broken?
  • black on black: favourite outfit?
  • boss: who is the person you respect the most and why?
  • cherry bomb: when was the last time you felt sexy?
  • chewing gum: what is your favourite candy?
  • cure: what songs do you listen to in order to relax?
  • dream in a dream: what's the strangest dream you've ever had?
  • dunk shot: your favourite sportsperson?
  • fire truck: your biggest fear?
  • go: if you could go to any place in the world, which place would that be?
  • good thing: what are your talents?
  • heartbreaker: what has made you cry recently?
  • joy: what makes you happy?
  • la la love: what's the longest crush you've ever had?
  • lemonade love: is there a thing you did during your childhood that you still do and if so, what is it?
  • limitless: if you had to choose one person to spend an indefinite time on a deserted island with, who would it be?
  • mad city: where do you feel most like yourself?
  • my first and last: what was the first kpop song you heard and what was the last one you listened to?
  • my page: do you write a diary?
  • neo got my back: have you ever had a near-death experience?
  • once again: if you could go back in time, what moment would you go back to?
  • paradise: what is your dream vacation?
  • radio romance: what do you think about long distance relationships? would you be comfortable being in one?
  • running 2 u: what's the longest you've ever run?
  • spring blossom: what's your favourite flower and why?
  • summer 127: your favourite memory from a vacation?
  • sun & moon: are you a night owl or a morning lark?
  • switch: if you could be somebody of the opposite sex for one day, who would you be?
  • taste the feeling: what is your favourite beverage?
  • the 7th sense: if you could be talented in one thing, what would it be?
  • timeless: do you have a favourite piece of art and if so, what is it?
  • touch: are you a cuddly person or not?
  • trigger the fever: have you been obsessed by something recently?
  • try again: what's the last thing you messed up badly?
  • vision: where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • wake up: at what time do you usually wake up?
  • walk you home: what songs remind you of home?
  • we young: what is one film from your childhood that you never get tired of?
  • whiplash: what is the most painful thing you've experienced?
  • without you: what are three things you cannot go without?
  • yestoday: did you make new year's resolutions last year and if yes, have you achieved them?
  • young & free: what is your earliest childhood memory?
How to Make Your Villain Domestic but Still Evil

It’s the oxymoron that attracts us. Billowing black cape, terrifying worldviews, a willingness to make the streets run red with blood – and you know what would be hilarious? Them trying and failing to make morning pancakes. You know what would really hit us in the feels? Watching them show tenderness around a special someone.

Having a villain with a domestic side is lassoing a black hole, and it’s a tantalizing thing to watch. However, anyone who’s indulged in these daydreams with their own villains has probably encountered one very specific issue: it makes them less evil. They lose their edge.

For example, look at Crowley from CW’s Supernatural. This was a guy to be feared at one point; arriving out of nowhere at unexpected times, always playing both sides of the conflict, and you could be certain he would skin anyone necessary to get what he wanted – usually without getting a single drop of blood on his impeccable suit.

Flash forward to recent seasons, and we’ve seen Crowley cry and whimper more times than Dean has died –which is saying something. At first, it was fascinating to discover this powerful character actually had a tender side; and now, when Crowley makes a threat, we’re about as afraid as when any low-level demon makes one. This is because his evil was too compromised. He let himself go.

How can we avoid this mistake with our villains? The answer isn’t making them crush puppies and hate butterflies at every turn; it’s in balancing their core scariness with their softer side – giving them complexity, giving us a bit of “aww,” and making their eventual whiplash back into ‘terrifying’ all the more wonderful.

For this, we’re going to use Epic of Lilith by Ivars Ozols as an example. This book centers on arguably the original female villain – Lilith, the first woman of the Garden of Eden, who got on the “good guys’” bad side by refusing to submit to someone who was clearly her equal. There won’t be any spoilers below, but if you give the book a read (it’s an easy page turner), the points will be driven home stronger.

Plus it’s a book with a great female villain who isn’t objectified (don’t let the cover fool you, seriously) and prose that isn’t full of sexual over- or undertones. Talk about a win, eh?

Here we go.    

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Happy Birthday Anri Sonohara!

If we could start over, meet again, in a dream. A dream where the three of us would laugh together again.  

Paladins + Lotor reacting to you saying something you usually wouldn’t while drunk

Request: HC with the paladins + Lotor finding out that the reader is drunk. (Specifically- the reader’s relationship with Shiro is a  love hate, but in this instance Shiro is caring), the reader accidentally says something that if the reader was sober, they would have never said?

A/N I took the whole “says something they wouldn’t say” as something more light as opposed to a heavy/serious tone, but let me know if you’d like something more along those lines! Plus, this is meant to be more so with them not quite dating yet but being aware of their feelings

Edit: Whoops! Fixed some formatting issues that occurred when I was transferring this from pages to here >_> ignore the random “lotor” that was under Pidge’s section if you saw that version of the post


  • Laughs at you tbh
  • Thinks that you being drunk is the funniest thing he’s ever seen
  • Lowkey would wanna drink with you sometime
  • While he’s walking you back to your room it happens
    • “Hey, Lance… We should really go out or… something…?”
  • He thinks it’s a joke at first and starts making fun of you for it
  • Untill you start crying and then he’s realizes oh my god they were serious
  • Completely panics but tries to maintain his Chill untill he gets you to your room and tells you that you guys can talk about it in the morning
    • He wants to make sure you’re 100% sober if you guys are gonna be having a conversation like that
  • As soon as you close the door a big dumb grin is on his face because holy shit, even if you were drunk, you just asked him out ????


  • Not Happy At All
  • You guys already had a strained relationship, so this little incident didn’t particularly help that
  • That being said, he’s not about to let you stumble around alone while under the influence, so he helps get you back home
  • Ends up giving you a piggyback ride (if you ask him about it when you’re sober he’ll deny it)
  • Out of nowhere you just start talking
  • “You know… I never noticed how pretty your eyes are…”
  • He trips
    • Catches himself before you guys fall tho
  • He does really like you so he’s sort of okay with what you just said but
  • This was not the sort of situation where he wanted to hear that
  • Besides, the nature of your relationship was so uncertain that he wasn’t sure if this really meant anything at all
  • Gets you to bed and thinks about the incident the rest of the night


  • Unamused
  • Like listen, this boy isn’t against drinking or anything, but he just doesn’t like dealing with drunk people nine out of ten times
    • Especially when he’s sober
  • Pretty much drags you with him towards your room
  • Honestly isn’t paying much attention to what you’re saying until he hears something particularly interesting
  • “I’m jealous of Shiro sometimes. He gets so much of your attention…”
  • He Dies
  • On one hand he’s like??? You’re jealous of Shiro? What??
  • On the other hand he’s like holy shit they want my attention ?????
  • He has no idea what to say to you
  • Mumbles something about you drinking too much but you can see that his face is completely red
  • Leaves some pain killers and water next to your bed because damn, you’re gonna feel like shit in the morning


  • Probably would take pictures of you trying to stumble to your room before helping you
  • He’s gonna send said pictures to you in the morning
  • Decides to make you some food because alcohol on an empty stomach is an awful idea so hopefully it might help you to feel a little better in the morning
  • While he’s cooking with his back to you, you start talking. Half to him, half to yourself
  • “I’d really like to have a future with you, I think.”
  • Nearly drops whatever he was cooking
  • Holy shit did you just say what he thinks you said
  • Tries to go along like he’s not phased but he can’t stop thinking about it
  • After sending you to bed, he decides that he’s definitely going to ask you if you meant that
    • When you’re sober, of course
  • He just really hopes you were telling the truth because he’d like a future with you too


  • Doesn’t really know how to deal with you to be honest
  • Most likely she would try to send out back to your room but you sort of just. Plop down in front of her work station until she agrees to go with you.
  • “Pidge, you’re very cute. Like, the cutest person I’ve met.”
  • You say it so bluntly and so casually that she doesn’t quite know how to reply
    • “I, uh… thanks?”
  • She’s very embarrassed but thinks it was so nice ?? Like wow you get super nice when you’re drunk
    • That doesn’t mean she approves of you drinking though
  • After you get back to your room and to bed she lingers outside of your room for a minute
  • Replaying what you said in her head
  • “They… think I’m really cute…”


  • Damn humans are weird
  • You got inhibited off of what now ???
    • Wine is the most confusing thing to him because it is seriously fermented grapes how does that get you so drunk?
  • He gets very cocky when you ask him to take you home
  • tbh thinks you’re kinda cute like this but wouldn’t dare to say it
  • “Lotor, do you think if we had kids that they would be purple too?”
  • Chokes
    • Congrats you threw Lotor off his guard
  • It was so out of nowhere and so off topic that he has absolutely no idea how to answer you
  • Also, does this mean you were thinking about what it would be like to have children with him?
  • Tries to brush it off by flashing you a grin and changing the topic to something very very different
  • Gets you home and decides that he’s never going to let you live this down.
What Did You Say? A guide to writing good dialogue

(Remember all pieces of advice are meant to help guide, that is all. They are not dogma.)

Ever read something and heard the dialogue in your head, and you just stopped. There was something off about it and for a solid minute there you couldn’t tell if the character was supposed to sound like that or if the author just didn’t have dialogue down. Chances are some mistakes were made. 

Dialogue can be tricky. There’s no doubt about it.

You need to make it sound like the characters are having a real conversation but if you write it exactly like people talk it can get confusing and sound even worse. 

“So how do I write good dialogue?!”

You can usually sense when your dialogue needs work. So here’s a set of some dialogue trick that might help you. When you think something is off with your dialogue use this to help you figure out what and make some changes.


All about that Flow-

It’s said all the time about your first draft, the important thing is to get the words on the page, you’ll refine later. This technique applies to your dialogue, and you’ll even come up with lines you never would have if you spent your time trying to be perfect.

You can even try writing the dialogue first. Get down what your characters are arguing about, planning, revealing, etc. Do it fast, pay no attention to who said what. Just get the words out.

This dialogue can give you a good idea what the scene is about and it might be different than what you thought. Then just go back to it and fill in.

This can be good for when you’re in a slump.

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