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imagine when Jake and Amy sit Charles down and tell him that they’re having a baby

you know he has his coat slung over one shoulder? what if he does that when he has Persephone with him? maybe he takes her to Paris with him whilst he does this promo interview for his music, because she’s off school for Easter, and they take the train with Lou and Harry Lambert and rather than sitting with him the entire journey, she stays snuggled in Lou’s side. and when they arrive at the station, he can see fans crowding and surrounding the exit and he gets a little worried for his little girl who would be staring out the window.

when the’d dismount the train, Harry Lambert would take Harry’s bag (holding Persephone’s outfits as well as his own for the week), as well as his own bag so that Harry could tuck his daughter into his side and cover her with his coat.

“why m’I goin’ under here, daddy?” she’d lisp, poking her head out from beneath the coat covering her, “s’hot under here.”

“I know, baby, I know. But, there are lots of people out here with cameras and I don’t need your pretty face going all over the internet, okay?” he’d explain, “can you stay under her for me until I get you in the car, yeah?”

“mm-hm,” she’d hum, wrapping her arms around his waist as the four of them made their way out of the stations exit, and into the crowd of people who were waiting to see him. her arms tightly gripping around him and tightly fisting at his t-shirt as she tried not to trip or fall behind, “daddy?”

“s’alright, sweetheart. we’re okay. nearly at the car,” he’d promise her, tucking the coat further up his shoulder to keep her face hidden and to make sure it didn’t get caught and tear from his body, “Lou’s waitin’ for you to help you in there, okay? nearly there, baby. i promise.” xx

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What do you think Reyes was like as a kid?

(I’ll keep this one brief because I have a few baby Reyes asks I’m gonna get into soon!)

Basically super dramatic but in that quiet kid sort of way. Prone to spacing out because he was so into his own head- too busy creating dramatic alternate outcomes to everyday situations. “An explosion would have made that better.” 

TOO SMART!!!! God, could he work the system. And by system I mean cafeteria system. He could get three lunches out of the lunch ladies without being caught, then he’d set up a trade system. He came out of most trades the clear winner. Kids didn’t even know they were losing the best part of their meal until Reyes was GONE (eating his winnings in the courtyard lmao)

Never got in trouble, but he should have. I’d imagine he’d swipe shit (candy from stores, pencils/crayons/coloring pencils from art class- stuff no one would really miss. LOTS of stuff he’d find laying around- dropped pocket change, rocks, anything that caught his eye. Shiny stuff– kind of like a magpie lmfao) and it’d be very compulsive behavior. He’d build up a collection of “unique” items he’d find, then start trading those (”I’ll give you five crayons and this locket I found for your fruit rollups”)

(( okay I’m not 100% familiar with the dash discourse but I see muse ft. children discourse and honest to god I will expand this headcanon one day but Jaakko would be this kind of father that gives his child (aged 4) a rifle and shows them how to aim and shoot the can on the fence but also would take the child to swim with them in the lake and read Moomins stories before bed ))

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Reyes dad teaches him how to be 'smooth' and make witty one liners when playing spy with his kid(s). He also teaches Reyes how to 'flirt' with people.

I imagine the first time Reyes is rejected (maybe around sixteen) he goes home and tells his dad and his dad’s like, “No wonder that one didn’t work- you have to switch gears when you’re flirting with a girl, son. Goddamn that’s embarrassing I cannot believe you- Wow. WOW. You looked at her and actually thought what you were going to say was smart. I’m ashamed. Raised you wrong I guess.” 

Reyes is really confused. “You were the one who TOLD me to say it when I asked about her!”

“I thought you were talking about a guy, Reyes!” (Bisexual dad there for his bisexual son!!! SO ABOUT IT. I’m gonna cry imagining Reyes going to his dad like “Apparently I can’t like both boys and girls? Am I weird for liking both???” And dad’s like “WHOA WHAT. WHO TOLD YOU THIS I’lL KILL THEM IT’S NORMAL REYES BECAUSE IT’S HOW YOU FEEL” Claps a hand on Reyes’ shoulder. “Dad also likes boys too, he just loves mom.” Reyes is not havin’ it. Gross, dad. TMI.)

((Dad Vidal smiles down when Reyes sends Scott that “In case you were wondering, I have much better taste in men than I do women” email. What a way to save it))

Unfortunately for Mom Vidal, Reyes also learned how to work people from his dad. “The kid could steal half a store out from under my nose and it’s because you teach him those things! I got a call from his teacher earlier- she said he took her datapad and lesson plans, but he was so polite and charming when she found out that she didn’t think anything needed to be done!

Dad wipes a lone tear from his eye. He’s so proud.

Dear Theodosia alternate

*Aaron Burr x reader
*Word count: 2626 (sorry)

Summary: You recently had a miscarriage, and your husband, Aaron Burr, finds you in what was going to be the baby’s nursery. He calms you down a bit and helps you go to bed. Later, you wake up to find him in the baby’s nursery singing what is like an alternate version of Dear Theodosia.

A/N: So basically this is sort of like Dear Theodosia, but what I think the song would’ve been like if there had been a miscarriage and the baby died. So there is some inaccuracies but don’t come @ me for them, I tried and I’m aware that some things aren’t correct. Anyways, that’s all, byeee.
(P.S. I’m not exactly sure how some of this stuff works, as I’ve never had an ultrasound before or a miscarriage, but I did some research so hopefully it turns out good.)

Warnings: angst, mentions of miscarriages, mentions of death, sadness


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It had all happened so fast… One moment, you were fine, you were happy… And now? You didn’t know how you felt at the moment. You just knew that you weren’t going to be okay for awhile.

It had been a peaceful night, your husband had gotten home from work and you were resting on the couch with one of your favorite movies, Heathers, playing on the tv. “Hey beautiful,” Aaron smiled as he pressed a light kiss to your forehead, which made you smile and hum softly as you looked up at him. “And how’s my princess doing?” Aaron mumbled, leaning down to press a kiss to your belly, his smile growing even more as he did so.

You smiled and let out a sigh of content, “we’re both doing fine.” When he sat back up, you ran your hand over your stomach, before looking back up at Aaron. “And how are you?” You asked, getting up to press a kiss to his lips. He hummed against your lips and smiled, before pulling away and leaning his forehead against yours. “I’m fine, work was fine. Hamilton was being a huge bother, as always.” He muttered, pulling away to go up to your shared bedroom and take off his trench coat and shoes. You laughed, shaking your head as you followed him down the hallway.

“Oh hush, I thought you and Alexander were good friends? I always go out for brunch with his wife on sunday’s.” You spoke, placing your hand on your stomach out of habit. He laughed, shaking his head. “Yes, we are friends; but somehow, Hamilton always manages to find a way to bother someone without even trying.” You rolled your eyes, a smile playing at your lips before you began to walk to your shared bed. “Well,” you paused, closing your eyes as you yawned. “I’m gonna go lay down if you need anything.” You mumbled, feeling your eyes open and close because of being so tired. You heard a faint response from the bathroom, but couldn’t make it out as you got under the blankets and closed your eyes, slowly falling asleep.

You suddenly woke up to a slight pain in your abdomen, which made you hiss quietly as your hand immediately went to lightly touch your stomach, frowning as the pain began to get worse. You couldn’t be giving birth, you were only five months pregnant. You slowly rolled out of bed, not wanting to disturb your husband or make the pain worse and hobbled to the bathroom, limping as you walked.

You sat on the toilet when you felt a leak and looked down to see a bloodstain between your thighs. This couldn’t be happening. Please don’t let this be happening. Those were your only thoughts as the pain got worse and you let out a loud grunt as you began to struggle to stand up still, falling to the ground, which made a loud thump.

Aaron woke up when he heard your grunt from the bathroom, immediately getting up and going toward the bathroom door, brows furrowing in confusion. “Babe?” He called, his frown deepening when he heard your cries from the other side of the door. “Y/n?” When he didn’t receive a response, he slowly pushed the door open and stepped inside, his heart breaking at the sight of you on your knees, in tears.

“Y/n?” He whispered, not sure what to do. “Take me to the hospital… I’m bleeding.” After hearing those words, he wanted to fall to the ground next to you, but he cleared his throat of the forming lump and helped pick you up, carrying you down the hall as you cried softly into his shoulder, mumbling things such as please don’t take my baby girl away. He gulped, walking outside of your apartment and hailed a cab, immediately giving the driver directions to the hospital.

As soon as you got there, he paid the driver and walked straight to the emergency room. “P-please help…” He whispered, not sure what to say. “My wife is five months pregnant and-and she’s bleeding. W-we don’t know what to do–” He was cut off by the secretary, who had a look of pity laced into her features, “sir, please fill out this form and we’ll be with you as soon as possible.”

Another bolt of pain struck your abdomen, which made your cries louder. Aaron tried to help you calm down by rubbing your back and cradling you in his lap, whispering calming words into your ear. “Shhh, Theodosia will be alright, we’ll be alright…” He whispered to you, trying to fight back his own tears, he couldn’t look weak, not now.

“Mr. and Mrs. Burr?” A voice called, making Aaron look up and nod his head weakly. The nurse simply motioned for them to follow her into a back room, setting you gently onto the bed as Aaron began speaking to the doctor, who was taking notes. After a few moments, the doctor cleared his throat as Aaron went over to sit on the chair beside the bed and grip your hand, tears now slowly falling from his eyes as you squeezed his hand as tight as possible. Please let this be a dream.

“We will begin the tests by using fetal dopplers to check for a heartbeat, and if you both feel the need, we will also do an ultrasound to search for the fetal pole as well.” You both nodded your head as he got out the fetal dopplers, the nurse coming into rub the cold, clear gel onto your abdomen so he could use the dopplers correctly.

After a few moments of searching, his facial expression turned grim as he removed the doppler from your stomach and went over to speak to the nurse, neither of you were able to hear what he was saying before he turned out and took in a deep breath, clapping his hands together. “Would you guys also like an ultrasound?” You looked at Aaron, who didn’t do anything as he just looked down and bit his lip. You just turned to the doctor, sighing. “D-did you find anything?” You asked, and when you got no response, that’s when the tears starting forming again.

“I am… incredibly sorry for your loss, I understand this must be a hard time for you both and–” You cut him off, narrowing your eyes. “No. You don’t.” You barked, narrowing your eyes as your sobs became more evident. “You have no idea how this feels.” You cried, your whole body shaking as Aaron got up to wrap his arms tightly around your shaking frame, him trying to whisper soothing things into your ear as you cried loudly into the crook of his neck.

“Our baby girl is gone.” You whispered, finally coming to realization that you would never get to meet her.

It had been a few days later of you feeling completely emotionless, if you were out of your bedroom, you were in your daughter’s nursery, sitting in the rocking chair in the corner of the room as you stared at the room that would’ve been your baby girl’s. The room that would’ve belonged to your precious Theodosia.

“Sweetheart?” Aaron whispered from outside the door, slowly pushing it open as his heart shattered at the sight of you rocking back and forth slowly in the chair, not looking up at him with the bright smile you used to always wear.

“My love?” Aaron asked, stepping into the nursery to find you slowly moving a dark wood rocking chair into the corner by the crib. You turned to the sound and your features brightened at the sight of Aaron. “Aaron!” You smiled, walking over to press a light kiss to his lips. “What do you think? I went shopping with Eliza earlier and we found these two rocking chairs, and we both got one for each of our nurseries.” Aaron smiled, chuckling softly. “It looks great, Y/n.”

“Y/n?” Aaron slowly stepped into the nursery and made his way over to the rocking chair you were sitting in as you kept staring directly at the crib by you, not looking over at him. And even if you did, no emotion was evident on your features, he wouldn’t be able to tell how you felt anyways. “Alexander said his family sends us their condolences.” You just nodded your head in acknowledgement, not saying anything else.

He frowned, leaning down to sit by you as he wrapped his an arm around your shoulders. “Y/n, it’s okay to cry.” You shook your head and finally moved to look down at him, your lips in a straight line as your eyes held no emotion at all. When you didn’t speak, Aaron bit his bottom lip before sighing, getting up to help you get out of the chair and lead you out of the room that would belong to his precious baby girl… Or was going to belong to her.

“Come on y/n, let’s get you to bed.” Aaron knew it was okay for him to cry as well, but for someone, he felt like he had to stay strong for you. He felt as if he had to hold back the tears to reassure you everything would be alright. But apparently, you didn’t quite believe that was his reason. “Do you not care?” You finally muttered out as he guided you both into your shared bedroom. He looked down at you in shock, unable to form a proper sentence as you gave out a fake laugh, pain evident in your eyes as you looked away from him and toward the bathroom where you first started bleeding. “I haven’t seen you in that goddamn nursery once this entire week! You haven’t shed a single tear since that night at the hospital and you seemed entirely emotionless when you actually stepped into the nursery tonight—” You cut yourself off, choking on a sob as you collapsed to the floor. Aaron sighed, picking you up and carrying you toward your bed.

“Shh, y/n, I do care. I miss her so much and I haven’t even met her.” He paused, nibbling on his bottom lip as he thought of something to say. When he looked down at you, cradled in his arms, he heard soft snores fall from your lips as the tears stained your cheeks. He pressed a soft kiss to your forehead as he slowly got up and made his way toward the nursery.

“Hey baby,” Y/n sang as she glided into the kitchen where Aaron was sitting at the table, slowly drinking a cup of coffee as he reviewed some notes his assistant had taken at yesterday’s meeting. “What is it, my dearest?” He smiled, setting down his coffee and pen as he looked up at his wife, her wide grin never leaving her lips.

Y/n stayed silent for a bit as she kept her hands behind her back, before pulling them out to reveal a grocery bag. “Tah dahh!” She laughed, showing off the bag full of groceries. Aaron furrowed his brows, a confused chuckle leaving his lips. “Uh… Are you trying to tell me that you went shopping? Because that’s great, baby.” He shook his head, his smile growing as he looked at how excited his wife was. Y/n let out a frustrated groan as she shook her head, pulling out the contents of the small bag, revealing a mug that said “world’s greatest dad.” Aaron looked up at her in both shock and confusement, trying to form a proper sentence. “I figured you needed a new mug since your favorite one broke and well, considering the current circumstances, I figured this was the perfect one-”

“Are you pregnant?” He cut her off, slowly standing from the dark wood table and made his way toward her. Y/n shrugged, a cheeky grin forming. “Maaaybe.” She sang, laughing a bit as she slowly handed Aaron the mug. Aaron looked down at the mug in shock before looking back up at his wife, setting down the mug on the table and engulfing Y/n in a hug, Y/n wrapping her legs around his waist as he spun her around, laughter leaving both of them as he slowly set her down and pressed a kiss to her lips, both of their lips moving in sync as Y/n wrapped her arms around his neck, both of them pulling away to catch their breath.

“I love you so much…” They whispered at the same time, breathless smiles on their lips.

Aaron felt tears form as he looked around the nursery, running a hand slowly across the wooden frame of the crib, trying to hold back the sobs as he made his way around the room, before sitting himself in the same rocking chair you had been in earlier.

“Dear Theodosia, what to say to you?” He sang softly, leaning down a bit so he could look directly at the floor, a sob leaving him. “You would’ve had my eyes, you would’ve had your grandmother’s name…” He looked up, his eyes blood red as he found himself gazing directly at the plush toy sitting in the crib his sister had gifted them when you first announced your pregnancy to his family.

He ran a hand over his face, wiping away the tears as he did so. “Sometime this week, they decided they wanted you back…” He cried softly. “She’s gone.”

When you felt your husband’s arms around you leave, you slowly came back to reality when you looked around the room and couldn’t see Aaron anywhere. Frowning, you sniffled a bit as you checked the bathroom and realized he wasn’t there either, you began to walk down the hall when you heard his voice coming from the nursery. You slowly made your way through the door, never making an entrance as you listened.

“We would’ve fought you, we would’ve made it right for you, and I know… A part of you will live on.”

You stayed silent, only deciding to make an appearance when you heard his voice crack as he broke down into sobs. You walked into the room and glided over to Aaron, wrapping your arms around him as he pulled you onto your lap, both of you crying softly. “Was it my fault?” You asked, looking down at him. He quickly shook his head. “No,” he tried to speak, his voice cracking more. “Don’t blame yourself for this. It just wasn’t her time…”

It was silent until he took a deep breath and started singing again;

“She would’ve blown us all away…”

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Harry's little stache is my favorite I love it so much. In the pictures where's he's wearing his little bee sweater at Gucci and when he's in LA with his yellow shirt his little stache is so cute and it fits him really. You can't stop the boy from growing facial hair, and he doesn't have to shave if he doesn't want to. You go baby, grow that little stache

the snl beard was vaguely terrifying but the stache is cute and i support it

Grumble grumble

That moment when you watch the newest boruto episode and realize you have more stuff you need to go back and change in Inch of Gold to keep it canon. Damn you Ikemoto! Why’d you have to go mess with my baby monkey summons!?

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Anakin travels 10 years into the future to Tatooine and is not allowed to return home until he has given Ben a baby. Cue 9 months of awkward bonding/catch up. Anakin goes into labour and the moment the umbilical cord is cut he is back in his room at the Temple, no time has passed since he left, and he is still in labour with 2 more babies to go.

I have to ask: do they know about the terms for Anakin to return back to the future (like does the Force tell him)? Or do they just sort of have to figure it out themselves? Because that is such a very specific payment, I doubt it would be anyone’s first guess if they were suddenly sent so far into the future.

And yeah those months are pretty awkward, especially at first, when Ben doesn’t know if Anakin is just some delusion his mind has created out of his pain/misery/whatever, and Anakin really wants to know how they ended up with the situation of Obi Wan being on Tatooine… going by a fake name and being cautious around him. Eventually Obi Wan figures out Anakin is the version of him before everything went really bad and that if he’s going back in time they might be able to change things. So the rest of the time is just Obi Wan trying to tell Anakin everything that’s important for him to know when he goes back. Also pregnancy shenanigans.

Also they probably assume that Anakin won’t be sent back until all the babies are born once they figure out it’s multiple. Like sure the Force only said Anakin had to give Obi Wan a child, but the Force also got him pregnant with triplets so… clearly the Force changed its mind. It didn’t so it’s also super surprising for both of them TBH when Anakin gets send back to his own time after only one of the babies are born.

Then Anakin gets to explain to everyone how the hell he’s giving birth to twins (they don’t know about the other one) despite the fact they all saw him yesterday being very clearly not 9 months pregnant with twins.


Lucy: ok but for real if you think I’m going to saddle my children with the all the baggage a Dragneel last name entails you have another damn thing coming!!!! I know I had issues with my own last name but this is just ridiculous. Natsu, our kids are going to be Heartfilias, ok? 

/// I’m a proponent of any kids Lucy and Natsu having being Heartfilia-Dragneels, personally, but FT is just being absolutely ridiculous lately 


Sweetest Jongdae hyung taking care of baby maknae (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

Finished my watercolor Lapras for #WorldWaterDay  💦
My obsession with water isn’t just for looks guys, there are so many issues threatening our oceans with the worst being pollution. However, we can do our part by recycling every day and participating in beach and park cleanup activities.
If we don’t have a drop of clean water left on this planet, then what point is there?
Please do your part to help keep our waters clean!!✍🏽🌊💙💧
We can make a difference guys!

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