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Someone raised the challenge to take the idea of the cult ending that was assembled from non-canon datamined content but figure out a way to reassemble it into something that’s both tonally in-line with the rest of the game and a satisfying cap to the story so I rose to the challenge because bouncing from springboards like this and connecting plot points is basically what I do for a living.

Also tried to find a way to include all the dads because these “bigger picture” stories are more fun like that.

Putting it under a cut for length and hella spoilers, but here’s my response to the question of “well how would YOU handle the cult end”

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a cog in the machine pt. 3

pairing: Yoongi x reader x Jimin

genre:  robot!jimin, assassin!au, mafia!au, angst, smut

word count: 7,032

warnings: death mention, implied drug use, just heavy themes in general

a/n: as always, i will go back and edit later! 

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a cog in the machine:  a small or insignificant member of a larger organization or system 

part 1 part 2

You stare at the empty suitcase on your bed can’t help but feel like you were stuck in the middle of some twisted nightmare and not your real life. Your eyes glance over to the passport sitting on top of your dresser, a plane ticket shoved in between the worn pages. It had been several years since you joined the Organization and you have collected many stamps in your passport, but you never got used to this feeling.

The night before you left for an assignment was always one of restless nights and having to go to the bathroom every five minutes because of your nerves. Tonight was the same, but it was also different. You remembered the first time you went to Venice, how foolishly excited you were about going to one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Hyunsik teased you about the travel book you had found in the library that was dog eared with all of the places you wanted to visit. All the places the three of you wanted to see together. All the things you wanted to do.

But you never imagined that bringing one of them home in a body bag would be added to the top.

The news of your assignment spread like wildfire as sources of entertainment around the compound were scarce these day, especially after the shine of Jimin’s arrival had worn off. It could have been paranoia, but you were sure that they were all making bets to see how long you would last. How long it would take for you to finally snap.

“Go away!” you shouted as someone knocked on your closed bedroom door.

“Don’t be like this,” Yoongi hisses from across the locked barricade.

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The Indestructible Jack Lucas,

In 1942 Jacklyn H. Lucas enlisted in the Marine Corps, not an unusual thing to do during World War II, but certainly unusual at the age of 14.  A boy who looked much older than his years, Lucas claimed he was 17, forged his mother’s signature, and was inducted into the Corps no questions asked.  Jack Lucas underwent Marine Corps training at Parris Island and qualified as a sharpshooter and heavy machine gunner.  However after training, Lucas was sent from one menial assignment to the next, first in the lower 48, then at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

By 1945 Lucas was becoming bored with peaceful service, and on January 10th he went AWOL and stowed away on a ship bound for Iwo Jima.  Despite going AWOL, Lucas was given a combat assignment and attached to the 5th Marine Division.

Upon hitting the beaches Lucas and his fellow Marines were sprayed with murderous Japanese gunfire.  Perhaps the only Marine to invade Iwo Jima unarmed, Lucas immediately picked up a rifle and returned fire. During the battle, it was his squad’s duty to clear out a machine gun nest near a deep ravine.  It was then that a grenade landed in the middle of his squad.  Without thinking, Lucas leaped upon the grenade, determined to use his body as shield to protect his comrades.  Then another grenade landed nearby.  Lucas grabbed that grenade as well, and stuffed it under his torso.  When the two grenades exploded his body was thrown into the air.  Amazingly, Lucas was still alive, though seriously wounded.  Covered from head to toe with shrapnel wounds, Lucas was evacuated to a hospital ship.  Over the next seven months of recovery, Lucas would undergo 21 surgeries to remove 250 pieces of shrapnel from his body.  He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions (the youngest Marine to receive the award), as well as the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

After the war, Jack Lucas returned home, resumed his education as a ninth grader, graduated high school, and graduated college with a business degree.  He married three times.  His marriage with his second wife didn’t go so well, as she hired a hitman to kill him.  Fortunately he was able to fend off the attack.

In 1961, he rejoined the military, this time joining the US Army and becoming a paratrooper so that he could “conquer his fear of heights”.  During a training jump, his two parachutes failed to open, and he fell 3,500 feet before slamming into the ground.  Miraculously, despite screaming to the earth at terminal velocity, Lucas walked away from the accident unscathed.  From 1961 to 1965, Lucas served as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne.  When he finally retired he had risen to the rank of captain.

Jack Lucas died of Leukemia in 2008 at the age of 80.  His Medal of Honor and citation is currently sealed within the hull of the USS Iwo Jima.

Quiet || Peter Parker x Reader ||

Characters: Peter Parker x Fem!Avenger!Reader

Fandom: MCU/Spiderman

Request: Hella yeah bless MY FIRST PETER ONE BuT @rafeadderall ur a gem I lov u [can i request a peter parker x reader where the reader is like super shy and reserved in his class or whatever and then he sees her again but on team cap lol? if u can? love u xoxoxoxox] (Requests are always open guys! Send Em through!)

Prompt: You typically keep to yourself at school, however, you have a secret that no one knows about you. You’re different, Just like Peter Parker was different. You both discover each other’s identity during the epic showdown between Team Ironman and Team Captain America. 

Tags: @rafeadderall (if you want to be tagged to get a notification when I post message me!)

Word Count: 2,902

Spoilers: Na, unless you haven’t seen Civil War then

A/N: Yes so my first Peter Parker Imagine, god bless Spider-Man: Homecoming it was such a great movie!!! This however is based off of Civil War so no spoilers unless you haven’t seen Civil War!


Y/N sat quietly in her seat in the incredibly silent classroom. The only sounds were the ever so subtle scratching sounds of pen on paper as the other kids in the classroom attempted to nail their Spanish quiz. Of course, Y/N and one other student had already finished the quiz in record timing. That other student being Peter Parker. Both the two were in the top five percent of students who excelled well in any given task. 

They were also the only two students of the entire school to have secrets. Y/N since she was born was incredibly gifted, gifted with enhanced superhuman abilities and given that she was born with that she was able to hide it, hide it a lot better than Peter could despite him doing a well enough job keeping his Spiderman life a secret. Numerous occasions he was almost caught being Spiderman not just by Y/N but others too, like his friend Ned and Aunt May but somehow he still kept his identity well hidden. 

Peter liked Y/N not necessarily in a romantic way, but he appreciated her wits and intellect. He was nice to her but he wouldn’t go as far to say he had a crush on her, sure she was cute and all but it may have been because she was so quiet and to herself that tarnished that idea from Peters mind. Y/N felt mutually the same toward him, appreciating his dedication and smarts. 

The two locked eyes while waiting for everyone else to finish, offering each other a smile before averting their attention elsewhere. It wasn’t long until the others finished and the room was no longer silent and the students were off to their next class. Chemistry. Today’s Chemistry class was a lot different from the others, this time Mrs Cobwell had assigned projects to the class in pairs.

As luck would have it, both Peter and Y/N were paired and were just as awkward as they were when waving to the other down the hall. Now seated next to each other one would have to initiate conversation eventually seeing as both weren’t extroverted enough for that. Peter gulped and opened his mouth to speak. 

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CAPTAIN AMERICA IRC FUNDRAISER: Steve Rogers's bloody-mindedness (in the Br Eng sense of the word).

I had to google bloody-minded just to make sure I wasn’t mistaking the sense of the word! I didn’t know there was more than one definition, but I’m going with “stubborn and intractable” :D Hope that’s the one you meant. 

The SSR high command, which still technically had command over Captain Steve Rogers, was composed of Allied officers – mostly British and US, with a few Canadians. At the moment, all of them were mad at Steve Rogers. 

“Be reasonable, Captain,” one of them said, and Steve, impressive in his Cap uniform, crossed his arms, leather creaking.

“I don’t see how I’m the unreasonable one here,” he said. “If they’re good enough to serve in this man’s army they’re good enough to serve in an integrated unit. I need them. All of them.”

“Surely you can find more…appropriate candidates with similar skills,” one of the officers wheedled.

“Nope,” Steve said shortly. 

“Captain, must you be so bloody-minded?” 

Steve tilted his head. “Ain’t that mostly what war’s about?”

“We can’t integrate your unit,” an American general said. “You can’t lead the only integrated unit in the Army. Bad for morale.”

“Then I guess you’ll have to integrate the entire Army,” Steve said. The naked looks of horror on their faces almost made him smile, if it weren’t so sad. “Gentlemen, I’m a war hero now and you need me. More’n I need you. You can’t jail me, you can’t send me off quietly, and if you try to put me back on bond sales I’ll go AWOL.”

“Again,” Peggy put in, from just behind and to the left of him.

“Again,” Steve agreed. “And I’ll take your best men with me. Including the ones you won’t put in with the white men. So you give me my integrated unit or you lose Captain America. And if you lose me, I’ll make it a personal mission to see that you integrate the entire Army before this war is through. Up to you.”

There was grumbling, but Steve just stood there, arms crossed, radiating gentle defiance. 

“We’ll consider your petition,” one of them finally said.

“That’s yes,” Steve replied. 

“It’s not – “

“Yes it is. Give me a yes now or I’ll consider it a no.”

More grumbling, but finally one of them nodded. Steve shoved an approval letter at him, and he groaned and signed it. 

Outside, in the hallway, Peggy nearly had to run to keep up with him.

Must you be so bloody-minded,” she mimicked, laughing. Steve grinned at her.

“Before I met you, Carter, I didn’t even know what bloody-minded meant.” 

“Then I suppose you learned from the best,” she pointed out.

“Which they will discover when I make them integrate the entire Army in a couple’a months anyway,” Steve said, as he went to tell the Commandos they’d been cleared for combat. 

hey look! another unnecessarily long hc post!! as always blame @manonblaxkbeak but also pray for her i sent her nearly 100 (one. hundred.) messages about this

here we go

Six of Crows Modern/Zombie Apocalypse AU!!! 

The basics: Five homeless kids working B&E jobs for the local gangs in NYC and a rookie cop band together in the aftermath of a bioterror attack on the the major cities of the country. They decide to flee the country to escape the infected areas, but the entire plan goes to shit and they make some new friends and a helluva lot more enemies on the way to finding a cure to the virus and way out of the country.

  • Kaz: a brooklyn boy who showed up seemingly out of nowhere in the world of new york gangs, but quickly makes a name for himself with his ruthless efficiency. Fearless Leader, as always. He is safe cracker and strategist extraordinaire. he organizes hits on supply storage of survivalist camps and uses a bow staff to beat off zombies. he wears a brace on his leg that he fashioned sheaths to for two long ass daggers, also for zombie destroying.
  • Inej: stolen by a human trafficking ring she escaped upon landing in the states and started up with the gangs to make money to get back home. the spy, the scout. she sneaks into camps and finds out what theyre hiding where. she uses two big ass swords and has all the knives. so many knives. she never runs out. she decapitates zombies and intimidates any other survivors by being Very Pointy.
  • Nina: an illegal immigrant from russia who fled after the authorities put out a warrant for her arrest on the grounds of “homosexual acts” (”what the fuck? i’m bi. they could at least get my sexuality right if theyre going to imprison me for it”). she is the face of the operation, she is beautiful and amazing and she knows how to work diplomatically to get what they need through bartering and trade. also i don’t care if its impractical, she uses brass knuckles because theyre badass and fashionable. she also has one of those snap out metal core batons for beating people off and a machete for chopping off zombie heads.
  • Jesper: an accounting major with a gambling problem who took up gang work to pay for school. he has his signature pistols, but i am a strong believer in melee weapons in the event of a zombie apocalypse because ammo runs out, dudes, so my boy has throwing knives and a slingshot (fight me they’re actually really cool). Him and inej bond over their cool knives. He’s got those badass rainbow ceramic ones that he always had on him in case there were ever metal detectors when they were casing a place. 
  • Wylan: he’s still their resident explosives expert, a master of being cute and using household materials to make pipe bombs, fertilizer bombs, molotov cocktails, shrapnel grenades, etc. Wylan got kicked out for similar reasons to canon, his father is a UN rep and working with the CDC (idk man i don’t know how these things work just roll with it) after the outbreak. also he doesnt play the flute he plays the harmonica because i think harmonicas are cool, theyre smaller and less fragile than flutes, and it’d be really funny if he played it if they were ever stuck in holding at a precinct
    • just imagine jesper: “ayye boy what that mouth do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ”
    • wylan: “play cotton eyed joe” *sick harmonica solo*
  • Kuwei: my brilliant boy is chemistry prodigy who went with his dad to family day at the CDC but then everything went to shit, a bioweapon was released, he missed his tinder date, and now he’s a hostage being used as incentive for his father to further develop this bioweapon released to create more zombies and spread to other countries. He super didn’t ask for any of this, especially when his dad got sick himself and died and he had to take over making increasingly aggressive strands. Pretty please message me if you are interested in my theories on the creation of zombies. I have ideas. 
  • Matthias: a rookie cop back from one tour with the special forces after some disciplinary issues regarding protecting refugees and going AWOL. He’s put on a task forced focused on gang activity and he’s been chasing this group of kids his damn age for over a year now and how the hell are they so good at what they do??? He’s chasing them when the outbreak happens and in order to escape a zombie horde ends up running off with them to find shelter. he’s an excellent shot and strategist, also known for physically tossing zombies like a fucking amateur mma fighter this boy is jacked ok he fills out that uniform like a stripper cop and Nina is most definitely Here For It

Miscellaneous plot ideas!

  • Pekka is a sleazy businessman who had jordie killed in front of kaz by some dirty cops while he was getting carted off to juvie for some work they were doing (he never made it to processing). 
  • They hole up in a hospital and find patient records - this is how they start to figure out the outbreak’s origin.
  •  The kids have are trying to leave the country through the CDC base since thats the only place with functioning travel. 
  • Kuwei is saved once they find out who he is while theyre sneaking around the base, Inej is taken in the process trying to protect him. 
  • The Dime Lions are basically the national guard.
  •  Matthias and Nina met when he helped her when she arrived in America, he knew she wasn’t here legally and barely spoke english but after a few weeks she picked it up fast, and disappeared with a bunch of his cash. 
Original #11: I Know What Happened To Mike O’ Brien

Length: Long


I’m a midnight listener. There are many of us around the world, but as far as I’m aware of, I’m the only one on my campus.  During the day, I’m your ordinary college student. But at night, more specifically during the hours of midnight to 2am, I’m the school’s midnight listener. What I do is simple. I listen.

During those hours, students come into my “office” – an old storage room in the top floor of my dormitory. They sit infront of a large black curtain that separates me and the student. That way, they can’t see me, and neither can I see them. That’s why students like to come to me instead of the school counsellors. They enjoy the anonymity, the privacy of being able to speak their mind about their worries and troubles without judgment or repercussions. So they lock the door, sit infront of the curtain, and then they speak. What they say is entirely up to them. Most of my sessions revolve around people talking about their family, relationship, and academic problems. Some speak about their mental illnesses and how they’re coping. Some tell me secrets they’re too ashamed to speak publicly of.

I’ve been running my sessions for a while now. I’ve heard from many different people. Usually I listen, and then I forget. It’s my coping technique for not empathising too strongly. However, there have been a couple of instances that particularly piqued my interest. This is one of them.

This is the story of Mike O’Brien, a senior in my college.

A month ago, Mike vanished. At first, nobody batted an eyelid. This was college after all and people were bound to go AWOL for a while. But when all calls and messages to Mike went unanswered, people started panicking. The school was notified, who called Mike’s parents, who called the police. Statements were taken and posters were printed. Search parties were organised, but none were successful.

A week later, the police received an anonymous phone call about Mike’s return to his dormitory. The caller was unable to provide any concrete proof. The call was subsequently treated as a prank, and was ignored. That same night, at around 4AM, the police received a second call about Mike. This time, it was from the school’s residence office. The student living next to Mike’s room had called up the office and complained about loud and repeated thumping noises coming from Mike’s room. Half an hour later, the office sent someone up with a key, and Mike’s body was subsequently discovered. He was hanging from the makeshift pull-up bar in his room.

According to the office staff, Mike’s body was swaying from the rope, even though there was no breeze in the room. His feet made loud, steady thumping noises as they hit against the wall. The swaying promptly stopped right after Mike was discovered.

A review of the CCTV footage showed Mike stumbling back to his room. His body movements were consistent with that of a drunk. Nothing was amiss, except the fact that Mike was walking with a pronounced limp. Mike never had a limp at any point in his life. The coroners were unable to explain this, however. Mike’s death was subsequently ruled as a suicide, although his one-week disappearance remained unexplained.

Now up until this point, I’d no personal interest at all in Mike’s case. It was shocking, sure, but I didn’t know the guy personally. So I didn’t care. But that all changed the night Ryan came to speak with me.

It was a couple of nights after Mike’s body was found. I’d just settled down in my office when I heard the door squeak open. I couldn’t see the door from my seat, but could make out a shadow drifting across the room before plopping loudly onto the chair across the curtain.

“Midnight listener here. How may I address you?” I called out.

Silence, and then an uncertain chuckle.

“You don’t have to use your real name if you don’t want to,” I continued.

The silence continued, before a reply: “Ryan, I guess.”

“Hey, Ryan. Whenever you’re ready.”

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You can be sad // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Y/n starts crying childishly after having a super small argument with Shawn when she steals the remote from him, and he realizes shes just sad her husky died and that’s why she’s all childish and moody 

Requested: Yes

Author’s note: I’m SO sorry I haven’t wrote in ages- I have exams (starting tomorrow wish me luck!) so I may go AWOL for a little while

“I don’t want to watch the freaking national geographic channel Shawn!” I groan, raising my arm up higher as his body slumped against mine, hand reaching for the remote.

“Then ask nicely and I would have changed the channel, you didn’t have to steal the remote,” he huffs, just falling short of the remote.

“You never would have changed it,” I argue back, struggling to get out of his hand.

“How would you know?” He disagrees, glaring at me defensively. 

“I know you!” I shout, squirming even more.

“Obviously not very well!” his voice was stern, something I wasn’t used to in our relationship but suddenly I was crying.

“What are you doing?” Shawn asks shocked, loosening his grip on me as more tears spilled onto my cheeks.

“I just-” I start sobbing again, not able to speak a coherent sentence. 

“Y/n, sweetie,” Shawn takes a different approach this time, softly pulling me onto his lap so that my head rested on the right side of his collarbones and my legs were draped over his lap. 

“Its nothing,” I sniff, wiping my eyes.

“What’s wrong baby?” He questions gently, his hand tracing a pattern on my back where my shirt had lifted slightly, causing shivers to run up my spine.

“Henry died,” I whisper, the news still hard to think about. He tightens his grip on me.

“When?” He murmurs, moving my hair that covered my eyes out the way. 

“Last week,” I say, fiddling with the hem of my sleeve.

“Oh baby,” Shawn kisses my temple, pulling closer if that was even possible. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“If I told you it just would make everything seem so real,” I laugh awkwardly, “I’m so emotional I’m sorry,” 

“You don’t have to apologies Y/n,” His eyes held a certain warmth that made butterflies erupt in my stomach. “Your dog died, you can be sad,”

I let my head fall back on his shoulder again. I grab the remote that was sitting near Shawn’s thigh, offering it to him. 

“You can watch National Geographic,”

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anonymous asked:

You're nothing but a disgrace to our fandom, get your shit top Levi out of here. We don't want to see it. You're disgusting, a piece of filth of even to ship Levi x Eren let alone have him dominant Eren. Pedophilia is what you all seem to fail. Just because he's 19 now doesn't mean that it's an excuse! Your sick as well as your buddy attack-on-stalking. Pieces of shit is what you all are and gross. Please kill yourselves <3

…hm. Well I don’t really know what to say rather you gave me a hell of a good laugh. The “pedophilia” issue I don’t have to go through because that case has been brought up many of times. Usually I would go AWOL and cuss you out, especially me already having depression already and having a horrible day. I see that you aren’t fond by my preference and to let you know that

A) I don’t like your preference at all, once so ever. So if you actually think that will effect me then you have another thing coming.

B) I don’t care about what you think if all you do is give me disrespect. I truly am a friend to all EreRi fans or even EruRi fans (that I’m guessing you like?) and I will not hate on them, but you really do put a bad spotlight on EruRi fans and bottom!Levi fans in general. Think about that.

And to put someone in this such as @attack-on-stalking should be the most shittest thing a hate anon could do. And for that madam/sir you are the piece of shit you’ve called me :) I’m not in the mood for this and telling me to kill myself won’t make you feel better but just less human.

Oh and by the way, you’re one of the pussies out there that hide behind a screen and a anon face. Thank you for your time. <3 I’ll let my fans take you in their hands. Get ready for the rant of your life :)

13/9/16– It’s been a while, hasn’t it!

ISFP Care and Handling User Guide and Manual

This manual is part of a series of MBTI user guides initiated by @intpboard

Congratulations! You’ve managed to coax an ISFP out of their favorite hiding spot! Here’s a handy guide for taking care of and getting to know your quirky and mysterious new friend.

Your ISFP comes with:

  • Ten unique and interesting clothing items
  • Two sets of worn and comfy clothes
  • One animal friend
  • One collection of inspiring photos and/or random objects that are meaningful to your ISFP.
  • One set of closely held moral beliefs and values

Custom upgrades: Your ISFP will have multiple creative interests. Books, sports equipment, musical instruments, camping gear, cameras, various art supplies, and random junk may also be included.


Your ISFP comes preprogrammed with the following traits:

Fi: Makes your ISFP unit independent and sensitive. They may appear aloof or distant, preferring to process their emotions on their own. They’re actually very warm, loyal, and supportive when you get to know them. Your unit also has a strong moral compass will refuse to do anything that conflicts with their values. Contrary to popular belief, your ISFP is capable of changing their views, but forget trying to force them into doing it!

Important note: Each ISFP will have Fi values, morals, and beliefs that are unique to them. You will need to adapt this general user guide to your specific ISFP Unit.

Se: Your ISFP is very in touch with their physical world and enjoys using their five senses to explore and express themselves. They can be impulsive and adventurous, preferring to live in the moment rather than plan too far ahead. Se also makes them witty and charming and surprisingly cute.

Ni: Your unit will have the need to search for deeper meaning in their life. They will frequently “have a feeling” about a plan or a person that they will feel compelled to act upon, but not be able to explain. Also makes them incredibly self-critical and may induce occasional bouts of self-doubt.

Te: Your unit may have many dreams, but probably won’t get around to actually accomplishing most of them (without help, anyway). They can also be stubborn at the inopportune times and unintentionally (and hilariously) blunt when asked to give their opinion.   

Getting Started

  1. Sit your ISFP in a quiet room, preferably near a window.
  2. Set the animal friend in ISFP’s lap.
  3. Leave ISFP alone for several hours to adjust to their surroundings and bond with the animal friend.
  4. Offer ISFP cookies and initiate conversation about the animal friend.
  5. If ISFP doesn’t start, take them to a nearby park and let them wander for a while.  


Cinnamon Roll Mode (default): Soft, sweet, and bashful. Prefers to listen to you talk and observe you quietly. Notices everything and knows your favorite food, what kind of car you drive, and probably where you live even though they never asked. (No, it’s not creepy! They just overheard you giving directions to someone else and didn’t want to bother you needlessly.) Will make you quirky, adorable (and sometimes baffling) gifts to demonstrate their affection.  

Creative Mode (default): Your ISFP has a nearly unmatched creative brain and will often find beauty in their environment. If you don’t really understand (Yes I’m talking to you NT types) just voice your support and point out one or two things about their art (or song, or sport, or hobby, or project, or handmade gift/peace offering) that you like. Your ISFP will be flattered and happy that you appreciate their talents and are involved.

Adventure Mode: Your ISFP unit will live for meaningful adventures, and often express longing for the freedom or ability to try new experiences and visit new cultures or sights. Actual chance of them acting on these desires is 50/50, but your ISFP will spend a lot of time daydreaming about it nonetheless.

Sensory Recharge Mode:  Your ISFP unit may go dormant after a large social event or adventure. While they enjoy sensory activities, they easily become overstimulated and need time to themselves to process everything they’re taking in. Forget trying to have conversations with your unit while they’re in this mode; they’ll quickly excuse themselves and hide.

Angry Toddler Mode: Activated under stress. Your ISFP has become so emotionally overwhelmed (usually due to feeling they are not Good Enough™) that they just can’t handle any more. Symptoms include grouchiness, outright refusal to eat or engage in normal activities, and uncharacteristic outbursts of anger. Gently relieve your ISFP of any pressing responsibilities and give them space to express their feelings without judgement.  

Relationships with Other Units

NF: ISFP enjoys relationships with NF types, drawn to their emotional depth and idealism. In friendships with these types, ISFP is free to discuss creative ideas and dream big.  ISFP will also go to these types for emotional support in times of need.

NT: Your ISFP may not initially gravitate towards NT individuals, as they often don’t understand their rational nature. However, they are intrigued by the intellect and personality quirks of NT types.

SJ: Your ISFP will want to ride through the glen on their mighty steed, firing arrows into the sunset while the SJ in question will probably want them to calm down, organize, and behave themselves. If not handled carefully, this can result in conflicting goals and thus, stressful relationships.  

SP: Your ISFP unit will be most at ease with fellow SPs. They can go on spontaneous adventures together and your ISFP unit is guaranteed to have a couple in their social circle. (Also the #1 culprit when your ISFP randomly disappears.)


Your ISFP unit will have an unusual diet and eating schedule.  Mealtimes and snacks tend to happen when ISFP finds it convenient.  Don’t worry about regular meals, your ISFP likes and appreciates food and will make sure that they are eating when they need it.


ISFP is very particular about their appearance. When it comes to hygiene, they tend to stick to the basics, but can be relied upon to take care of themselves. However, If you want them to be on time for something important, remind them to prepare beforehand​.


Your ISFP will flip-flop between intensely creative periods where they will forego sleep to work on projects (or go adventuring), and “catch-up” periods where they will sleep through the day to recharge. Don’t interrupt your unit’s sleep times, as this may activate Angry Toddler Mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

My ISFP won’t activate (talk), now what??

Stop trying so hard! You can’t force an ISFP to be your friend. Chances are excellent that ISFP picked up on your efforts to connect from the beginning and is well aware of your intentions. Give them time to observe you and gently coax them out with non-aggressive, non-threatening communication (or fun. Or cookies. Or compliments. Or kittens).

Also, keep in mind that silence isn’t necessarily an indicator that your ISFP doesn’t like you. Often it just means that they’re thinking; either processing what you have to say or coming up with something to contribute the conversation. Look for these signs instead: does your ISFP go out of their way to spend time with you or do things for you? Do they make eye contact when you’re talking? If so, they like you.  

How do I know if my ISFP is doing okay emotionally?

Ask them. They rarely open voluntarily, as they don’t want to be a bother. Keep in mind that it may take some time before they’ll be comfortable sharing with you. When they do talk, listen and validate their feelings. Avoid jumping in and attempting to fix their problems for them or giving your own opinion too quickly. Your ISFP will keep their mouth shut rather than risk subjecting their precious thoughts to unsolicited criticism.

My ISFP has disappeared, help!

Relax. ISFPs are prone to going AWOL without warning. This doesn’t mean that they’re in trouble. They will probably reappear within a day or two with an interesting story about how they went on a last minute road trip with friends and met a eccentric biologist who studies Bigfoot in Tennessee. Resist the urge to check on them too frequently.  This will lead to more disappearances (your ISFP is trying to escape from you). If you’re really worried, casually invite them to get food or do something fun.

Again, congratulations on your new ISFP unit! Have fun!

Don’t Tell Takashi

Request: “Team Voltron’s reaction(minus Shiro because he’s gone missing) when Shiro’s S/O is done with not being able to do anything and comes in kick ass in the Black Lion when the team is in trouble?”



  • He always felt like he had to protect you when Shiro couldn’t, so if you go a little awol, he freaks out
  • One time, on Earth, you got a papercut, and he freaked out
  • He really needs to know that you’re safe
  • If something happened to you, his honorary sister, and best friend’s partner, he’d lose it


  • He thinks of you as his sister, and he is horrified when you get in the lion
  • Will protect you at all costs, even if you don’t need it
  • After, he just thinks you’re pretty cool


  • Is very nervous
  • “What are you doing?!??”
  • Knows that his lion is tough, so he tries to protect you and the black lion
  • After, he makes sure your okay, and won’t let you go anywhere alone
  • Like, try to leave a room? “Keith, go look after them”


  • Is a little scared for you, but thinks that you’re being a badass
  • Is a bit worried, but puts it aside to make sure you don’t get hurt


  • Is impressed that you can pilot the black lion
  • She’s trying to protect you with the castle defenses
  • “Behind you!”


  • Shocked that you could pilot the black lion
  • A little salty, since he couldn’t pilot the red lion
  • knows you can handle yourself, and will protect you if you need it

Basically, everyone thinks you’re a boss, and they all agree to not tell Shiro


anonymous asked:

I love your writing! You do an amazing job! Could we get an Alpha Reaper with Omega mate for the A/B/O prompt #15-- Alpha scolding their mate for daring to walk, then they proceed to pick them up and bring them to lay them back down.

((Thank you anon <3))


Your voice was soft, tinged with sleep and hoarse from overuse during your heat the week before. Evidence of your heat still lingered in the air; the scent of pheromones, your mixed secretions and sweat hanging stubbornly about. You were half asleep when Gabriel had carefully moved you back into the bedroom, wrapping you in a clean scented sheets. Shifting, you could feel that last round of slick and cum had been cleaned away, the sharp scent of ointment a clear indicator that he had already treated your bruises and bites. A slow smile tugged at your lips as you remembered the whirlwind of the previous days, your heat spent in absolute rapture with Gabriel. Looking around the empty room, you doubted he had wandered too far.

During your heats you didn’t allow your Alpha to leave your side when conscious, but before and during the quarterly visits, Gabe stayed at your side to make sure all your needs were cared for. You adored this side of him, the one that hid under the hardass, that demanded that he take care of all of those around him. There were times you teased him and point out how kind and gentle and soft he was, earning an empty glare and a smirk. This was a Gabe everyone deserved to know but so few got the honor and you felt blessed to constantly have a front row seat.

You winced as you sat all the way up, pushing your legs over the edge of the bed, the inside of your thighs and hips protesting the movement. Snorting softly to yourself, you made a mental note to chastise Gabriel for how hard he had plowed into you completely ignoring that you had asked him first. Still, you pushed through the ache, setting your feet on the ground and pausing for another moment to get your bearings. You were absolutely parched, your ravished body demanding immediate sustenance. Your movements were slow and methodic, your hand going to scratch at your scalp yet finding your hair pulled back into a sloppy ponytail. Gabe really did think of everything. You’d have to remember to thank him when he was back.

Easing yourself all the way onto the floor, you waited until the shaking in your knees subsided before you took your first steps. Your hands groped at different items in the room for support;first the bed, then the nightstands, the wall, the door frame and then the hall wall. You just needed to make it to the bathroom where you knew there was a glass sitting next to the sink. A few more steps…You actually whined out loud when your left knee buckled, your shoulder bumping hard against the cold frame of the wall, cursing softly.  Water then immediately back to bed. Just a few more yards and then water and back to bed.

“Carino what’re you doing?”

You glanced over your shoulder, Gabriel’s brow was furrowed in concern, the man rushing forward from the top of the stairs to place his hand on the small of your back. His eyes looked you up and down for any sign of visible injury before he dipped down to sweep you into his arms. Your trill was high pitched and surprised, head twisting to look at Gabriel indignantly before receiving a quick growled response.

“You know damn well you aren’t supposed to walk after your heats”, Gabriel warned, leaning down and pressing a warning nip to your jawline when you tried to whine. “That’s why I found you ready to collapse, didn’t I?”

“I’m a grown woman Gabe”, you tried to argue back, before the Alpha sent you a warning look. “F-fine…”

You had to admit, leaning into Gabriel and nuzzling into the side of his neck and soaking in his scent was comforting, intoxicating. As he placed you back in bed he pinned you with a look before saying he would be right back, disappearing from the room for several moments. Your eyes went round when he returned, mouth watering.

“Thought you were still asleep”, he said, carrying two plates filled with your favorites. Eggs, corn pancakes, sausage and bananas, two water bottles tucked under his arm. “So I was trying to fix you something…if I thought you were gonna go AWOL on me, querida, I would have thrown you over my shoulder and took you downstairs with me.”

Reaching out for your plate your eyes lit up when he finally slid it into your hands, picking up a pancake with your bare hand and taking a bite.

“‘M sorry thank you”, you said around the food, practically moaning as the food filled your mouth. You smiled thankfully at him, giving him a soft, affectionate trill of happiness before swallowing and nodding towards his arm. “Water please?”