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  • Robert: Oh, please tell me Liv hasn't done a runner.
  • Rebecca: She's upstairs.
  • Robert: Good, that's all I'd need, her going AWOL.
  • Rebecca: Visit not go so well?
  • Robert: Didn't go at all. They wouldn't let me see him.
  • Rebecca: Oh?
  • Robert: And the worse part is they wouldn't even tell me why. All they said is they'd been an incident.
  • Rebecca: What kind of incident?
  • Robert: I - I don't know! I tried to get to see the governor. Nothing. I waited for over an hour. Still nothing! And Aaron seemed so off on the phone yesterday.
  • Rebecca: Well, don't jump to conclusions. It could be anything.
  • Robert: Yeah, well, that's what worries me. Something's happened to him and they won't tell me what.

So if Fred is the only officer out of the remaining Spartan-IIs, does that mean he has to do all the deployment and debriefing paperwork

Oh gosh that means that Chief deciding to go AWOL for a few days with the rest of Blue Team probably gives Fred a shitload of desk work to sort out their court martials and personnel files and shit

I can just imagine him grumbling, trying to fit into a regular-sized chair and desk as he signs off paperwork and writes up after-action reports

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(this is a very specific scenario so you don't have to answer publicly if you don't want to) as an addendum to the dishonorable discharge question, if someone was to go AWOL, but changed their mind last minute and returned to duty, would they still be considered for dishonorable discharge? or would their voluntary return just earn them demerits/a situation appropriate punishment/etc?

This is actually a fine question to ask!

As with most things in the army, a lot of it depends on your unit and the circumstances behind your going AWOL, or absent without leave.

Being considered “AWOL” means you’ve been missing from a place a duty for at least 24 hours. So if you disappear over the weekend and show up again on Monday, you’re probably fine, unless you were supposed to be somewhere during the weekend or you were instructed to remain at home. But if you fail to show up to Monday morning PT, if you aren’t recovered by Tuesday morning formation, you’re officially AWOL and now you’ve got MPs looking for you. 

This means that you either are AWOL or you aren’t; there’s a line that constitutes AWOL/not AWOL. If the soldier decided to disappear for 23 hours and then returned before the 24th, they might get their ass handed to them, but they never technically went AWOL so I doubt there’d be a discharge involved.

Without question, returning willingly from being AWOL is much better than being caught. So already your soldier’s a little bit less fucked for returning willingly.

If the soldier went AWOL during training, they’d be very likely to discharged. The army doesn’t have patience for recruits who’re just wasting their time. I’m under the impression that if a soldier in training goes AWOL, they just process them and kick them out as quickly as possible so the soldier isn’t wasting resources. I knew two soldiers in both BCT and AIT who went AWOL while I was training and that was their experience: whether they were picked up by MPs or returned willingly, they got their punishments and then were subsequently kicked out. I don’t think it took longer than a week or two for any of them.

If a soldier went AWOL while deployed, that’s a good deal more serious and you might see some jail time for that regardless of how long you were AWOL for. This is especially true if the soldier is deployed in a combat zone.

When I was in Korea we actually had an NCO have a nervous breakdown and go AWOL. He managed to get all the way to Seoul before the MPs caught up with him and he was trying to catch a flight back to the U.S. His mental state was determined to be at fault rather than the actual soldier, and they removed him from his post and transferred him to Hawaii, which we all thought was rather unfair tbqh because that sounded like a wonderful punishment. He did get demoted to E-4 though following the incident.

I’ve known some cases of soldiers who just get fed up and go AWOL for like three days. An NCO I had once told me that one day he just was so unbelievably pissed off at his unit he just took a flight to Las Vegas and stayed there all week and was back by Monday. He told his unit where he was and kept in touch, and I guess they decided it was more trouble than it was worth to go retrieve him. When he got back he got a ton of ass-chewing and extra duty and a pretty Article 15 + demotion, but that was about it and years later no one bothered him about it anymore.

Some of it depends on whether your unit has dropped you from their records. At that point you’ve been gone long enough that they consider you a deserter, and there probably won’t be much (if any) wiggle room for you at that point. 

The way the army works, I’m inclined to think that your unit will also take into account WHY you went AWOL. If you’ve given up on the army and you just want to be out, they will happily find a reason to kick you out. If you went AWOL due to stress or mental illness and you show remorse/take responsibility for your actions, they’d probably be more likely to just punish you in accordance with UCMJ and then leave it at that. 

Of course, how your unit feels about you as a soldier will probably play into it. A soldier who’s disliked might be treated more harshly than one viewed as an essential member of the unit. Favoritism always pops up in the army whether we like it or not.

Finally, I’d like to point out that females who go AWOL are often considered more harshly by the unit, if not by punitive measures then by the unit’s opinion of her. Not long after combat MOSs were opened to women, a Combat Engineer in training went AWOL and then turned herself in. As a result, swarms of criticism poured in about how this was proof that women couldn’t participate in combat MOSs and that it was a prime example of why women were just inferior soldiers. So if your soldier is female, that’s worth taking into account. 


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On the way to Meridian
  • Kelly-087: (listing in on radio) we got trouble. ONI is going nuts about our AWOL. Osman is saying that we're becoming a danger to the UNSC.
  • John-117: She said that? I thought we were friends.
  • Kelly-087: word is she's gone to Locke.
  • John-117: Locke...Locke...I know two Lockes. Is it...Agent Locke, or...miss Locke who makes the cookies on Infinity?
  • Linda-058: ...yeah, chief, she's sending us a girl with cookies. I think we can assume it's Agent Locke!
  • John-117: ...yeah, that's a good call.
After School (M)

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Min Yoongi. 3 531 Words. A bit of everything for genre.

Inspired by I Hate U I Love U

All alone, I watch you watch her


Cursing and ducking at the sight of someone around the other end of the hallway and waiting until white noise of murmurs and footsteps to fade away is only a Wednesday norm for you. A dizzying clatter of horribly orchestrated instrumental on the second floor, in the music room cuts through the silence and strums on your anxiousness.

So maybe skipping club activities and sneaking out of the club room isn’t worth the unease in your chest. You slide the door to your classroom, relieved that you’re alive and well still. Because the president, namely, Seokjin, will have your head if he knows you, the vice president of the cooking club (who absolutely can’t cook for your dear life) is yet again going AWOL.

You’re not too keen in staying back after school to waste approximately one hour and forty-five minutes of your life catering to pots and pans when Seokjin’s going to give you a share of his dish at home anyway because you’re neighbors. Thus why you’re in the classroom to gather your bag and leave the premise as soon as humanly possible.

But god forbid you collecting the text books and ink pens on your desk without the fascinatingly attractive boy sitting by the window noticing you. Wistful and mellow are his eyes, nose and lips. But all too soon they disappear underneath the pull of frustrated eyebrows.

“Can’t even be left alone in this goddamn place.” He clicks his tongue, not caring if you heard it.

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Yandere Reinhardt was in love with a man who he fought along side in the crusaders and overwatch. But before he could whisk him away, he supposedly "died". Guess who he finds years later, living a peaceful life? After Ana, jack, and gabe did the same thing, this probably would be his breaking point. Go nuts with this. Make it dark

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Sorry for not posting much!

I know I haven’t been crazy active recently so I just wanted to apologize and give some updates on my life! I’m super busy (hence the inactivity), and I’m taking 18 credit hours of classes this semester if American college credits mean anything to you guys.
I’m also working on planning 2 study abroad trips to Japan! I’m going to 6 cities for 3 weeks this summer and then in the fall I’m going back for a year long program at a university!
Finally, I’m also entering a Japanese speech contest in my area so I’ve been working on writing, memorizing, and reciting that!
Again, sorry for going awol, but I’m still reblogging a little and I should pick activity back up soon, but I’m always down to chat or even just say hello!

I think my personal favorite SCP is the portal to our world because something about our universe makes anomalies impossible, so the Foundation keeps having agents go awol by running through it

She is Such an Asset ||  Fitz (intact!SHIELD) and Kara


Great.  Okay.  Wonderful.  Yes, Fitz had been through some really field agenty stuff, especially recently with the whole alien parasite monster thing, but this was taking it to a whole new level, and one that he most certainly wasn’t trained for.  He was chasing an alien who had managed to take Ward down, with Mack on the other flank, and he’d only rushed in because…well, he didn’t actually know.  Something about being the only other suitable agent present.  Why did Daisy have to go full-out AWOL and drop off the grid?  Yes, she was going through a rough time, but still.  And now Fitz had his ICER up, trying to sneak through doors in the hopes that Mack would run into the alien ninja thing instead of him.

And, of course, now he heard movement.

I’m sorry for being such a terrible Admin.

You have no idea how sorry I am for going AWOL for a few weeks. I was working my way through a few stressful situations and it unfortunately took me away from my writing for a while. The asks have been pouring in! Although for some reason I am not notified when someone asks something anonymously. This is something I’m working on rectifying. I’m so sorry I’ve done this to you all! Third instalment of Regret is in the works [I really do need to come up with a better name for that] and I’m jumping right on the other requests I received too!

Hopefully everything is working out for me now so i’ll be able to update a lot more.

Much love! <3 

Another thing that I didn’t understand about this episode was that Alex wasn’t in it…at all! Like wtf? When Kara was attacked by the black mercy, Alex was so concerned about her that she literally wouldn’t leave Lara’s side and risked her own life to go into karas mind and save her. When Kara was alone in national city while everyone else was under the control of the myriad wave, Alex risked her life again just to make sure Kara had someone by her side. Alex literally traveled to another planet just to make sure Kara was okay and to bring her back home. Alex has always been there for Kara whenever she was in trouble and suddenly she isn’t there at all bc we have to prove the “power of love” between two people stuck in an abusive relationship ???? Give me one good reason Alex ‘I’ve always been there for my little sister’ Danvers would suddenly go awol when Kara is in trouble

hey yo what’s up

i gotta write my hi-i’m-dropping-out letter to uni today and i feel Really Bad about it so if i go AWOL for a bit, that’s totally the reason

don’t worry though! i am big and strong and i will be back

I will always be here to get in an internet fight with someone about Agent South Dakota. People always say she got killed off before she got a chance to be a complex character and that’s completely true. South’s narrative was lazily designed to make her one-dimensionally hateable the same way North was lazily designed to be generically likeable. Thanks, but I can do a bit better than a grade-schooler good twin evil twin narrative. 

The narrative doesn’t frame North in a bad light, even when he does something shitty like not tell his sister why he’s going AWOL, shoot her, then drag her from her post. It just has Tex call her a vulture for being cutthroat about requesting Carolina’s equipment when the girl is already in a fucking coma. That’s literally the worst thing South does during PFL proper. 

I’m not saying South wasn’t a ruthless amoral killer (she absolutely fucking is, don’t try to say what she did was okay) I’m just saying she wasn’t the only fucking one, kiddos. All of our Freelancer babes are monsters of comparable and abused cold bloodedness.