go away you freak


  • you jog shirtless past my house every morning au
  • we’re the only single people at this wedding table lets get drunk and bitch about everyone au
  • “i’m a radio host who indirectly mentions you and flirts with you on my show but you’re so goddamn clueless, please just notice me i’m so desperate for you it’s kind of sad (see: welcome to night vale)” au
  • ‘we take the same elevator every day and due to a misunderstanding I assumed you didn’t speak english and I’ve been talking to my friend about how hot you are for three weeks and apparently my friend has known from the start but you agreed not to tell me bc you both think its hilarious what the fuck’ au
  • you’ve been sleeping at mine because your house is being renovated and we aren’t even dating, yet every time you wake up to the baby crying and sigh, “i’ll go” i feel like we might as well be married
  • “you’ve been awkwardly inching your way towards the human sexuality section of the bookstore i work at for like fifteen minutes are you looking for something in particular or –?”
  • “We’re both cosplayers and we somehow always manage to meet each other at cons dressed as a popular ship and people want photos of us in compromising positions and oops now we’re kissing” AU
  • preacher’s daughter falls for a bad boy
  • “I’m in a bookshop and I really need that book can you get it for me??? Wait you’ve read that book? let’s have an in depth conversation about it.”
  • “You’re afraid that you’ll lose me in big crowds so you always hold my hand but now you just hold my hand when there’s only, like, five people around and I’m getting vry suspicious”
  • “Our dogs whine whenever they’re apart so we spend pretty much every day together” AU
  • “I walked in on your ex yelling at you so you grabbed me and kissed me  so she’d go away and I’m kind of freaked out I literally just met you last week” AU
  • “i accidentally took your laundry but just so you know you have awesome taste in underwear” au
  • the walls are really thin and i can hear everything you’re saying could you please shut the fuck up new neighbour au
  • you jog shirtless past my house every morning au
  • awkward teenage seven-minutes-in-heaven au
  • foreign exchange student au

ok, like i was rewatching “say goodbye” (i know i said i was watching it last week too, i rewatch it way too much :P) and it friggin glitched after jack got a nosebleed. the audio was working, but the video got stuck on jack smiling directly at the camera.

i hate Anti…..

Creeper Starters
  • "You won't suspect a thing."
  • "You'll never see me coming."
  • "I can see you."
  • "I can hurt you from inside."
  • "I will break you."
  • "Leave me alone."
  • "I'll follow you anywhere."
  • "I am the demon you fear."
  • "You'll never know what hit you."
  • "You are never alone."
  • "I must have you."
  • "Who were you with last night?"
  • "That's not fair."
  • "Stop following me!"
  • "Someone needs to be punished."."
  • "You looked magnificent last night
  • "I wouldn't do that if I were you..."
  • "I know what you fear."
  • "You are the only reason I exist."
  • "I was born sick."
  • "I worship you."
  • "Will you really do all those things?"
  • "I don't need this."
  • "Even in the darkest nights I can see."
  • "I'm in an open relationship, you know."
  • "All you need is me."
  • "All I have is unpure thoughts of you."
  • "You must be mine."
  • "I will be with no other."
  • "Get away from me, you freak!"
  • "No matter where you go I will find you."
  • "No one will touch you. You have my word."
  • "I dream of you every night."
  • "I'm tired of this tete-a-tete."
It Has to be Perfect

A/N: Hey guys! Long time, no see! I just started a summer job a couple of weeks ago so that’s been taking up a lot of my time (hence why I haven’t written anything in ages, yikes). And I got offered a tutoring position for Calculus at my college so I need to do an interview for that soon! To be honest, I’m already ready to go back to college; I miss it a lot more than I thought I would.
Anyways, you guys probably don’t care about all of that. Send me requests!!! I need some prompts to write for when I’m not working.

Word count: 1667

Pairing: Alpha!Sam Winchester X Omega!Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Well guys, this is my first attempt at A/B/O dynamics. Contains nesting behavior and mild alpha-ness (I don’t even know how to word that properly).


Trying to make everything perfect, she adjusts a pillow once more before stepping back to look at her work.

But it just won’t lay in the right spot.

She moves back to the bed and fluffs the pillows behind it before carefully maneuvering the smaller pillow into place once again.

A quick assessment has her deciding that she likes it, and she moves to straighten one of the blankets that she has laid out, soaked in Sam’s scent perfectly.

Another assessment has her moving the soft down comforter into a more suitable position, and she nearly has a breakdown when she finds a corner of it without her mate’s scent upon it.

She gathers the blanket into her arms, careful not to disturb everything else she has already meticulously placed, and sets it aside, so that Sam can scent it in a few moments when she’s done.

A few of his favorite shirts, the ones that his scent will forever cling to because he’s worn them so much, are tucked into her side of the bed, so that when she lays down she will be surrounded by him.

She steps back and looks over her work, deciding that it looks well enough save for the blanket Sam needs to scent and perhaps a few more pillows.

She hauls it into her arms and leaves the room, closing the door firmly behind her, and ventures toward the library, where she knows that Sam will be.

“Hey, gorgeous, are you finally done?” he asks as he sees her make her way into the large room.

She shakes her head and thrusts the blanket at him.

“It needs more of your scent, there was a spot that didn’t have enough,” she tells him as he gathers it into his arms.

“Is there anything else you need?” he asks, rubbing his cheek into an exposed corner of the soft material.

“More pillows,” she tells him, and he smiles slightly.

“Take a few from my room, they should be good,” he states, and she nods before going to do just that.

The two biggest, fluffiest pillows that he has, she takes. They’re well used and well coated in his musk, just perfect for her nest.

She travels back to her own room and places them where she desires, deciding that the comforter is all she needs left to finish this nest.

She makes her way back to Sam, determined to finish this before the night is over.

“Here, baby girl,” he holds up the blanket to her. “Check and see if it needs any more.”

She unfolds the blanket and checks over it, noting that every stitch seemed to carry his scent.

“This is good,” she nods, and he smiles at her retreating form as she scurries to finish her nest.

Placing the blanket just so, she arranges it over the pillows and shirts carefully until it is to her liking, exhaling in relief as she puffs a pillow up one final time.

Looking it over with a hand on her belly, she knows that her pup will feel safe in this nest, as well as herself.

She smiles to herself and makes yet another trip to the library.

“Done now?” he asks, and she nods, curling onto his lap so she can bury her face in his chest. “I’m sure it looks beautiful.”

She nods again, and he loops an arm around her back as he returned to his book.

“I have one more chapter to finish, then we can head to bed, okay?” he suggests, rubbing her back gently.

“Okay,” she agrees, content to stay on his lap as he read. His heartbeat lulls her as his chest rises and falls gently with every breath.

“You awake?” he murmurs after several long minutes. “Baby girl?”

“Hm?” she hums, her eyes fluttering open.

“Lets go to sleep, gorgeous,” he purrs, and she nods as she rises from his lap and takes his hand. She leads him to her new nest, excited to show him her hard work from the past couple of hours.

However, a foreign scent has her heart starting to pound the closer she gets to her room.

She throws her door open and nearly sobs at the scent other than her mate’s in her room.

Her breath quickens and she tries to keep from crying as she backs away, into Sam’s chest.

“I swear I didn’t know!” the voice makes her turn into Sam, burying her face into his shirt and taking deep gulps of his scent.

“You went into her nest?” Sam roars, his anger exuding from him in waves at his brother standing a few paces away from the two of them.

“I thought she’d do that in your room!” Dean protests quickly, holding his hands up defensively. “I went looking for her to tell her that her laundry was done. I didn’t expect to find a nest in her room! No one’s ever in there!”

“She just spent hours making that nest, Dean!” Sam yells, an arm curving around her back as she shuddered into him. “I haven’t even been in there, she just finished!”

“I didn’t know! I couldn’t find her! I checked your room and the kitchen, this was just the next stop!” Dean explains. “If I knew, I wouldn’t have even touched the doorknob, Sam. I’m so sorry.”

“Just go,” Sam says in a controlled voice that barely masks his fury. “Go away, she’s freaking out right now because of you. This isn’t good for the baby.”

Dean backs away quickly, leaving the two of them standing outside her room alone.

“I need to make a new one,” she whimpers into him. “I need a safer nest. One that no one can get into.”

“Just a minute, gorgeous,” Sam murmurs into her hair. “Let me see if I can get his scent out. If he just walked in and out I might be able to.”

“He can still get in, Sam,” she whispers. “Anyone can.”

“I’ll put a new lock on the door first thing in the morning,” he tells her, pulling away slowly. “Just stay right here for a few minutes.”

He draws her in for a lingering kiss before moving into her room.

Dean’s alpha scent clings to the air, and she shudders, curling her arms around the tiny swell of her waist.

Her stomach turns uncomfortably, and she closes her eyes as she hears Sam moving about in her room.

She knows that Dean didn’t mean to, he really didn’t. She hadn’t been in her room in months.

No one had.

Which is why she decided it was the perfect place for her nest, since no one ventured into it and the bed still carried her own scent faintly.

But he went and put his scent in the room she had been filling with Sam’s, and it turned her stomach. The scent other than her mate’s in such a sacred place makes her want to cry. Any other male, and she’d likely have burst into tears the moment she smelled their scent, so she’s at least thankful that it was only Dean. But it still upsets her.

How could her pup feel safe in a place that smelled of an alpha that wasn’t its father? How would it feel safe knowing that any wolf could barge in at any time?

“Baby girl,” Sam murmurs as he opens the door. He nods to her, holding out his hand for her to take. “Here, I’m right here with you. I think I covered it all wth my own scent.”

She laces her fingers through his, cautiously stepping through the threshold and taking a deep inhale of the air.

She doesn’t catch any immediate whiff of Dean’s scent, but she isn’t going to let her guard down.

“I touched everything,” Sam tells her, drawing her into his chest. “All the walls, the table, your dresser. Everything.”

She takes another breath and notes the strength of his scent through the room, and she looks up at him curiously, eyebrows raised.

He slightly smirks.

“I did what I had to do. I wasn’t going to let all of your hard work go to waste,” he tells her, sliding a hand that carries a powerful amount of his scent along her cheek. “It’s a beautiful nest. I’m proud of it, and I know our pup will love it.”

She beams under his praise, looking over to the nest she had prepared before looking back to him.

“Is it okay?” he asks gently, looking at her. “If I change the lock tomorrow, will you feel okay in here?”

“Yeah,” she nods, and he smiles at her. “I think so.”

“Do you want to sleep in here tonight?” he asks, gently drawing his fingers through her hair.

She pauses for a moment, then takes a deep breath. It was just Dean, she has to tell herself.

“You have to sleep closer to the door,” she tells him, rubbing her stomach slowly. “That way anything has to go through you to get to us.”

“Of course, gorgeous,” he strokes her hair again. “Let’s go to bed.”

She nods and leads him to their nest, where he toes off his boots and pulls off his shirt before holding it out to her.

She smiles sheepishly as she presses it to her face and inhales deeply, then tucks it under her pillow as she crawls into bed.

He follows shortly after, and she makes sure that her nest is adequate for the two of them before settling in and tucking into his side.

“It’s perfect,” he tells her, as though he knows that she needs the reassurance after the ordeal from a few moments ago. “I love you, my omega.”

“I love you too,” she states, and he looks down at her. She giggles slightly.

“I think you’re forgetting something, baby girl,” he states, and she smiles at him before leaning up to kiss him.

“I love you, my alpha.”

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Since everyone is giving off some of their stuff to the members, may I also give Hobi some of these yellow roses of mine??~~ Please accept my gift, my angel~~


“Darling! Step away, remember what I told you about going near these freaks? They’re dangerous living parasites! They don’t deserve anything, now come along..”


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Okay so I have a Wayhaught story for you. So I was thinking about how Emily was saying Wynonna definitely has opinions about Waverly and Nicole being together so what if Wynonna takes a moment with Nicole to have "the talk" with her about how she better not hurt her or end up like Champ (but she knows she won't) and Waverly hears part of this conversation and runs aways and now is very distant with Nicole bc she thinks Wynonna scared her away but later she assures she's not going anywhere

So, I couldn’t help myself and i wrote a whole fic for this. Hope you like it!!!!

Waverly was finally back from that creepy possession ordeal that they had to deal with, and she will absolutely tell you, that she will never be touching any strange gunk that she finds on the ground or otherwise, ever again. But everything is okay now and Wynonna, Waverly, Doc, and Nicole have taken over the Black Badge office in their search to try and find and get Dolls back.

It is had been a few days and the four of them have been locked up in that office. 

Waverly has been pouring over books and the internet, searching for anything she can wrestle up about secret government agencies that she can.

Wynonna was going through Dolls’s computer while she drinks whiskey out of his X cup, and muttering curse words under her breath since frankly there isn’t anything useful or entertaining of the hard drive.

Doc was sitting alone, at the far corner of the table. At first, he had spent a lot of time examining the vials that he had injected into Dolls before the showdown are Shorty’s. Now, though, he has moved on playing Solitare with an impossibly old set of cards.

Nicole, she has been sniffing out every gun and other weapons she can find in the office, she has been cataloging them and cleaning them, even going so far as to dismembering and, all the guns. At one point she even managed to wrestle PeaceMaker away from Wynonna. It was a very difficult feat and she found out that it hadn’t been cleaned in a very long time, probably since Wyatt himself had it.

Now it has been a couple of weeks, and with all the stress, Wynonna had pretty much forgotten about Nic and Waves dating, and reverting back to her normal self, had become totally oblivious of the lingering eye contact between her sister and the officer, not so subtle touching that they exchanged whenever close enough, and that whenever one of them left the room the other followed. She was so wrapped up in herself she had pretty much forgotten about the two dating.

At the end of the fourth night, after all of them had done almost as much as they could. Wynonna hadn’t found anything on the computer. Waverly hadn’t found anything mention a Black Badge Division. Nicole had run out of weapons to clean. And Doc, well how many games of solitaire can someone really play before they go insane? They all had started to sigh heavily and push their work away.

Grabbing Nicole’s hand, and looking across to Wynonna who’s face was buried in her palms, Waverly clears her throat, “You know Gus left me a message early and said that she was going to open Shorty’s back up tonight, invited us to stop by.”

“Got Dolls and I’s mess all cleaned up then?” Doc asks when he perks up at the idea of going to the saloon for a drink.

“Yup, I guess some town’s folk pitched in,” Waverly starts, “Gus said they wanted to try and make it up to Wynonna, the whole trying to kill her thing.”

“Strange,” Wynonna finally adds, “They’ve never felt bad about my near death before, I guess people are growing around here.”

“Oh come on Earp,” Nicole can’t help but attempt to protest that, “not everyone in this town hates you.”

Wynonna scoffs at that, “You clearly did not grow up around here red. But that is a conversation for another night when my brain doesn’t feel like soup. I think we ought to head down there, support Gus.”

It didn’t take them long to pack their things up and head to Shorty’s. Wynonna had already slipped behind the bar and found a bottle of whiskey and four glasses. Doc had stepped out to get some air for a few minutes. Waverly and Nicole had claimed a booth and were cuddled up pushed into the corner of the booth and were enjoying a slightly discreet and satisfying make out session.

“What the hell is this, guys?” Wynonna almost demands as she sets the bottle and glass down on the table.

“Uh, it’s me kissing my girlfriend Wy,” Waverly answers, with a very confused tone.

“Oh shit.” Wynonna declares as it dawns on her. “I, uh, I forgot about that.”

“No shit Earp,” Nicole adds after she lets out a giggle.

“I guess you and I need to have a little talk then Haught,” Wynonna replies as she starts the red-head down.

“I think that may be my cue to go find Doc,” Waverly says as she gives Nicole an apologetic smile for throwing her to the wolves or rather wolf that is Wynonna Earp, and then heads away.

“What exactly do you think you’re doing with my little sister?“ Wynonna asks, jumping right in.

“Honestly? Loving her.” Is all Nicole offers her in response.

“She’s been loved before Haught. What’s supposed to make you think you’re any different?” Wynonna questions the red head further.

“The way that I look at her.” Nicole challenges.

“And what way might that be?”

“Like she, herself, hung the moon and the stars, just for me.” Is all Nicole gives in return. Honestly, if you Wynonna hasn’t figured it out by now, she figuring she’ll have to draw it out for the woman.

“Champ used to look at her like that until she stopped being a trophy for him to win and became the strong young woman that she is. How am I supposed to know that you’re different than him?” Wynonna challenges Nicole. She knows that Nicole is different, but she needs to get a promise right from the woman.

“Because I’m not a boy-man-child like he was or is or whatever. Come on Wynonna, you’ve known me for a while now, do you really think I have it in me to treat anyone like crap, let alone Waves?” Nicole asks the question almost beginning to feel hurt.

“Well, I guess you’ve got a point there. I just have to make sure to give you the shovel talk or whatever. You know, Waverly is the most important person in my life and I haven’t really been there for her until recently, and I think I’m still a little too caught up in the curse bullshit to truly give her the attention she deserves.” Wynonna offers the confession as a peace offering of sorts.

“I get that Wy. But you are here now, and you’re not going anywhere. Plus, she has me now too, so I think she’ll be just fine.”

As Nicole finishes her statement, Waverly is walking back up to the table and notices the two other women completely emerged in the conversation but doesn’t catch anything, until Wynonna’s final statement.

“I get that. But just to put it out there, if you so much as crack her heart, or treat her even a little poorly, I swear to you, I’ll be using PeaceMaker for more that putting down revenants.” It’s an empty threat as she knows Nicole is better than that. As she finished though she notices Waverly within earshot and is completely unaware that she has been standing there long enough to hear the threat. 

“Hey, Baby Girl!” Wynonna greats Waverly with a broad smile. “Did you find Doc?”

“I ummm, I’m not feeling well, can you take me home Wynonna?” Waverly asks, not even responding to the question, she’s so shaken up from hearing the threat, scared of what it means. Does Wynonna no like Nicole as much as she’d been letting on the past few weeks?

“I can take Babe.” Nicole offers before Wynonna gets a chance to respond.

“No, I want Wynonna to take me.” Is all Waverly offers, and honestly the way she says it is a little cold. Before either Nicole or Wynonna has a chance to interject again, Waverly has headed out of the building. Thinking, dammit Wynonna, I finally found a good one, and you’re going and scaring her away, you can’t threaten lesbians with guns, it freaks them out. Admittedly, Waverly may have recently delved into gay culture and learned a lot about lesbian tropes.

“You’re not driving her anywhere Earp.” Is how Nicole decides is best to start the conversation.

“Why the hell not Haught? If Waves wants to go, I’ll take her where ever she wants.” Wynonna defends herself.

“No, you won’t. You’ve been drinking Whiskey all day, and you’ve drunk half that bottle by yourself while we’ve been sitting here. It’s not safe for you to get behind the wheel.” Nicole offers as she stands up and slips on her jacket.

“Fine. You going to go get her then?” Wynonna reluctantly asks.

“Yeah. Y’all can come sleep at my place when you get done here if you want.” Nicole presents the peace offering.

“Thanks, but there’s a room upstairs here, we’ll just take it. Let’s meet in the office at noon tomorrow? Give everyone a chance to get some extra rest.” Wynonna offers in return, her own peace offering of sorts.

“Sure, see ya then.” And with that Nicole has turned to head out the saloon herself. 

Nicole runs through the bodies as quickly as she can, pushing through the front doors, and scanning her surroundings. She finds Waverly sitting in her Jeep, letting it run. As Nicole gets closer to the Jeep, she notices hard sporadic shaking of Waverly’s shoulders, a clear sign of the tears that a certainly falling down the girl’s face. Wasting no more time, she runs to the driver’s door where Waverly is sat and pulls it open. Before she has a chance to protest or even notices who’s arms are enveloping, Nicole makes quick work gather Waverly up, rubbing her hands up and down the younger woman’s back.

“What’s wrong baby?” Nicole whispers in her ear.

With the question, Waverly starts to push Nicole away but doesn’t have enough strength to get her too far away.

“I asked for Wynonna,” Waverly states through heavy breaths.

“I know, but I don’t feel comfortable with Wynonna taking you anywhere. She’s had too much to drink.” Nicole offers, loosening her grip while looking down to search Waverly’s eyes to try and figure out what is going on. “I was thinking we could go to my place and I would take care of you.”

“I don’t expect you to take care of me Nic. You don’t even want to be around me, I’m sure.” Waverly states, not being able to help herself and leaning into Nicole.

“What the heck are you talking about Waverly?” Nicole asks shocked.

“I heard what Wynonna said. She threatened to kill you.” Waverly makes the statement though another round of tears.

“Oh baby,” Nicoles starts, with a grin playing at her lips. “She didn’t mean that.”

“Yes she did, she doesn’t joke about using PeaceMaker,” Waverly mumbles into the collar of Nicole’s shirt, that is quickly absorbing tears and most likely a gross combination of slobber and snot, not that Nicole minds. Waverly can bawl into any of her shirts any time she needs to.

“No babe, I promise she didn’t mean it. She knows I would never hurt you. She knows that I love you too much. She knows that I will treat you better than anyone else has ever treated you. She just said that because she felt like she had to finish her shovel talk.” Nicole whispers it to Waverly as she combs a hand through her hair.

“Are you sure?” Waverly asks, starting to regain her composure. 

“Yes, I promise. Now let’s go home and go to sleep. I think you may be a little over exhausted from the past couple weeks.” Nicole says as she lifts Waverly up, letting the smaller woman cling to her like a Khola bear, and walks to the other side of the Jeep. “We can sleep in and go get breakfast, Wynonna doesn’t want us coming in until noon.”

As she lets Nicole settle her into the passenger’s seat of her own car, she watches Nicole intently. Nicole just pays attention to what she’s doing. She buckles Waverly in and leans across her to turn the heat up a bit. As she is pulling herself out of the car, though, Waverly grabs the lapels of her jacket and pulls her so the forehead to forehead.

“You promise you want to be with me?” Waverly asks gently, her breath tickling Nicole’s lips.

“I promise Waverly. Ther is nowhere else, I would rather be.” Nicole makes what is probably the truthful statement of her life, and she is rewarded. She is rewarded by Waverly who leans in, gently pushing her lips to Nicoles, it’s the kiss of a promise, a kiss that means I love you, a kiss that says thank you for loving me. It gently but still passionate. Their lips move together like a choreographed dance. It is as though they were made for kissing each other, and honestly, they probably are.

“Good, because I feel the exact same way.” Waverly states as she pulls away but stays close enough to punctuate each word with another kiss.


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(Requested fluff)

You giggled at your phone, laughing at the snapchat Key had sent you. Your friend was hilarious, always putting you in a good mood; It was a good job he was too as your boyfriend Taemin had been short with you the entire drive home.

“Who’s that?” 

Taemin asked bluntly, keeping his eyes on the road. Usually he’d put his hand on your knee or squeeze your hand affectionately in the car while he was driving but he was acting strange; you were dying to know what was up. 

“Key. He just sent me a clip of Commes Des ignoring his kisses.” 

You replied as you messaged Key back. 

“Very funny.” 

Taemin said coldly, making you frown. This was not your boyfriend at all. 

“What’s wrong with you today?!” 

You gazed at him, examining his dark brooding eyes and tense jaw; he was angry at something.

“I don’t know (Y/N). Maybe you’d like to ask Key who’s been flirting with you all fucking evening.” 

He bit back as he drove around the roundabout; it was uncomfortable to be in the car, sat so close to him when he was being like that. It was news to you. Key was a great friend but he’d never be more than that and for Taemin to think that the two of you were flirting was ridiculous. 

“Flirting?! Are you really saying we were flirting?! Come on Tae, that’s crazy.” 

“Is it really?! Because the two of you were cuddling up on the sofa like a couple right in front of me! He has a fucking crush on you and you know it!” 

It wasn’t like Taemin to shout at you. His temper took you back, making you get a lump in your throat. You wanted to cry but you were also too pissed off for him to see your weakness. You refused to cry, at least not in front of him.

“He’s a good friend! And even if he did have a crush on me, it wouldn’t affect anything because I’m your girlfriend and I have a crush on you and I love you so why are you being such a dick?!” 

Luckily Taemin was parking outside the house the two of you shared and you gave him no time to answer your aggressively asked question as you slammed the car door closed. He watched you storm in to the house with wide, watering eyes before covering his face with his hands, his heart thumping with adrenaline and a migraine from being frustrated at himself. He knew you were right, that you loved him. He had to admit he was very jealous of your close relationship with Key and now he had to fix things with his love, you. 

Taemin found you curled up on the sofa, mascara smudges around your eyes with a damp tissue in your hand, telling him that you’d been crying. Slowly, with puppy dog eyes, he sat down next to you and took your hand in his. His hand was warm and soft. You were too tired to fight so you didn’t resist his skin ship. In fact, you missed it and yearned for it. 

“Hey now. Don’t cry. I’m sorry.” 

He uttered gently before kissing your cheek wet cheek. 

You couldn’t fight the butterflies you got when you felt his lips on your skin.

“I messed up. I know I did.” 

You listened to him, still holding his hand. It was rare for men to apologise but Taemin would be the first to say he was sorry if he knew he was wrong; that’s why you both worked so well together. With the balance of honesty and acceptance, arguments never lasted long. Taemin motioned for you to sit on his lap so you did, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and nuzzling your face in to his neck that smelled of his signature aftershave. 

“You see baby, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. When I think something or someone is going to take you away, I freak out. I got jealous and I took it out on you. I’m so sorry.” 

Oh, he had no idea how much he really meant to you. The thought of him worrying about you leaving him made your heart ache; why couldn’t your baby understand how much you loved him? 

“You’re being one hell of a silly guy baby.” 

You replied before stealing a kiss from his angelic lips. He wasn’t expecting the kiss but within seconds, he pulled you closer and caressed your face, melting in to the kiss. It was the kind of embrace that once you had a taste, you just couldn’t stop yourself from wanting more and more. He was so addictive. The man was beautiful; nothing could take you away from him. 

“Because, you’re the best thing that’s happened to me too and I love you so much. I can’t imagine ever being away from you.” 

You told him, gazing in to his magical, glistening eyes as he rubbed your back. 

“Am I forgiven Jagiya?” 

He asked with a sweet smile. 

“Of course you are.” 

heartlines - one

genre | rating: angst, fluff, smut | M

length: 7505 words

pairing: baekhyun x reader x jongin

summary: it’s the worst betrayal you’ve ever done, but when everything is falling apart, you go along with the terrible secrets and twisted lies, hoping that he doesn’t find out that the baby might not be his after all.

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cottoncutielove  asked:

Hi Ducky! I really love your writing & blog in general and this is my first request ' _ ' Can I get "You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen" and "I can't stay away from you" with Undertale Sans?

Hello and welcome to my blog! For prompt requests, I only do one quote and one character, so I’ll do “I can’t stay away from you” 

Warning: Contains Yandere Sans. If you are uncomfortable with this, feel free to request another! 

Undertale Sans

There he is again, waiting with the goddam smile, in your yard. He’s been there for days, still as a statue, never leaving, not even for food or sleep. He just stares at your house. Closing your blinds, you slump against your wall, burying your face in your hands. Why won’t he go away? You’re scared, you’re so freaking scared. You haven’t left your house since he showed up and your supplies are running low. You don’t know how much longer you can hold out. You’ve tried calling the police multiple times, but every time they arrive, Sans says something that turns them away. Every goddam time. You’ve tried calling friends and family members, but like the police, once they arrive, Sans says something to them, and they leave. You’re all alone. 

You remember how this started, it was just a small thing where you laughed at his pun when you bought a hot dog from him, then later that night, he showed up and never left. 

That’s it, you’ve had enough, you will not be a prisoner in your own house. Throwing the front door open, almost ripping it off its hinges, you scream. 

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT FROM ME?” tears threaten to spring from your eyes in frustration. 

The skeleton’s unnerving smile grows wider, his eyelights remain on you, “i can’t stay away from you,” 

Before you could say anything else, the skeleton appears in front of you in a blue flash, grabbing onto your shoulder tightly. Your eyes widen in fear as you try to take a step back, but his grip is too strong. You’re staring into the dark abyss, your fate sealed. 

“and i’m going to make you mine.” 

Charlie the Unicorn: 1-3 Starters
Charlie the Unicorn 1 (Link)
  • “Hey____, Hey_____ wake up.”
  • You silly sleepy head… wake up”
  • “This better be pretty freakin’ important. Is the (place) on fire?”
  • “We found a map!“
  • “Please stop bouncing on me.”
  • “Enough with the singing already!”
  • “Oh god, what is that?”
  • “Shun the non-believer!”
  • “It/He/She/Name did say anything!”
  • “Seriously guys, we shouldn’t be on this thing.”
  • *repeats name over and over*
  • “We’re on a bridge (Name)”
  • “I’m gonna stay out here.”
  • “Alright fine! I’ll go inside the freaking (place/Location)”
  • “What’s going on here?!”
  • “They tok my freakin’ kidney!”

Charlie the Unicorn 2 (Link)

  • “Look over there!”
  • “Oh look, It’s you guys.”
  • “Go away, I’m watching TV”
  • “The Vortex has been opened!”
  • “You guys are freaking me out.”
  • “I have the amulet!“
  • “Now go away! I’m sick of the horrible things that happen when you two are around.”
  • “Nooo Darkness!”
  • “What are you two doing?“
  • “Stop that.”
  • “What did you two do?”
  • “It’s the Choo Choo Shoe!”
  • “I’ll just walk.”
  • “Who is that?”
  • “You guys see it right?”
  • “I’m getting creeped out here, somebody say something.”
  • “Put a banana in your ear!”
  • “I’d rather keep my ear clear.”
  • “You will never be happy if you live your life in fear.”
  • “Oh of course, he/she/it burst into flames.”
  • “(Name) You’re the banana king!“
  • “That doesn’t even make sense”
  • “Where did you go?”
  • “Okay, that’s a sprain.”
  • “Great! They robbed me!”

Charlie the Unicorn 3 (Link)

  • “Hello? Is someone there?”
  • “What! What do you want?”
  • “Give me a heart attack, that’s fine.”
  • “That was the scariest thing i’ve ever seen.”
  • “Grab onto our/my tongue(s)”
  • “This looks exactly the same!”
  • “We gotta be sneaky, sneaky (name), we gotta be sneaky”
  • “You have a bad connection!”
  • “Time to go down below, into the liquid abyss”
  • “This is where we’ve hidden the snowman”
  • “I can’t breath underwater!”
  • “I’m not even going to ask how I’m still alive.“
  • “I think I died long ago and you two are my eternal punishment.”
  • “You’re like a constant downer, huh?”
  • “The door is everything!”
  • “The door controls time and space, love and death.”
  • “The door can see into your mind, The door can see into your soul!”
  • “Oh my god! It’s a (Animal)”
  • “It’s gonna kill us!“
  • “But _____ they care about you!”
  • “I can’t tell if you’re adorable or creepy.”
  • “Probably gonna go with creepy.”
  • “(Name) really loves you!”
  • “Please stop singing to me.”
  • “I can’t wait.”
  • “I wanna be with you forever!!”
  • “Oh there goes everyone exploding.”
  • “Oh sleeping gas of course, why did I expect any different?”
  • “Where am I?”
  • “Oh look, it’s my kidney.“

The Man in the Carrot Suit

  • short gag story
  • reader x junhui
  • summary: you meet junhui while online dating and think you’ll be a perfect match, until he shows up to your date in a carrot suit


You’d never been online dating before. It really wasn’t your thing. But then your best friend ditched you for the…4th time this week? For her new boyfriend, and truth is, you were lonely.

You scrolled through Tinder hopelessly after only 2 men had swiped right on your profile and they were creepy older men. Seriously older. They had to be 70+.

You had almost lost complete hope until someone by the name of “Junhui” added you.

You checked out his profile and he looked like a nice guy. It read:

Junhui. 21. Chinese. Vegetarian. 🥕

He had beautiful soft skin and big brown eyes. He was tall (it looked like, from the full body pics) and skinny, but not too thin.

You didn’t question the carrot emoji. You thought it was because he was a vegetarian. You added him back and heard a *ding* almost instantly.

Junhui: Hi!

You: Hi Junhui, I’m y/n

Junhui: Call me Jun. So I see you’re near me. Dinner tonight? If it’s not too soon, I’m just lonesome, lol

You: Of course… Where do you wanna go?

Junhui: Let’s go to Chili’s. They have good food that everyone likes.

You: Sounds great. Meet u @ 8

You got ready and hoped for a good night ahead of you. When it got to be 8 O'Clock, you texted Jun to make sure he was ready.

You: Ready? :)

Junhui: Yeah.. leaving now. I’m excited

You were excited too, but you didn’t want to tell him that. He won’t be expecting it so you’ll surprise him.

When you arrived at the restaurant, no one was waiting outside, except some guy in a weird orange costume. It looked like a Cheeto or something.

Since you didn’t see Jun, you went ahead inside to check if he was there. You still didn’t see him, so you messaged him.

You: Are u here yet?

Junhui: I’m outside waiting.

Maybe he arrived outside while you were looking around inside.

You walked outside and there was still no sign of Jun…

Or was that him?

The orange suit was waving at you from afar.

“Jun?” You called.

“Y/n…. Hi!” He got off the bench he was sitting on and walked quickly over to you.

It was a carrot suit.

The carrot emoji on his profile wasn’t just that he was a vegetarian…

“I love Carrots. They’re my life. I AM A CARROT. Let’s go in now. I have a special order here.” He was talking so fast he was basically rapping.

“What do you order? Carrot stew?” You giggled.

“Not funny,” he said sternly, “and just carrots.”

You decided to let the fact that he was obsessed with carrots slip right past you. You had obsessions, too. Plus, he was good looking and smelt good. Sorta like carrots, but that’s beside the point.

Throughout the dinner, Jun only talked about carrots.

Finally, you’d had enough.


You stormed out of the restaurant and Jun quickly followed.

“Y/n, please. I’m sorry. I can’t help my obsession. But give me another chance,” he said softly.

You felt bad but you couldn’t handle this. If all he was going to focus on was carrots, why would you be in a relationship with him?

“You’re a nice guy, you are. But I can’t handle this whole carrot fiasco. I hope you find someone…” You started to walk to your car and he grabbed you.

“Get the fuck off freak!” You tore away and he let go, leaving you to fall on the ground.

You hopped up and walked towards your car.

On the drive home, you listened to music and paid no attention to anything else. You just let the music hit your soul.

When you pulled in to your house, someone pulled in behind you.

You got out of the car and saw a carrot scurrying towards you.

“I’ll call the police if you don’t leave me alone.” You screamed.

“Not if I kill you first,” Jun grinned with pure evil lacing his lips.

“What did I do wrong?”

“You insulted me and my family.”

“Binch…I said your obsession isn’t my taste. Move on smh you’re so extra.”

He inched closer to you, and pulled out a carrot.

“The fuck you gon’ do with that?” You laughed.

And that was the last thing you did before












Not What You Think RosexReader

You huffed as you walked at a distance behind Rose Her auburn hair whipped with the wind. Not even moments ago you were walking hand in hand. But for some reason she dropped your hand, claiming that you were too close to the company and someone might spot the two of you. You might’ve believed her. If this was this first time this had happened. But it wasn’t and for some reason you couldn’t shake the scary feeling from your head.

Rose held the door open for you. You shook your head forcing a smile. “I..actually have to go.”

Her signature pout formed on her face. “But you said you’d watch me play guitar.”There she goes again acting as if nothing happened. You scoffed turning away from her. You ignored her calls no matter how bad you wanted to turn around.


Your eyes glanced around the empty recording studio. Rose had texted you to meet her there and all those negative feeling from two days ago we’re back. You were so on edge that you jumped when the door opened.

“Oh hey Y/N. Are you here to see Rose?.” Lisa asked taking a seat next to you.

“Yeah I guess.” She stared at you with a skeptic look “Are you okay Y/N?”

You released a heavy breath you hadn’t known you were holding. “I think Rose is going to break up with me.”

Lisa snorted making you frown. How is that funny?”

“Do you really think she’s going to break up with you.”

“Yes Lisa, she’s been acting strange for a while now what else could it be?”

Lisa pats your shoulder sympathetically. “Okay, I’ll prove to you that she’s not breaking up with you.”

Before you could ask how, the studio door opened again. Lisa quickly wrapped her arm around your shoulder. “So Y/N since you and Rose have broken up how about I set you up on a blind date?”

You were tugged away from Lisa before  she could say another word. “Yah Lalisa what do you think you’re doing? Y/N and I have not and we will not be breaking up.”

Lisa jumped from her seat happily saying. “Told you.” before exiting the room.

Rose stared at you confused. “Did you tell her we broke up?”

You shook your head. “No I just thought-” your voice lowered not knowing how to finish your sentence.

“You thought I was going to break up with you Why?”

You struggled to put your words together. “Well..I..you’ve just been acting so weird lately.”

“No I love you so much and I didn’t want to tell you because I thought you’d freak out.”

Your jw went slack. “You-you love me?”

“See I freaked you out, I shouldn’t have told you-” You pressed your lips to Rose’s mking her go quite. You pulled away from a blushing Rose.

“So I didn’t freak you out?” You shook your head wrapping your arms around her neck.

“Of course not, I love you too.”

anonymous asked:

Could i pretty pls get an imagine in which UT, US and UF skelebros' S/O are being hit on in front of them and the dude isn't backing off at all.

Yes you can, and no worries!

♥UT Sans: He just brushes it off at first, but when the guy keeps persisting and you begin to look uncomfortable, he steps in. Sans will begin with calmly explaining that you’re in a relationship and that you’re not interested. When that doesn’t work and the guy continues, he’ll sigh and teleport you both away. He isn’t one for conflict with strangers so he’ll just her you both out of there before the guy can finish.

♥UT Papyrus: He’s oblivious to what’s going on at first, just thinking that they’re trying to become friends with you. When he notices how uncomfortable that you’re getting he begins to catch on. He picks you up sort of in the way a mother would carry a toddler (much to your embarrassment) and begins to politely explain the situation to them. “I’M INCREDIBLY SORRY HUMAN, BUT DEAR Y/N HERE IS ALREADY IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURS TRULY! I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND YOUR ATTRACTION TO THEM, THE ARE QUITE AMAZING! STILL, I THE GREAT PAPYRUS, WOULD BE HAPPY TO HELP YOU FIND SECOND BEST! At this point things get kind of awkward for them because there’s no way they are going to continue to flirt with you when you’re being held by a 7ft tall skeleton, and just kind of walks off with a weirder out look on their face. “WAIT, WOULDN’T YOU LIKE MY ASSISTANTS IN FINDING A SUITABLE DATEMATE FOR YOURSELF!, “Just, let them go, Papyrus”, “ALRIGHT,BUT IT’S A SHAME THOUGH, BEING TEMPED INTO LOVE WITH SOMEONE AS BEAUTIFUL AS YOURSELF, AND THEN LEARNING THAT YOU’RE ALREADY TAKEN!”, “Aww thanks, Paps”.

♥US Sans: He realises right away what’s happening and jumps in to help you. His explanation will go similar to that of Undertale Papyrus, but doesn’t pick you up at first, so the flirter will continue. At that point they reach a hand out to you, but Blueberry grabs it. He continues with his usual cheery attitude, except his grip on them keeps getting tighter. “I WILL ASK YOU AGAIN, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM CONTINUING YOUR ADVANCES OF MY DATEMATE. CAN’T YOU SEE THAT YOU’RE MAKING THEM UNCOMFORTABLE?” He clenches his fist tighter around their wrist and you even hear cracking sound. “Ah! Let go of me, you freak!”. They say trying to pull away from Blue. “WILL YOU CONTINUE TO BOTHER MY DATEMATE?”, “N-no, just please let go before you break my wrist, dude!”. Blueberry quickly let’s go and they fall backwards onto to they ground before scrambling to get away. You’re starring at Blue in shock at this point, “Wait what!?! Blue, you just…what?”, He turns to you with a smile, “IT’S ALRIGHT HUMAN, I WOULDN’T REALLY HURT THEM! SINCE THAT’S OVER WITH, SHALL WE GO GET SOME NICE CREAM?”, *sigh* “ Yeah, That’s sound nice”. “WONDERFUL!” He scoops you up bridal style and runs off toward the Nice Cream stand, giggling victoriously.

♥US Papyrus: He steps in the moment he sees that your uncomfortable. He’ll wrap and arm around you and press a kiss to your face, thinking that it would tip the guy off that you’re already in a relationship. When they continue to flirt with you, he’ll glare at them before, instantly teleporting you both out of there. He’s not about to argue with some jerk, about this. You’re left a little confused, but it quickly passes when you feel him pull you close to him. He doesn’t seem like it, but Stretch gets jealous pretty easily, he just never shows it.