go away you creeper

*First Day of the New Semester*

me:I’m gonna be a good student and actually get shit done!

me: *sleeps through my classes*

me: *watches an entire season of Law and Order: SVU instead of doing homework*

anonymous asked:

can i request haizaki, hanamiya, hyuga, Kasamatsu, takao and Izuki's reactions if a girl walked up to them hugged their side for a short time, exclaiming, "I found you! Let's go!" and then whispered that a group of guys have been following her for some minuted and asked if they could stay with her until they went away? Uh, sorry if that's too specific.

Oh, this is an adorable scenario actually!

HAIZAKI: “Haaah?” He glared at you, giving you a disgusted look. You glared right back at him, “You better help me, mister, because if anything happens to me, I’ll blame it on the weird dude with cornrows.” Shit, his dick just got hard at your voice. Fuck, he liked them feisty, so he smirked and wrapped an arm around you. “Alright, kitten, I’ll play by your rules now. But you better play by mine later.”

HANAMIYA: He sure as hell did not like being dragged around by some girl he didn’t know. “Oy, get the fuck off me.” He growled. You huffed. “Thanks for the help.” “What help?” “Some dude was following me around.” He rolled his eyes, “Don’t be such a pussy.” You frowned at him. What the hell was his problem? “Don’t drag strangers around, stupid.” He flicked your forehead. “I could be as much as a creep as that other guy was.”

HYUUGA: A blush instantly spread across his face when he felt your fingers intertwine in between his. You stopped and sighed when the two of you were at a good amount of distance. “Thanks,” you grinned up at him. “Are you alright? You look very red.” “I’m fine,” he muttered, clearing his throat. “But you shouldn’t be too trustful of strangers you know.” “I’ll keep that in mind.”

IZUKI: Surprisingly enough, a laugh erupted from Izuki’s lips as he quickly slid an arm around your shoulders. “Sure, I can help you.” He grinned. “Thank you,” you sighed in relief. Those guys had been trailing for a while now and this guy seemed nice enough. “So, I’d tell you a chemistry joke now but I know I wouldn’t get a reaction.” The pun clicked inside your head. You groaned, “Please don’t.”

KASAMATSU: It wasn’t surprising to any of his teammates when their captain turned tomato red at physical contact from the other gender. As they watched him get dragged away wordlessly, they just smiled, shaking their heads. “O-Oy, wait! Where are we going?” “Far enough away from those creepers,” you shuddered. “Shit, they’re still following.” Kasamatsu straightened and cleared his throat, “I can pretend for a little while, if you’d like.” “Oh, yes please.”

TAKAO: Of course, Takao was only happy enough to play along. He had a cute girl in his arm and she was actually laughing at his jokes instead of smacking him for it like Shin-chan usually did. “You’re pretty cool, ____.” You grinned up at him, “You’re not so bad yourself, Takao-kun.” “Just Takao is fine.” “Okay, Takao.” “Wanna grab dinner later?” You laughed, shaking your head, “Such an opportunist.” “I try.”