go away spawns of the devil

A couple of days after moving into our new house, some of the kids from the neighborhood stopped by with some cupcakes welcoming us to the neighborhood and said “Ever since we’ve lived here, Mr. Mintz used to let us use his pool every weekend during the summers. Are you not going to let us swim anymore?”. Being the new and only brown family in the neighborhood, we obviously weren’t going to say no to these white kids. So every Saturday at 2PM, those kids show up and swim for an hour or two then dip.

Today at Costco my dad ran into the guy who we brought the house from and told him about the kids and he started laughing so hard he was crying and everyone’s just looking at us like wtf mate. He’s like “Khalid, those little shits are the spawn of the devil. I’d never let em onto my property let alone my pool”. He walked away still laughing.

Those freaking savages played us.