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pssst, emma canonically sailed on the jolly roger before she was even born.

What’s Today? ~ Carry On Fic

In honor of my seven month anniversary with my girlfriend, a fic!!

word count: 255

feda April 5 @snowbaz-feda

Simon was never the first one up. In all of their seven years as roommates, and now three months living together, Simon was always the one hiding in bed until noon. But not today. “Hey. Hey Baz. Baz. Baz. Wake up.”

Baz groaned, blindly pushing Simon away. “What do you want from me?”

“Wake up.”

“Go away, Snow.”

“Not until you wake up.”

“I’m awake.”

“Seriously wake up.”

“I’m seriously awake.” Baz rolled to his back, slinging an arm across his eyes. Simon, on impulse, pressed a kiss to Baz’s blind lips.

“Get up,” Simon whispered, pushing Baz’s arm away from his face.

“I’ll get up if you give me another one.”

“Get up and I’ll give you another one.”

Baz groaned, sitting up. “Why am I awake at…six thirty on a Sunday?”

“You’re often awake at six thirty anyway.”

“You’re avoiding the question, Snow.”

“Do you know what day it is?” Simon was kneeling on the bed next to Baz, and bounced slightly with excitement. His hair was mussed from sleep and his being Simon, and his eyes were bright.



Baz wrinkled his nose. “And what?”

“What’s the date?”

“You’re bouncing like a puppy, Snow. What is it?”

“What’s the date?” He repeated.



“Happy anniversary, Snow.” Baz leaned over to kiss his target mole on Simon’s neck, then finished it with a full kiss on the lips. “I still can’t believe you made me wake up this early.”

Opposite day

For @carryon-countdown day 3!

Opposite day made me think of a day where everyone has to say the opposite of what they mean. Which I thought would make an excellent spell for Simon to accidentally cast over Watford.

This was super funny to write, so I hope you enjoy it!


I’ve cursed the entire school, but I swear it was an accident. Usually I’m the only one fumbling with my words, but now the entire school is spitting out the opposite of what they mean, and nothing anyone does can stop it. Everyone’s hoping it’ll wear off after a few days.

I never trust myself to say new spells out loud, precisely to prevent an incident like this from happening. But this time it wasn’t even a spell. Penny and I were out in the Wood when the dragon ambushed us – we like to practice spells out there sometimes, it’s peaceful and there are less people to worry if something goes wrong – and I had my sword out and Penny was casting spells as fast as she could and none of it was making any difference.

‘Use your words, Simon,’ she called to me in between barrier spells. We’d given up trying to defeat the dragon and were now just focused on staying alive.

‘I can’t,’ I grunted, narrowly dodging the dragon’s great snapping jaws. ‘I can only go off.’

‘You can!’ she shouted. ‘Don’t kill it! Just send it away!’ She was knocked to the ground by the dragon’s swinging tail, and I rushed to her side, slashing uselessly at its side with my sword as I ran.

‘I’m okay,’ she said, scrambling to her feet and raising her ring. ‘Just use your words.’

‘I can’t!’ Slash. I didn’t want to kill the dragon, but I wouldn’t have a choice. I could only save us by going off.

Everything I cast –’ Slash. ‘- just backfires. Everything I try to say -Slash.- the opposite comes out.’ My words were coming out doused in magic, even though I wasn’t holding my wand, and I was too busy fending off the dragon to notice. ‘It’s like I’m talking in riddles.’ It opened its great jaws and flames poured out towards my face. I stumbled backwards, away from the heat, and just as the flames reached my body, I went off, an explosion in the heart of the woods, and when I came to, the dragon was gone and Penny was on the ground beside me, coughing.

‘Is it alive?’ she asked.

‘I know.’ I frowned.

‘Is it alive? Alive, I didn’t mean. Alive.’ She frowned too.

‘I know,’ I tried again. ‘I know.’ (I don’t know!) ‘I know.’ I shook my head.

‘Simon… I’m not saying exactly what I don’t mean… I…’ She huffed. ‘You cast a spell off me!’

I looked at her, confused, and then it clicked. I’m saying the opposite of what I mean. You cast a spell on me.

‘Awesome,’ I said.

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100 days of snowing: day 1

Letters (Mercy76)

So here’s a little bit of an unfinished work that I made for Mercy76 Week. Originally it was supposed to have a response from Jack, but I never finished. Figured since I haven’t posted anything in a while I should just put this on here. It’s pretty short and lame but whatever, hope you enjoy anyways!

Originally posted by emer-gency

Dear Jack,

The date is December 16th, 2076. It is cold outside and is currently raining. Everyone wants the snow and ice to go away and the snow to come. They are hoping for a white Christmas.

Personally, I do not care what happens this Christmas, because it is the first one I have spent without you. The world seems a little bit duller without you around. It’s almost as if the sun isn’t as happy because it can’t shine upon your golden hair, and the people on the street don’t smile as much without your infectious grin to encourage them. Everyone was affected by your passing in some way or another, and it looks like the darkness has remained. Something about everyday life seems different. Maybe it’s just me, but things aren’t as bright and happy anymore. I blame it on your absence.

I have found that now that you are not here, I miss things about you I never thought I would. Remember how you used to always scare me when I got out of the bathroom after getting ready? I tense up every time I go out of the door, and when I remember you aren’t there, I wish for nothing more than for you to pop out from behind the corner. I also miss the things you did that made me feel so loved. Remember the little love letters you left on my pillow before every mission you left on? I saved them all, and still read them whenever I really, really miss you (which is often).  

I often find myself filling in your responses in certain scenarios. I went on a walk yesterday and saw how many people had placed flowers and candles on your memorial for the holiday season. I could just hear you laughing in your head saying, “Why do people do that? It’s not as if the dead person knows what they’re doing.” Oh Jack, how I wish you knew how many people care about you. Why did you have to be taken from me and the world. We need you.

Love, Your Angel