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Another Day

Characters – Dean x Reader

Summary – When Dean begins to feel more for the reader than he expected to, he reverts back to his typical MO.

Word Count – 1,378

Warnings – Angst and a little fluff

A/N – Written for @just-another-busy-fangirl’s 1K Follower Musical Challenge.  I LOVE Rent and I was so excited to get the song Another Day!  Hope you like it!  As always, feedback is loved!!!

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“Who do you think you are?”

You glared at him.  “Well, I thought maybe I was on my way to being your girlfriend.”

His green eyes flashed at you, irritation flooding his face.  “Nobody told you?  Dean Winchester doesn’t do girlfriends.”

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Long Ass Post Regarding The Bastille Fandom and how it's really Not As Great as it's made out to be


so ive seen a Lot of posts lately praising the bastille fandom for being so “nice and sweet and chill and tolerant” etc etc.
and they bother me a lot.

I have nothing against the people making these posts. they’re happy with the corner of the group that they associate with, and that’s fine.

what I do have a problem with is the posts themselves.

they make out like this fandom is so nice and peachy and perfect when if you look even a tiny little bit further away from your own friend group within it, if you scrape a tiny bit under the surface, it’s obvious this is certainly not the case, and nobody acknowledges this.
no fandom is perfect, especially not this one.

we have our fair share of sketchy disgusting shit going on.
it may not be to the level of certain others but it is there and it’s bad, and the mentality of glossing over that completely is worrying me.

I have a few points I’m gonna go over, mostly relating to this fandoms treatment of Dan, and their treatment of each other.

•1 Treatment of Dan

this is probably mostly in reference to the twitter group of the fandom but it’s bad on tumblr too hoo boy.

to put it bluntly

y'all are fucking THIRSTY
and it’s disgusting.
because Dan doesn’t have a partner that we know of publicly everyone seems to take that as him being free range and make some pretty Ugly and Disgusting comments towards him- and even worse y'all do it on twitter too, on his tweets, which he can see?
the way you talk about him really rubs me up the wrong way.

he’s a human being for god’s sake and i don’t wanna sound like your mum but ACT LIKE YOUD WANT TO BE TREATED YOURSELF.

he is not free for you to treat like you do- and a good mirror for my point of the fact he doesn’t have a partner we know of is: you don’t make those kinds of advances toward woody, do you? y'all know he’s married and you respect that, which is great. but you can’t show the same courtesy towards Dan? (and don’t try to say that woody isn’t as attractive as Dan that has nothing to do with this.).

Even worse is your harassment of anyone involved with Dan’s life like his friends especially his female friends -
the AMOUNT OF TIMES i have SEEN speculation about one of his friends or a crew member or anything being his girlfriend- and then you go and harass the poor girls?? what the fuck??? it shouldn’t matter to you if he has a partner and if he does you DONT HARASS THEM LIKE THIS.
i find it really hypocritical especially after the whole glory thing.

•1a Treatment of the boys on twitter

I’ve said something about this before but the twitter fandom is SO bad. I’m not very involved with it so i won’t make claims but they’re some of the worst i think mainly because due to the nature of twitter they have direct contact with the band.
anyway, twitter fandom is awful, not going further bc y'all know

•2 Treatment of others within the fandom

oh boy!
y'all are not all nice
as someone who floated around Heaps before i settled within the space I had within the fandom when I was a somewhat active participant in it, I can tell you that a Good Percentage of you in the tumblr section of the fandom are demons.
I’ve seen people bully and harass others, send anon hate, more and more and more and i think maybe it’s gotten worse since the second album?
the main problem is I think you’re all too overprotective of the band as a whole.

•2a Treatment of the creative side of the fandom

this place is the WORST when it comes to art theft of various incarnations Holy SHIT
you steal and repost other people’s edits, their art, their gifs, with no credit and that is Bad. You know it’s bad but do you stop? no. do you check sources? no.
you follow and reblog from accounts that repost gifs and you dont give a shit- even when the original watermarks are Right There

And let’s get back into how y'all treat Greg shall we?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it as many times as possible-
how have you not learned? why do i still see leaked photos going around? why do you not check the source before you reblog? why do i, to this day, see photos from the photobook online when you’ve been specifically told not to post them?

it’s ugly and disgusting how you treat creators in this place, especially Greg.

• in conclusion

there’s more to this but this is long enough already.
what bothers me the most is how nobody seems to see this? how you praise each other for being so Great and Cool?
there’s some great circles of people in here, i agree, a lot of you are really great but there’s still the other side to it there.
no fandom is purely nontoxic!! you know that!!
it’s worse here than you think it is and that’s what i want you to take away if you got through this long ass terrible post.

sorry for being the one to crash your party but it’s the hard truth and I wish more people were aware of it because this ignorance worries me.

(thanks to joyce for talking with me and helping me think out this post a bit)

Always there to pick you up when you fall - Caleb Rivers

Pairing – Caleb x Reader

Word count - 907

Foreword – You have had drinking problems before. Living in Rosewood, how could you not. The only person who has ever tried to help you and stop you from your drinking is Caleb, your boyfriend of two years. He got you to stop drinking and stop smoking and with him you have been happy and healthy. The A problems died down and life was good. But things change.


You’re walking through school toward one of your classes. Your phone buzzes. “Bet you’re gonna miss him when he’s gone. Kisses. –A” You weren’t surprised. I had been almost 7 months since your last A message, but about a week ago, they started up again. You wondered if the other girls were getting messages too, but you didn’t ask. You hadn’t told Caleb yet either. You were scared of what A would do if you did. You walk into chemistry class and see Caleb sitting there waiting for you. He gets up to greet you.

“Hey babe. How’s your day goin?”

“Um… pretty good. You?”

“Much better now that I’m in class with you.” He kisses your forehead.

The bell rings and you take your seat at a lab table with Caleb next to you. As usual Caleb grabs your hand while the teacher talks and you slightly smile feeling safe again. 10 minutes later the teacher stops talking and hands out a test review for you all to work on the rest of the period. About 5 minutes later you tell Caleb you’ll be right back and then ask the teacher to go to the restroom.

You leave your phone on the table when you leave and it buzzes. Caleb picks it up seeing the message that automatically popped on the screen. “Secrets can kill, but you won’t be the one dying. –A” Caleb is shocked. He begins scrolling through your messages and sees that A has been messaging you for the last two weeks most of which threatening to kill him. You walk back in but he immediately pulls you back into the hallway.

“Caleb, what are you doing? You’re going to get in trouble.”

He holds up the phone with the A messages open. “What is this?”

“I was going to tell you.”

“When? Because it looks like it’s been going on for weeks and you haven’t yet.”

“Caleb please.”

Caleb just nods his head and walks back into the classroom and keeps your phone. For the rest of the period you sat in silence.

[after last period bell]

You are at your locker. Caleb still hasn’t given you back your phone. You don’t really care. At least its with him so A can’t bother you. You close your locker and are startled by Caleb leaning against the locker next to yours.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s okay.”

He hands you your phone. “I’m sorry about how I handled everything earlier. I shouldn’t have freaked out as much as I did. I understand why you didn’t tell me. You were scared of what A would do.”

“Alright. So you’re not mad at me?”

“No. Of course not. I was less mad at you and more worried.”

“okay good.”

He hugs you and you both walk out of the school together. He drives you home.

“Can I stop by later?”

“Uh…Maybe. I don’t know yet.”

You get out of the car and walk into your house and go upstairs.

[Two Hours Later]

You’re sitting on your bed with multiple messages from A coming in all at once. You start crying and freaking out. You are home alone. You run out of your room and go to your mom’s liquor cabinet and grab her bottle of whiskey. Then you grab your phone again and text Caleb. “Caleb I can’t risk your life anymore. We can’t be together anymore. I’m sorry. Goodbye.” You are now violently crying and wishing you were dead. Two hours goes by and you haven’t heard back from Caleb and you are already almost through two bottles of whiskey and about 6 beers. You wish you were dead. You go back to the liquor cabinet and grab a bottle of vodka. Suddenly you fall to the floor and break down. That is when you hear the front door burst open.


You don’t respond.

“Where are you?!”

You still don’t answer.

You hear him come up the stairs and check your room. He sees all the bottles. Suddenly he bursts in the door of your mom’s room and finds you laying on the ground.


He runs to your side. And pulls you into his lap.

“Caleb go away. I can’t put you in danger. Please.”

“No Y/N, I’m not leaving and we aren’t breaking up. I’m not letting A get away with that and I’m certainly not letting you do this to yourself again. I’m never going to let you go back to this life. I’m never going to leave you. I will always pick you up when you fall. I will never just let you destroy yourself again. We are in this together and I plan to keep it that way.”

You wrap around him and cry. Nobody has ever cared that much. Nobody has ever stuck around for you like that. Suddenly he speaks again.

“Look at me.”

You sit up and look him in the eyes. He kisses you.

“Don’t ever do anything like this again.”

You nod.

“Promise me.”

“I promise Caleb.”


He pulls you into a hug and hugs you and holds you. Eventually you fall asleep. Once you fall asleep he picks you up and carries you to your bed and lays you down. He lays down next to you and falls asleep. You both sleep there the whole night and go to school together the next morning, happily and strongly together.


I wrote this while at school and one of my teachers like read it over my shoulder lol. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. Send in requests! Kisses.


He grabbed your wrists and pulled you even closer to his body. You could smell the alcohol on his breath. You squeezed your eyes shut and tried to turn your head but he grabbed your chin between his fingers turning your head to face him. You hated it when he drank.

“What have I told you about…” and then you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist and pull you away from your drunken boyfriend.

You opened your eyes as you were pulled into the arms of Sam as Dean stepped in front of you as if he was protecting you.

“I’m Dean Winchester. Do you know who I am?” Dean growled, his voice dangerously low.

You saw his shoulders were tense and his hands kept forming fist. He was doing everything he could not to knock out the front teeth of the man that stood in front of him.

“Yeah, you’re the man that’s fucking my girlfriend,” your boyfriend took a step closer to Dean. “And I don’t appreciate it. You can get your own piece of ass, she’s mine.”

Dean placed his hands on his shoulders and shoved him ever so slightly. Your boyfriend stumbled backwards trying to regain his footing.

“She belongs to nobody and she most certainly doesn’t belong to you,” Dean growled taking another step closer to him.

Your boyfriend stood up straighter trying to make himself seem more menacing but he looked like a child compared to Dean.

Then your boyfriend took a swing at Dean but he saw it a mile away. Dean grabbed his arm out of the air and twisted it around his back. Your boyfriend was now bent over with Dean on top of him and his arm pinned to the middle of his back.

“I’m going to pretend that you didn’t just try to hit me and let you go. But just so you know, if you ever come near Y/N again, I will personally put a bullet in your head.”

askprinceebon  asked:

Thank you for the Burmecia post. As an avid fan of FF9, this was one of the best parts for me. And you yourself are an inspiration. But I have to ask; how can one deal with lacking an eye for detail or creative vocabulary?

I love FF9 SO MUCH. You have no idea. To be honest the hardest part of making those prompts is trying to squeeze as many references as possible in the title c;

Now, as for your question— I think it carries with it the scent of, well— English Teachers, particularly analysis papers on the required reading. There’s this unspoken expectation that to be a successful author you need to have mighty themes, and an extensive vocabulary, and a little something-something that nobody knows what it is but they certainly have it because otherwise how did they get so popular?

You can do away with those thoughts right now. Really. Let go of them. Take a deep breath. Imagine yourself crumbling a piece of paper, and throw it in the ground trash.

What’s an author, if not a storyteller? Thus, what you need to be successful as an author is the same as a storyteller.

You need to tell an engaging story. Now, if you ask me— spending 20+ pages explaining what people wear or using words like ‘depucelate’ do very little to make a story more engaging. People can use them, I guess, but they are NO substitute for the real engine behind a story:

  • Drama & Conflict
  • Hope & Despair

I have never finished a book and thought to myself: “whoa the way he described food was very detailed” or “I’m happy I had to look in the dictionary to learn what ‘diaphanous’ means.”

No. When I close a book — if I get there — is because the characters and the conflict interested me, because I wanted to know how it would all end, and who would be left happy and who would be left bitter and hopeless. That, is the job of the author and the storyteller.

To tell an engaging story.

And you can do that without an ‘eye for detail,’ and an extensive language— just look at Stephen King. Exciting, engaging stories are about characters and conflict. Simple as that c:

If you really want to get a ‘better eye for detail’ I recommend you to practice doing more description. One of my favorite writing exercises is to have a timer set for 10 minutes and pick up an object near you. You have to spend the entire 10 minutes describing the object in as much detail as possible (though I don’t recommend using this level of description in any of your books :x).

I hope this helps~ ♥︎

anonymous asked:

Have you ever had any suicidal thoughts? I've been having quite a lot recently, and I was wondering if you had any advice for me...

Yes I have, and so have many others that you never would even imagine. It’s a normal thing. I know it seems like the easiest way to end all of your problems and make it all go away…but sometimes the easiest isn’t always the best. In this case, it’s certainly the worst decision! Speaking against suicide has become almost a tired subject at this point, as sad as it sounds. Nobody believes in the cliches anymore bc they are overused, but that doesn’t make them any less true. All the devastation and begging and fighting against ending your life should tell u something!! There’s a part of yr mind that will advocate you to do the wrong things. It’s like an evil spirit that only exists to say that u are worthless and u will fail and u might as well just die. A good step is remembering that whenever u start to have those thoughts, that it’s an entirely separate person. Everytime they enter yr mind, you need to either ignore it or talk back…say that those thoughts aren’t true and that spirit is wrong. It seems odd, but simplifying something into a metaphor can make it less powerful. Whenever I think of suicide now, my mind immediately jumps to everything that I might miss out on. It seems worthless to give up the only lifetime u are guaranteed to have. Most problems will go away and the ones that don’t, u can live with. A lot of them will even make you stronger. The more u fight against yr bad thoughts, the quicker they will leave. Stay busy and make it a point to leave a positive/lasting impact on the world. Every human is needed, whether u believe it or not. U’ve got so much time to have fun and build the person that u are!!! Focus on that. And u can come talk to me if ya need anything ^_^