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“C’mon Spock,” he urged, walking toward the door and tipping the white chess king over on its side. “Let’s take a walk. Maybe I just need some distance from everything.”

Kirk sweetie you do realize that you’re including your first officer in an attempt to get away from the looming cloud of Captain responsibilities

Like you know that’s not Normal right

advice for the signs.

aries: bite your tounge. i know they might be bitchy but your sharp words can cause a war. i admire how brave you are with your words and how you choose everything you say wisely. but every beautiful thing that comes out of your mouth doesn’t need to be wasted on those people who don’t understand.

taurus: take a deep breath. stop putting yourself through all this trouble in order to prove yourself. you don’t have to be right all the time. and you most definitely don’t need to be insecure. we all have flaws, you don’t need to make them go away.

gemini: you’re not fooling anyone. you’ve put on a mask for others to see, an illusion that isn’t really you. you’re known to be honest with others but how about you start being honest with yourself.

cancer: it’s going to be okay. i know how clichè that sounds, but i know that deep down you need to hear those words. one day, you’re going to wake up and feel an overwhelming sensation of happiness despite what you’re feeling right now. i promise.

leo: you don’t have to force yourself to reach everyones expectations. yeah, i know it feels nice to make everyone else feel happy, but you need to think about your happiness too. focus on yourself for now and what YOU want to do.

virgo: stop thinking about it. whatever it is that’s keeping you from being completely happy, ignore it. you overthink way too much and some things don’t need to be analyzed and have answers within them. they are out of your life for a reason. now it’s time to start living.

libra: stop trying to be something you’re not. why do you keep doing that? why do see the light inside of other people but not inside of yourself? also give yourself a break. you are an over-achiever and that’s amazing, but you’re going to kill yourself if you keep pushing yourself to far.

scorpio: you have an amazing mind. you pay attention to everyone around you and you never forget. even the little things. but sometimes, you can read too much into things. no, that boy did not just glare at you. no, that girl isn’t purposefully laughing extra loudly just to make you jealous. no, it wasn’t your fault that they left you 6 months ago. stop blaming everything on youself.

sagittarius: you have an amazing soul. why do you feel the need to hide it? everyone loves how carefree, funny, witty, and talkative you are but there’s so much more to you. you are the sky with a whole galaxy to explore. you hide how wise you truly are. you hide how sad you can be and all your silent poems written in your mind. you hide so much and show so little.

capricorn: not everything has to go your way. you always feel the need to be in control of your surroundings. learn to be more openminded and think about what other opinions people may have. you’re stubborn. you’re way isn’t the only right way.

aquarius: you’re an asshole sometimes. you like being brutally honest? well how about if someone was brutally honest with you. you can be an asshole. i know you don’t mean to be, i know that you have an opinion too, but your words can hurt people. your lips are guns with your words as bullets. yes, i know that person can be annoying, but you can choose whether to be annoyed or not. did you know that?

pisces: it’s okay to cry. you hold so much in and bottle everything up sometimes. thats never good. i don’t care if you need to cry in front of a crowd or if it’s in the bathroom stall at school, let those waterfalls flow from your eyes. you are the strongest person i know, but you don’t have to prevent yourself from having a meltdown just to prove it. let go.

What Gardienne can do with the April fools fish

Nevra: *says something flirty*

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Ezarel: *says something snarky*

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Valkyon: *doesn’t smile*

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Leiftan: *acts suspicious*

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Kero: *gets flustered*

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Chrome: *eats your food*

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Jamon: *locks you in a cage*

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Ykhar: *gets stressed out*

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Alajéa: *talks about someone behind their back*

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Eweleïn: *tries to feed you medicine without telling you what it is*

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Yvoni: *tries to eat you*

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Miiko: *yells at you*

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Now, this is probably a fatal question, I know, but… good Danny Phantom fanfictions recommendations, please? I’m new and curious and I come from a really small fandom where we only have a few writers, so the twenty-thousand or so fanfictions on FF.net are somewhat overwhelming. (Compared to the 400-something from my home fandom.)

I like well-written stories, no smut/lemon please, and I don’t know what the state of the ships are here, but I’m not particularly fussed by pairings right now. (I do have a weakness for angst, however.)

Spock Catches Bones Looking at Uhura’s Necklace
Star Trek: Beyond Spones gif series 4/?

You Will Remember My Name - DP

Request for more Jack and Danny. I forgot who you are, sorry. It’s been awhile. :)

I saw the fight - bright flashes of reds and greens that lit the night sky, staining the clouds with cotton candy colors – seconds before the sensors went off. “Ghost,” I cheered, pointing eagerly towards the lights despite being alone in the car. Turning off the car and snagging a few pieces of technology from the back seat, I stumbled onto the street and ran towards the fight.

As I came around a corner and the ghosts came into view, the sight of the Wisconsin ghost made my fingers curl tightly around the weapon in my hand. Mads and I had been killing for another shot at that specter. The number of crimes we could tie to this ghost was becoming ludicrous. The other ghost – to no surprise – was the resident ghost boy. Inviso-Bill, or Phantom, or whatever moniker the news was currently giving him.

Bracing my legs, I raised my weapon and pointed it towards the fighting ghosts. But before I could do anything more than focus on them, the Wisconsin ghost managed to land a harsh blow. The ghost boy dropped like a rock, tumbling bonelessly through the air to land at my feet in a broken pile. Bright ectoplasm oozed from dozens of wounds, the worst being a huge gash on his head.

I took a step forwards and toed the boy’s shoulder with my foot. He didn’t move.

“And what is this?” came a sneering voice.

I tore my gaze off the unconscious child at my feet. The Wisconsin ghost had landed a dozen feet away, arms crossed over his chest. “Back off, ghost,” I said, trying to make my voice dark and dangerous, and pointed my weapon between his eyes.

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When your true love tries to stop you because you’re being fool even when they can’t move (◡‿◡✿)

hm..okay maybe i could use some help. Alright coppy, show me what u got!

okay…i have a question! 

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As a matter of fact, no you have not been useful in the slightest 






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they just get better and better

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it is forcing me to love it

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