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Top 5 Onepiece fanfics?

I am so sorry but I can’t keep this at just 5.  I’m going to cheat.  But they’re not really in order at this point.  Although Memories is my forever top because of plenty of reasons.  It’s not fair for me not to mention some really noteworthy authors.  So I guess that I’ll talk about my favorite fic of theirs and put some honorable mention fics that they’ve done as well.  I’m sorry that there’s a huge Zosan/yaoi trend.  I’m obsessed.  I can make a more non yaoi friendly list in the future if you guys would like.

1. Memories by stark_black.  I think that it’s safe to say that this is the Zosan bible.  Proper initiation into the fandom would be to read this.  Saying that it’s life-changing is a little much but it did for me.  I cried reading this fanfic, I laughed, I felt and I thought about how I myself would handle that situation.  And there’s one line that I will always remember.  ”A pretty smart asshole once said to me, ‘love isn’t worth it if it isn’t hard’”  Just read everything she’s ever done.  It’ll be one of the best decisions you ever make in your life.

Honorable Mentions: The Nature of Things, Loved in Return, The Roronoa FruitSecrets

2. Through Children’s Eyes by factorielle.  This would by my favorite fic where a number of the straw hats are turned into kiddies.  Mostly because of those male bonding moments between Zoro and Sanji that occur all throughout the fic.  And she captures Sanji’s character so well.  Those little nuances are perfection.

Honorable Mention: Down the Line

3. A Dance for Two by reiki-piratical.  This was one of my third or fourth Kid/Law pieces that I’ve ever read and it has probably lodged itself into my heart as my favorite.  She’s got a thing for making Law completely dirt poor and then Kid comes along with more money than a person could ever need.  She captures their characterizations really well.  Another author you just need to read everything from.  This is the author for all of those Kid/Law fans out there.  Along with Marco/Ace.

Honorable Mentions: Caprice, Forbidden FruitsFelony’s Insatiable Hunger, Squirreling Up the Room

4. Love Me Dead by undanewneon.  So let’s talk.  Our Straw Hats as a rock band, Sanji is the lead singer, Zoro the lead guitarist, Luffy on the drums, and so much more.  What more could you ask for?  A very realistic love story happens between Sanji and Zoro along with a fantastic depiction of relationship abuse and how it doesn’t just go away with words.  Fantastical writer.  Please read everything that she’s ever written.

Honorable Mentions: Blacksmith, Property of Sanji, 500, Comfort Food, Food is For Sharing

5. Enlighten Me by Aevium.  It’s not a finished fic but it’s one of my all-time favorites.  Sanji and Zoro have a thing where angsty fics work so well with them.  They’re complex characters and she captures that so well within this.  Perhaps it’s because I can connect to her Sanji so well that I love this fic but it’s also because of all the emotions I’ve found in myself that I never thought even existed.  I really can’t count the amount of times that I’ve found myself having to reread lines because they’re so meaningful and they touch the heart.  She’s really grown as a writer and I would recommend her work.  

Honorable Mentions: Engraved, Don’t Stare, Dark Dusk Dawn

6. Like Steel For Chocolate by maldoror_gw.  I discovered this fic somewhere along the road of my Zosan obsession and it’s one that seems to always stick around in my mind when people ask about favs.  This author’s stuff is awesome.

Honorable Mentions: Cold DishHamon, Do Over, Forty If We’re Lucky (Who would have known that you could rip my heart out, step on it and then ship it back to me with 297 words?)

7. Alongside All the Way by sabershadowkat. Lovely characterization, sex and straw hat antics.  It’s been a while since I’ve read this fic but after doing a quick reread I knew that I had to add it to the list.

Honorable Mentions: More Important Than Dreams, Not Just About You, Playing Mermaid, Rules of Love

8. Offence Mechanism by salmon_pink.  This was a sex pollen story and a lovely one at that.  That sex was beautiful.

Honorable Mentions: Burned, Shredded, Yule

9. Every single thing that scuttlebuttinc has ever written.  Their fics are dirty, awesomely characterized and they would certainly be categorized as my guilty pleasures.  Apparently all of their fics are gone from their livejournal so this is the post where people are compiling what they have saved.  http://zosan.livejournal.com/522636.html#t1410188

10. Worth by doctor_cyance. I’m rereading this right now and I’m completely overwhelmed by how well written it is.  I’ll just summarize the first chapter of it for you guys.  Kid buys Law for a large sum of money at an auction.  The two have a little chat, Law is in fact not a virgin and they have enviable sex.

Honorable Mentions: Delirium, A Remedial Education

11. The Wedding Night by cuethe_pulse.  Yet another fic where my heart was fucking ripped out of my body, run over by an 18-wheeler, thrown into the ocean and then given back to me as my dying body takes it’s last breaths.  This is intended to be a compliment because stories that move me to that extent are the best stories.  I tend to avoid deathfics like the plague but I love cuethe_pulse’s work so I had to check it out.  It felt so real which is what got to me.  Read the author’s works because they are very well done.

Honorable Mentions: This Plant Means You Kiss Menever judge a book by its pink couch and mermaid paintingExclusiveLove Smells

12. Full Disclosure by pennysparkle (bunansa). It’s an interesting concept.  Sanji has a secret that he has no intention of revealing to us and I’m extremely curious to find out what it is.  I’m personally a huge fan of AU stories and she nails it with this one.  I knew that I was forgetting something extremely important on the list yesterday.

Honorable Mention: let’s get rich and give everybody nice sweatersThat’s Just My Battle ScarI’d Rather Dance With YouConvenience Store BluesSweet Talk