go away carmella

i wouldn’t mind spiders so much if i could communicate with them. like, what does the little guy want? if all he wants to do is chill on the bathroom wall then that’s not actually a problem. but if he wants to crawl through the crack in the door while i’m sleeping and dance all over my face then we’re not cool. tell me what you want, spider.

you know what i hate? those posts that are like “people get offended over everything lol” because firstly they’re bullshit and try their utmost to trivialise justified responses to problematic behaviours, and secondly if you try to call them out then you’re just going to look like you’re proving their point. posts with that kind of comment tacked on the end are the blogging equivalent of trap-cards and they really infuriate me


I have no clue if you’ve seen this part yet but this is legitamatly one of my favorite Hetalia clips

ah yes i’ve seen this it’s hilarious i laughed so much the first time hey i’m laughing now

(i got a submission tag and I’m ridiculously happy about that)