go away bri

1. Lack of sleep isn’t beautiful or deep. It just makes you tired.

2. It is always easier to cry in the shower.

3. Stop doing it.

4. You will be allergic to band aides. That’s okay. Let the air heal your wounds instead.

5. Punishing yourself for other people’s actions is not the answer. Your scars will not make them any different.

6. You are not in this alone. Other people feel the world the same way that you do. Let them in. Let them know it’s okay to feel that much. Believe it for yourself.

7. Cherish others, but don’t forget to put yourself first when you need to. Self-love isn’t narcissism.

8. You are not the problem. You are not an apology. You are not a burden, not a weight for others to carry.

9. You are not what they said you would be.

10. You are so much more than that.

—  ten things i wish i knew | b.c.

okay so Bucky’s outfit progression is really interesting just hear me out.

In the newest trailer, we see Bucky hooked up to machines, lights shining down on him and his mask from tws on. 

It actually looks a lot like his winter soldier outfit, except the right arm is also sleeveless. Though this anomaly is probably because it’s easier to hook him up to whatever contraption that it with his arm bare. In this scene, it’s obvious Bucky is still the Winter Soldier. He’s passive, yet you can see the anger in his face. He’s in a constricting outfit and he’s trapped.

Later on during the same trailer, we see Bucky standing against a snowy mountain backdrop. 

Of course, we immediately think back to Bucky’s “death” scene in tfa. The important question here is: is this a memory? Is this a flashback? Is Bucky returning to the place he fell? Or, alternatively, will something happen here that will parallel to his fall? (The color of the mountains is pretty cool too, the blues and the blacks and even the slightly grey sky creating a very somber mood.)

It’s interesting that Bucky is, once again, in his Winter Solider outfit. Maybe while Bucky’s remembering, the contrast between who he became to who he was will be showed like this. In this scene he looks very reserved, but he’s standing strong. Yet it’s not clear if this is Bucky or the Winter Soldier; maybe it’s a little bit of both.

Eventually, we do see Bucky change his combat outfit.

This one looks much, much more comfortable. Less restricting. No straps. No belts. Nothing too form fitting. Just a vest with a zipper and a glove. 

I think this chance will come about when Bucky starts to find himself and get back his basic autonomy. He’s not the Winter Soldier anymore. He’s not going back to who he was then. Still, there are undeniable similarities between the two costumes. Gloves on both hands, all black clothes, metal arm exposed. It’s not his Winter Soldier outfit, but it’s not the stiff padded army uniform of his old days, either. It’s something new altogether. 

Lastly, we see Bucky in his civvies, which I think is just as important to note. They’re nothing like Sam and Steve’s tight-ass shirts, or Natasha’s stylish jackets, or even Steve’s hoodies. It’s warm and practical and looks really fuckin soft. He has at least three layers on here, maybe up to five. His hair is left down comfortable, and his backpack is clipped for practicality. 

Nothing here says dangerous. It does, however, say comfortable, and maybe even lost, maybe homeless. Bucky looks vulnerable. And sad.

I’m not really sure where I was going with this?? Just to recap, there are 3 distinct Bucky outfits so far: 1. TWS clothes, 2. Bucky’s new uniform, and 3, civvies. They help clue us in on Bucky’s mental and emotional state and also where the story is at in terms of plot line. (If it was up to me, Bucky would be in that warm jacket everyday, but I do appreciate his combat outfits just as much.)