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(51) Gladio’s pick-up lines

Gladio: *sneezes*
Noctis: You’re always sneezing, big guy. 
Prompto: Want to go to a warm place?
Gladio: It’s not the cold. It’s my allergy to feathers.
Noctis: …? There’s no chocobos nearby.
Gladio: No, but there’s Iggy.
Prompto: So?
Gladio: I mean, all angels have feathers. 
Ignis: Oh.
Prompto: * squealing in background*

so far today:

1) trump has pulled his demand that funding for the wall with mexico be included in the current spending bill which needs to be passed by friday

2) a federal judge has blocked trump’s attempt to deny federal funding to sanctuary cities

3) the house oversight committee thinks flynn “appears to have violated the law” in not reporting payments from russia

what a good day to not be trump. vive la resistance!

go on a cleaning binge at midnight on a tuesday when you have work the next morning because you’re feeling super anxious about how messy your house is even though it didn’t matter like three hours ago when it was more of a respectable time to clean up a little, check

One more pro of owning a single-family home: I can fully let out my anxious energy in a way that’s the most natural for me without worrying about waking up the neighbours with the vaccum or the washing machine.

anonymous asked:

"i hope chris carter is doing some deep meditation and soul searching and getting in touch with the version of himself that wrote triangle (6x03)". You also mention How The Ghosts Stole Christmas but many also mention Post-Modern Prometheus as a great one. To me, it is a bit cartoonist. But on the other hand I like Syzygy (everyone arguing with everyone) and Fight Club (everyone fighting with everyone and bit like slapstick comedy) but that's just me.

There is actually a human in this world who enjoys Fight Club.

Guys, as much as these antis are laughing about “doing their homework”, please understand that it is incredibly important to know what you’re talking about and who you’re talking to before you make accusations. I know I don’t represent the entirety of tjl/c, but these guys seem to think I do, and that I MUST have been a part of tjl/cs dark past, so it’s incredibly frustrating to me to make them try and see reason. It’s already affecting my mental health, combating these small few accusations, and I don’t think they realize that by doing this they’re being just as harmful and toxic as they say tjl/c is.

I'm burnt out...

Today’s been a long and difficult day! Family stuff going on that’s causing worry and stress + these early starts and long days training are draining! I’m gonna take the night off, well from working out anyway. I still need to make lists of stuff to pack + plan the journey to Scotland, edit the Q&A video, finish sorting bits and bobs out….. so yeah! Physical rest is happening but still a busy bee 👌🏼✌🏼💕

I hope the weeks going well for everyone 💛