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Let’s Go Get Away
: letsjustsee
Word Count: 6.9k
When Louis had moved to the island a year ago, he only wanted two things: to serve good food to good people, and to live on the beach.
Was that too much to ask for?
Apparently the universe thought so, because Louis had only gotten three months of blissful, uninterrupted beach living before Harry Styles moved in to the empty shop next door. Louis was hoping whoever took over the space might be a tour guide, or even another restaurant (with non-competing menu options, of course), but no – he had gotten Harry Styles. The guy who wore Hawaiian dad-shirts unironically. The guy who spent his time making soap by hand out of goat’s milk.

Or, a fluffy AU in which Louis owns a restaurant that’s next door to Harry’s shop, and Louis is completely unaware how smitten he really is.

(This fic was based on the prompt I made for my Door Mood Board as H+L Fics!)

my favorite fics [41/?]

Adore You by @isthatyoularry​; 66k, read on ao3

Summary: “We invited our new acquaintances from uptown. You’ve simply got to meet their oldest son!” said his mother with a flourish, and suddenly it became abundantly clear as to why his parents had so adamantly demanded he join them in Deansville for the entirety of the summer.

Against his wishes, Harry spends the holidays at his family’s summer estate, and is reluctantly pulled into a courtship he didn’t ask for. Harry doesn’t want to get married, but Louis does. They don’t fit, but then again they really, really do.

Vaguely set in the 1920’s. Headpieces, jazz, fashionable canes, and flapper dresses, and that.


My Theory and probably everyone else’s as well as some details about what’s going on.

>The first magazines and articles to talk about it all work with Modest! so are probably being paid a lot of money to keep the rumors going.

>It was the number one headline in practically every country, every state of America; it was on talk shows, on the news, the radio and in every magazine and yet the rumors disappeared in under a week. 

>Only mention of it before Liam’s ‘confirmation’ were small snippets in magazines, most of which were making fun of the whole situation and were repeating what was said in other magazines. There was no new information. 

>Each article had a different story. One day she was 10 weeks, next day she was 11 weeks and then a few days afterwards she was 12 weeks. Like make your mind up Modest! the baby will be coming out tomorrow at this rate.

>Before any rumors surfaced at all, a plastic baby was thrown on the stage at one of the One Direction concerts and Louis insisted it was a fake baby even though it was clear that it was in fact a plastic baby. He continued to repeat 'Its fake’ and 'it isn’t real’ while Liam even added his own 'its fake, it is fake’ before Louis then threw the baby back into the audience. Few days later, the baby bombshell happened. 

>Magazines also stated that Jay (Louis’ mum) is now really close with Briana even though she is in Doncaster and Briana is in LA so they have never met in person. 

>When leaving a club back in May (the time that they met each other) with Briana, Louis was followed by a group of paparazzi’s, one of which asked him to pose for the camera with the unknown-mum-to-be and simply said 'this one is for The Sun, bro’. That picture was never seen until The Sun released their headline of Louis becoming a dad. Suspicious much. 

>Ashley, Briana’s cousin, recently released a snapchat picture that she took on one of their nights out back in May. Funny thing is, you would think its an ordinary selfie if it weren’t for the fact that Louis and Briana are seen clearly in the background with their hands all over each other and looking all intimate. The angle at which the photo is taken shows that Ashley was not meaning to take a selfie at all and was trying to instead capture the 'loved up looking’ couple. (And yet Louis says him and Briana are just very close friends now, yeah because you stand that close and intimate with a platonic friend, yeah where does that sound familiar? That’s right Larry. Modest knew we would assume that Briana and Louis are together simply because a lot of us believe Larry are together because they communicated at the exact same close intimacy as Briana and Louis are doing in that snapchat). The snapchat post was later deleted but gave enough time for 1D update accounts to find it before it disappeared. 

>Briana is pregnant yet she has been seen out clubbing as though she isn’t pregnant at all. She is also almost 4 months pregnant and isn’t showing any baby bump. 

>Not only this but Briana and Louis met drunk. They left the club drunk. They have only been around each other drunk. And when someone is that drunk, they can easily be manipulated into doing anything therefore management could make Louis doing anything with Briana, like take pictures, so they had everything they needed for this baby scandal. 

Liam’s 'confirmation’:

My theory to that here.

>Liam says that Louis is excited about the baby, well if he is that excited then why can’t Louis confirm it himself? 

>Liam also stated that Briana is 'a very lovely girl’ yet he has never met her. 

>Its also extremely strange how this 'confirmation’, even if it has been confirmed as a fake, was released the day before their GMA interview. Almost as though they were bringing the rumors back up so that it can be properly denied on live TV.

This has obviously been their plan all along. 

It’s also extremely suspicious that in the audio Liam never mentions Louis or the baby. Keep that in mind because something that is said as vague as what Liam said can easily be denied afterwards. 

If management come out and confirm that none of the baby stuff is true we can easily throw that audio back in their faces and say ‘well why did you get Liam to lie to us?’ But of course the audio is extremely vague enough for management to say 'Liam never really confirmed anything’ and it can easily be brushed off. The management can also say that the audio was indeed edited because there is proof of that and they can say they had no part in it whatsoever. 

Also Sugarscape posted the article with a 'clip’ of audio from the whole interview with IN:Demand that is to be aired on August the 8th. That means the audio isn’t live, the interview isn’t live and therefore makes us believe even more that it is edited. 

Of course this is their plan all along and of course it’s going to force the denial from them. And in the end they haven’t got anything to prove that it was all a huge fix and publicity stunt because they keep sources private and interviews vague enough that nothing will fall back on the management or the boys. That’s why Louis wasn’t the one to fake confirm the baby. 

It’s all just one big publicity stunt that has been twisted enough so that in the end, management can deny ever being a part of anything and we would have nothing to prove that they are lying.

don’t think about louis wearing an extra large sweater and running around his and harrys house trying to hit harry with the sweater arms don’t do it

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Why is there like only one daddy harry fic rec on your navigation sheet?

Sometimes personal preferences sneak into my recs… Apart from that, all the categories that are called “Daddy kink” also contain Daddy Harry apart from Daddy Louis. Also, I believe that there in general is also more Daddy Louis on ao3 tbh. Here you have some more anyway! :)

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True Nightmare-A DHMIS Fanfic

W A R N I N G (?)

This contains some gore(?) and stuff, so..yeah XD

Larry sat in his same spot, his eyes wide open with dark bags under his eyes. His eyes were red, and he was trembling all over. He couldn’t sleep.

He just….

He looked around, trying to figure out what to do. Usually, when he was like this, he needed a beer. But this…
This was different.

He gently sat up and clenched his hands on the table. He didn’t feel right. He felt…

As if something was right next to him…or even worse…
Controlling him.

He didn’t want to make a move. He wanted to stay that way, but eventually…

“ Y o U D i R t B a G! “

He turned around to see Sketchbook-Yes, Sketchbook-smirking, showing rows of razor sharp teeth, and her eyes spilling black ooze.

“W h Y d O e V e N t R y?! Y o U k N o W s H e D o E s N t L I K e Y o U!!!”

Larry gave her a terrified look. He began to back away-before he bumped into Tony.
But Tony had bloodshot, nightmarish eyes with fangs in his mouth.

“ N o N e O f U s L i K e Y o U a N y W a Y s!!! Y o U r E j U s T a W e A k D r U n K!!”
He let out a deep cackle.

“N-No! Stop it!” Larry cried out. He felt a hand grab his wrist. He looked up, and saw Colin, with his eyes black and spilling inky tears, and Shrignold, with his eyes pure red and his wings torn apart and demonized. Horns sprouted from his heads.

“ W h Y d O y O u W a N t U s T o S t O p L a R r Y?” Hissed Colin.

“Y o U a L r E a D y K n O w T h A t W e H a T e Y o U!” Cackled Shrignold.

Tears were now dripping down Larry’s face.

He felt claws scratching his legs. Bread Boy looked up at him, blood spilling down his eyes.

“ W e D o N t H a V e T o L e A v E y O u A l O n E…” He whispered.

Larry felt claws dig into his shoulder.
Fridge stood there, smirking, showing an abyss of razor sharp teeth, and his eyes black with red pupils.

“ W e C a N c O n T r O l Y o U a N y T i M e W e W a N t.” He chuckled.

Larry slapped his hand off of his shoulder, and ran into the middle of the room.
“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!?!?!” He screamed at the top of his lungs.

He felt his lampshade being tugged and lifted, and he opened his eyes.
Big Mistake.

There stood Steak Guy, with razor sharp claws, sharp, pointy teeth, and his demon-eyeballs staring down at him.
Black ooze dripped down his eyes, and he yanked him up violently.

“ W e A r E y O u R w O r S t N i G h T m A r E s..” He growled, before tossing him against the wall.

Larry felt the glass on his back crack as he let out a cry of pain.

“PLEASE!!! DONT HURT ME!!!” He weeped.

He shut his eyes, trembling and shaking, until he felt a small hand your his cheek.

“ It’s okay, Lar…”

He looked up to see Spinach Can, with her eyes closed. She had a gentle smile on her face.

“We’re not gonna hurt you~….”

Larry looked at her with relief in his tired eyes.

“Y-You’re…not…?” He whispered, lifting a trembling hand to stroke her head.


Larry smiled weakly.

“W e R e G o N n A K I L L y O u!!!!!”

Larry’s eyes widened in pure horror as Spinach Can began to grow torn-up bat wings, grow long claws and teeth, and open her eyes, only to reveal her bleeding eye sockets. H
She let out a petrifying screech as she dug her long claws into Larry’s hand.

Larry let out a scream of pure fear and pain.

Larry felt his heart pounding faster as everyone began to surround him, grabbing his arms and legs.

“HELP ME!!!” He screamed in pure horror.

He then began to feel blood spilling down his cheeks as everyone pulled his arms and legs away from his body with a strong force.

He let out a demonized scream as he felt his arms and legs slowly tear away from his body.

He continued screaming, as claws covered his eyes and began to dig them out.


Larry screamed out loud as he fell of of his little table that he slept on.

Spinach Can hopped towards him in shock, as his arms and legs flailed around.


He then pictured the claws. The razor-sharp claws.


“Larry! Larry! Wake up! It’s just a dream!” She cried. She grabbed his arm, and gave it a small squeeze.

His eyes slowly opened. Spinach Can gasped as a tear of blood dripped from his eye.

“Larry!” Spinach Can tightly hugged him, feeling tears fill up her eyes.

Larry looked down at her, realizing that she had bags under her eyes. He looked up, seeing that the teachers stood in the hall, still in their nightgowns and pajamas, looking worried once again.

Larry panted heavily, his heart still racing. He weakly put a hand on Spinach’s back.

“L-Lar…a-are you ok….?” She whimpered.
Larry looked down at her, tears streaming down his face.

“I-I’m fine, Spin-”

“It doesn’t seem as if you’re alright, Larry.”
Larry looked up to the voice, and saw Steak Guy, with his arms crossed. Larry looked down in embarrassment.
Steak Guy raised an eyebrow.
“And, if I may ask, have you had anything to drink, Larry?”

Larry looked up at him, annoyance growing in his eyes. His chest glowed a light shade of orange, meaning he was getting a bit frustrated.
“N-No, why must you always ask that, Steak Guy?”

Steak Guy lifted an empty beer bottle from Larry’s nightstand.
“Because, whenever..” He waved his arms toward him.
“This, happens…it’s because of you and your drinking.”

The shade of orange began to glow a Reddish Orange.

“Okay, m-maybe I had a drink, but that wasn’t-”

“Hm. I knew it.” Steak Guy looked at him in disappointment.
Fridge put a hand on his shoulder.
“Steak, go back to sleep. You’re always-”
“Nonono, stay out of this, please. Larry, if this continues to happen, I will FORBID you and Spinach to see each other again.”

Quiet gasps of shock filled the room.
“S-Steak, no! You-”

“DAD! That’s not fair! It’s only been a week and two days since he woke up from his coma! HE IS STILL RECOVERING!” Screamed Spinach Can.

Steak Guy muttered something under his breath and finally spoke once again.
“I’m going back to sleep, it’s been a long day for me.”
He walked out.

Larry was now breathing in anger, the star on his chest a pure red. Spinach Can noticed, and stroked his arm.
“There there, Lar…it’s alright now…”

Fridge sighed.
“Why must Steak always get so angry…?”

Spinach Can put a hand on Fridge.

“It’s okay, he’s only being protective, dad..”

Tony cleared his throat.
“It seems to me that his hate is growing towards Larry.”
He shook his head in disappointment.

Shrignold sighed.
“Why can’t we all get along?”

Spinach Can took a breath.
“Alright, alright…everyone, let’s go back to bed, I’ll stay and keep an eye on Larry..please..” She whispered.

Everyone nodded and left the room.

“Hope you feel better, Larry..”
Fridge gave Larry a smile.
Larry’s star glowed a shade of yellow, for happiness.

“Th-Thank you, Fridge …goodnight..”

“Goodnight, Larry…”

He left the room.
Spinach Can sighed and looked into Larry’s eyes.

“Lar, what in the world happened..?” She spoke softly.
Larry put a hand on his forehead.

“Uh…a-another nightmare…h-heh…”
He gave her a crooked smile.

Spinach Can helped him up and layed him down on the couch.

“Now, I-” she yawned.
“I’m sure it’s been a long day for you, so…so…”
She gently laid her head down on his chest.
The star on his chest grew a bright shade of pink, as he looked at her, sleeping peacefully on his chest. He leaned a bit and kissed her on the head.

“Please, never leave my side Spinach…”
His eyes then closed, as he fell into a deep slumber.

Oh look! Another fanfic!
This is based on one of my AU’s, and this is also a TinLamp and other ships fanfic too!

And I also have to visit the doctor tomorrow to get checked on, but I’ve been feeling better, just a bit woozy ;P

Well, enjoy!

  • Larry: hi
  • Alex: *smuggles drugs for an international drug cartel, cheats on girlfriend with piper, manipulates piper into smuggling drug money and later gets her imprisoned, and then tells her to lie during trial but doesn't lie, herself, so piper stays in prison while she gets released*
  • OitNB fandom: wow you're perfect I wish I had a girlfriend like you

anonymous asked:

John, who is your favourite character in Orange Is The New Black and why? Also, what do you think of Larry? :-) xo


Really difficult to pick a favorite character. Sophia, Suzanne, and Taystee are all amazing characters. You know how sometimes a TV show will have an ensemble cast and then they’ll spin it off and one of the characters will get their own show? Like Friends spun off Joey?

EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER on OITNB could be at the center of their own show. I would watch the Red show, or the Taystee and Poussey Show (can’t imagine them without each other), or the Nicky show, or the Gloria show, and so on.

I would even watch the Pennsatucky show! That is the genius of OITNB to me. It’s telling such fresh, unheard stories and the performances are so incredible that EVERY SINGLE STORY is compelling.

Well, except for you, Larry.