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My Theory and probably everyone else’s as well as some details about what’s going on.

>The first magazines and articles to talk about it all work with Modest! so are probably being paid a lot of money to keep the rumors going.

>It was the number one headline in practically every country, every state of America; it was on talk shows, on the news, the radio and in every magazine and yet the rumors disappeared in under a week. 

>Only mention of it before Liam’s ‘confirmation’ were small snippets in magazines, most of which were making fun of the whole situation and were repeating what was said in other magazines. There was no new information. 

>Each article had a different story. One day she was 10 weeks, next day she was 11 weeks and then a few days afterwards she was 12 weeks. Like make your mind up Modest! the baby will be coming out tomorrow at this rate.

>Before any rumors surfaced at all, a plastic baby was thrown on the stage at one of the One Direction concerts and Louis insisted it was a fake baby even though it was clear that it was in fact a plastic baby. He continued to repeat 'Its fake’ and 'it isn’t real’ while Liam even added his own 'its fake, it is fake’ before Louis then threw the baby back into the audience. Few days later, the baby bombshell happened. 

>Magazines also stated that Jay (Louis’ mum) is now really close with Briana even though she is in Doncaster and Briana is in LA so they have never met in person. 

>When leaving a club back in May (the time that they met each other) with Briana, Louis was followed by a group of paparazzi’s, one of which asked him to pose for the camera with the unknown-mum-to-be and simply said 'this one is for The Sun, bro’. That picture was never seen until The Sun released their headline of Louis becoming a dad. Suspicious much. 

>Ashley, Briana’s cousin, recently released a snapchat picture that she took on one of their nights out back in May. Funny thing is, you would think its an ordinary selfie if it weren’t for the fact that Louis and Briana are seen clearly in the background with their hands all over each other and looking all intimate. The angle at which the photo is taken shows that Ashley was not meaning to take a selfie at all and was trying to instead capture the 'loved up looking’ couple. (And yet Louis says him and Briana are just very close friends now, yeah because you stand that close and intimate with a platonic friend, yeah where does that sound familiar? That’s right Larry. Modest knew we would assume that Briana and Louis are together simply because a lot of us believe Larry are together because they communicated at the exact same close intimacy as Briana and Louis are doing in that snapchat). The snapchat post was later deleted but gave enough time for 1D update accounts to find it before it disappeared. 

>Briana is pregnant yet she has been seen out clubbing as though she isn’t pregnant at all. She is also almost 4 months pregnant and isn’t showing any baby bump. 

>Not only this but Briana and Louis met drunk. They left the club drunk. They have only been around each other drunk. And when someone is that drunk, they can easily be manipulated into doing anything therefore management could make Louis doing anything with Briana, like take pictures, so they had everything they needed for this baby scandal. 

Liam’s 'confirmation’:

My theory to that here.

>Liam says that Louis is excited about the baby, well if he is that excited then why can’t Louis confirm it himself? 

>Liam also stated that Briana is 'a very lovely girl’ yet he has never met her. 

>Its also extremely strange how this 'confirmation’, even if it has been confirmed as a fake, was released the day before their GMA interview. Almost as though they were bringing the rumors back up so that it can be properly denied on live TV.

This has obviously been their plan all along. 

It’s also extremely suspicious that in the audio Liam never mentions Louis or the baby. Keep that in mind because something that is said as vague as what Liam said can easily be denied afterwards. 

If management come out and confirm that none of the baby stuff is true we can easily throw that audio back in their faces and say ‘well why did you get Liam to lie to us?’ But of course the audio is extremely vague enough for management to say 'Liam never really confirmed anything’ and it can easily be brushed off. The management can also say that the audio was indeed edited because there is proof of that and they can say they had no part in it whatsoever. 

Also Sugarscape posted the article with a 'clip’ of audio from the whole interview with IN:Demand that is to be aired on August the 8th. That means the audio isn’t live, the interview isn’t live and therefore makes us believe even more that it is edited. 

Of course this is their plan all along and of course it’s going to force the denial from them. And in the end they haven’t got anything to prove that it was all a huge fix and publicity stunt because they keep sources private and interviews vague enough that nothing will fall back on the management or the boys. That’s why Louis wasn’t the one to fake confirm the baby. 

It’s all just one big publicity stunt that has been twisted enough so that in the end, management can deny ever being a part of anything and we would have nothing to prove that they are lying.

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don’t think about louis wearing an extra large sweater and running around his and harrys house trying to hit harry with the sweater arms don’t do it

Use your eyes


i’m sorry….but even if his legs were in the correct position, we wouldn’t see his stomach like that. He’d be at a severe diagonal angle. but he’s mostly horizontal. So where in the fuck are those legs coming from. From the knees down towards the body, its going at a downward angle. If the butt went straight up to the head in a diagonal line…sure….BUT HIS STOMACH IS STILL UP AT LOUIS CHEST. WHAT IN THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT? Make a diagonal line in your head from “Freddies” ear to the outer corner of Louis’ wrist. DO YOU NOT SEE THE STOMACH IN YOUR PERIPHERAL??. ITS ALL WRONG.

True Nightmare (A DHMIS Fanfic Part 3)


Spinach Can weakly coughed as Fridge wrapped a bandage around Spinach Can’s wound.

Fridge sighed in worry and gently placed Spinach down.

“I-I can’t believe…Larry would do-”

Spinach Can cut him off.

“N-No! I know it was an accident!! He was just scared!” She shouted.

Steak Guy walked in, anger in his eyes.
“You call that an ACCIDENT?!” He pointed to her bandaged wound, then pointed to the bleeding scar on his arm.

“This is an accident to you?!” He shouted.
Spinach Can looked away, as tears fell from her face.

“You have to stop, Spinach Can. Just face it; he is no good for you.”
Spinach Can stared at the doorway, wishing she could hop away and go see Larry.
She wanted to be with him.
Not with her family.

“I-I hate to say this, Spinach, but…”
Fridge sighed sadly.
“I have to agree with Steak Guy. I don’t think what he did to you was an ‘accident’.”

Spinach Can weeped silently.
“H-He….He was just scared….h-he didn’t know…w-what to do…”
She whimpered.

Steak Guy sighed and gently stroked her hair.
Spinach Can flinched, but relaxed at the strokes.

“Sweetheart, I’m only doing this so I can protect you. I…I have a feeling that…”

“You have a feeling about what.” Mumbled Spinach Can.

“I have a feeling that isn’t Larry.” He looked at Fridge.

Spinach Can growled and slapped his hand away from her head.

She screamed at the top of her lungs.
She then leapt off the table and hopped away as fast as she could.

She heard them calling out for her, and multiple footsteps echoing behind her. She wiped her eyes, which were streaming with tears, and continued running until she made it to a dark hall that was far away from everyone.

She clenched the bandages wrapped around her, and dragged herself against the wall. There she sat, panting heavily in pain and anger. Why couldn’t they understand that it wasn’t Larry’s fault?!
She could see the fear in his eyes when it happened.


“A-Aw, shit..” Mumbled Spinach Can. She could’ve gone to Larry instead of being alone and suffering with this unbearable pain going on in her chest.
She felt beads of sweat dripping down her face as she began to feel ice cold. She shivered, and rubbed her arms, hoping that she would get a bit warmer.

No luck.

The air felt as if a thousand knives were scratching her arms. She hated cold temperatures.

She felt herself getting weakened from the overwhelming thoughts and feelings, and weakly fell in her side. She needed help. Right away.

“H-Help…! S-Someone…h-help…”

She felt her voice grew quieter and quieter. At this rate, no one would find her.

At least, not awake.
Or moving.

She stayed that way, tears spilling down her pale face, as well as her blood slowly dripping from the bandage.

And right before she closed her eyes….

*step* *step* *step*

Spinach Can slowly opened her eyes to the steps.

She could hear them, walking right past her. They were leaving.

‘SAY SOMETHING!!’ She yelled at herself in her head.



The footsteps stopped.

The hall grew with a dead silence that sent shivers up Spinach Can.


The footsteps slowly walked back to Spinach Can, giving her a uncomfortable feeling.

After a few seconds, they stopped right in front of her.

She was laying on her side, so she couldn’t look up. It would hurt her more if she did. So she stared at the person’s shoes.

They looked just like….


The figure stood silent.

Spinach Can then took a closer look at the shoes.
They were…
Black, oozing claws…
Wait, what?!

Spinach Can layed there now frozen in fear. Something was wrong mix
VERY wrong.
That wasn’t Tony.



“Hello there, beautiful~”

Spinach Can let out a sharp gasp as she felt a claw trailing down her side, breaking a few of the bandages on her.

A deep chuckle filled the air as the figure threw Spinach Can against the wall farther down the hall.

“A-AAAAH!!” She screamed At the top of her lungs.

The scream echoed through the building, but none of the teachers heard it. They were in the kitchen, trying to question Larry, who was growling and mumbling in fear.
He didn’t know what was happening.
But he could see them.
Something was wrong.

Spinach Can looked at the figure in horror.

“P-PLEASE!!! D-DON’T HURT ME..!!” She cried.

The figure walked closer to her, licking his lips.
“My my~ You sure are the most delicate little flower hm?~”

Spinach Can gasped in terror when she saw the figure up close.

It WAS Tony.
A different Tony.
Sharp teeth.
Massive claws.
Black, oily eyes.

Spinach Can felt her heart pounding as hard in her chest.

“Oh~ I must apologize dear~ But I have to do this in order to survive~”

Spinach Can felt the claws lift her up, and begin to dig in her arms.

“W-Who are you?!” She whispered in fear.

The Tony let out a menacing chuckle.

“N I G H T T E R R O R S….”

As soon as he said that, Spinach Can saw everyone crawling from the walls;
But they weren’t the normal teachers.
They were…
Hellspawn creatures.

They hissed and growled as they slowly surrounded Spinach Can.

She was trembling now-clutching the bandage on her chest as tears spilled from her eyes.

“Any last words, dearie?~”

Spinach Can took a shaky breath in.


Then, she let out a high pitched scream.

The scream rang through the demons wars, causing them to grab their heads in pain and scream as well.

This was enough for Larry to hear.


He jumped from the table.

“SPINACH?!?!” He yelled out.

Demonic screams echoed through the entire building.

The teachers were now petrified; but from what they could see, Larry wasn’t.

“SPINACH!!” He dashed through the halls, the teachers running after him.

Spinach stopped screaming. She felt something pop in her throat.

Her voice.
Her voice was gone.

She shook her head in fear when the demons stopped screaming and slowly crawl towards her.

She whimpered and cried silently, knowing that this was it.

The Tony raised his claw, the nails spinning like a drill, ready to dig into Spinach’s chest and yank her heart out.

Spinach shut her eyes in fear.

“N O 0 O!!!!”

The Tony plummeted his claw down.

*C R A C K* *S H A T T E R*


Spinach opened her eyes, and gasped.

Broken glass pieces were scattered all over the floor, and a lampshade slowly fluttered down and landed on Spinach’s head.

Spinach screamed a silent NO NO NO.

She began to breathe shakily as she lifted a piece of the glass, her hands trembling.

The glass was a deep blue, with a single yellow star, that began to slowly fade to a shade of grey.

She looked around in horror, as all the stars on the broken glass pieces turned grey.

She hopped up and scooped them into her arms, trying to put the pieces back together, until….


The soft sigh some from the stars as they turned into a shade of grey, and darkened.

Spinach Can felt tears falling down her cheeks, as she dropped them and began to cradle the lampshade.

The teachers stood in the hallway in shock-realizing what they have just seen.
Larry, there wasted, drunk, but supportive and caring pal, shattered before there eyes.

Spinach can shut her eyes and felt her heart break.

It was too late.

Her boyfriend was gone.

And the demons, that she saw, and that he probably saw too,

killed him.


Part 3!

Sorry if this was pretty short(and bad)
I tried as hard as I could ;-;

But, yeah!