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“I can see why he liked you.”

AU of Arya and Hot Pie’s conversation - where Gendry is mentioned between the two of them

“You’re pretty. I can see why he liked you.”

Arya looked up at Hot Pie again, suddenly realising her hands were shaking as she clutched at the pie crust. 


“Gendry,” Hot Pie snorted. “D’you think I spent all that time with the two of you and didn’t notice it?”

She felt Hot Pie looking at her as she bit her lip, fighting back the tears that suddenly were building up in her throat. 

“What happened to him, Arry?”

“I don’t know.” Arya whispered. 

Hot Pie poured himself a cup of ale. “I assumed you’d be with him. You were inseparable you were.”

Yes, we were, Arya thought. 

I can be your family.

“He got taken. I don’t know where. And I - I couldn’t stop it.” Arya grabbed at the cup of ale Hot Pie had just poured for himself and drank it in one gulp.

“He’ll be alive. That Bull’s a fighter. Just you see.”

Arya stood up, still gnawing at her lip, her breath coming out shakily. 

“Go and find them, Arry,” Hot Pie met her eyes and smiled. It was the first true smile she had seen in years. The first smile she knew wasn’t trying to gain anything from her. 

She reached for her coin bag. 

“Friends don’t pay,” he pushed her hand away. “Find your brother. Find our Bull. Wherever they are, they’ll want you with them. They loved you. They still would.”

Arya touched his shoulder. “Take care of yourself, Hot Pie.”

Hot Pie was a true friend. He had stood by her at a time when she thought all was lost. 

But, after all, he was not a Bull or a Wolf. She cared for him - but she cared for two others above all else.

Arya Stark wanted the arms of her beloved bastard boys. 

Birthday Present

I hoped I’d be home in time to publish this, but of course, I missed the date. @kawereen , HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m super, super sorry for the delay, but I hope you’ll like this little present and I’m sure your birthday was great since you deserve nothing less! Hugs!!!!

(one - shot under the cut!)

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Eloise: Life Before Katherine

Please note: there are some changes to Eloise’s history reflected in this (and future) piece(s). These changes are intentional and meant to reflect the slight differences that the novella will have

The very first memory Eloise had was of laying next to her brothers and sisters beneath the canopy of a covered wagon. She remembered the sound of crickets, creaking wood, and a huffing horse. The dark didn’t frighten her, but the pain in her stomach and rising heat of what would turn into a fever did. She crawled over her siblings to reach the cooler air of outside. The twinkling stars winked down on her as she curled up on the ground, silently crying.

She didn’t specifically remember her mother finding her and coaxing her back into the wagon, though she remembered feeling cold despite being wrapped in a blanket. One of her sisters—she couldn’t remember if it was Marguerite or Lucindy—gave her water and reassured her that she would be better in a few days. It would take two weeks, during which time they completed their long journey from Gloucester to a small plot of land in Acadia. Eloise was too young to understand how strange it was for her family to move there—much of the land was already claimed by French, Acadians, and Mi’kmaq.

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Can you write a fic where Ginny is away on a work thing playing Quidditch or writing or w/e and Harry is very :( about it all, so Teddy tries to cheer him up? Thank you x

Moping!Harry is my favourite :) Obviously for Harry/Ginny week @hpshipweeks [AO3 | ffnet]

“Anyway,” Harry said, picking up the conversation from where they’d left it a moment ago when they’d disapparated from the Ministry, “all I’m saying is, if we knew where the Selwyns were supposed to have hidden the cursed amulet, we could—”

“Nope!” Ron said, throwing up his hands. “No more work. Shush. Enough. Be quiet.”

“It’s alright, no one here will—”

“It’s not secrecy I’m worried about,” Ron explained, opening the garden gate, “we’d be fine here. But we’ve literally just finished work for the weekend, it’s Friday night, and, more than that, it’s party time. After all the stick we got from Robards today, I am not going to talk about this case any bloody more, okay?”

Harry laughed, taking his point. “I don’t know how much excitement you’re hoping for at a children’s party, but okay.” Both of them looked ahead to Andromeda’s garden, which was filled with about twenty small children shrieking with glee, and their slightly harassed-looking parents.

“Are you kidding?” Ron cried. “There’s a bouncy castle! This is going to be better than any of the parties we go to normally. Oh, look, there’s Hermione!” he said, brightening still further and running a hand through his hair. “Hello, love!”

Harry sufficed with giving her a wave, and left the two of them to it, especially after Ron greeted her with a kiss that probably wasn’t entirely child-friendly. Before he could go any further in search of other company, however, he was accosted by a small cannonball flying into his side. “Uncle Harry!” cried Teddy. “You came!”

“Of course I came!” said Harry, ruffling his hair. “I wasn’t going to miss my favourite Godson’s birthday, was I?”

Teddy giggled, then frowned. “Uncle Harry, am I your only Godson?”

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Prepare yourself for this angst. So there's a mole in kingsman HQ and somehow they mistake it for Eggsy, and they torture him until the actual mole is revealed. Afterwards, Eggsy doesn't quit(bc he's very professional, and stuff like that might happen, deal with it) but at some point they used Harry to interrogate him, and now Eggsy sorta connects Harry to dean. I just want angst, and maybe there was existing hartwin? However you want it dear!

(Wow. Um. I don’t even know if my heart can handle this! ;A; I’m getting sad just thinking about it. But I will do it! I will do the angst because it is necessary for the fandom. And I can’t turn down the chance to write a good torture scene. TRIGGER WARNINGS: Violence, Blood, Torture, SHEER ANGST)

Eggsy woke, his head pounding like someone had decided to take a sledge hammer repeatedly to the inside of his skull. He looked around, but he couldn’t see anything. The room was pitch black, the darkness cloying and consuming him. His heart rate spiked, sharp panic metallic on his tongue.

He took a moment to assess his situation. His hands were bound with zip ties around the the back of the metal chair. Other than his head, nothing hurt. He still had all his limbs, teeth, and though he couldn’t see an inch in front of his face, he was pretty sure he had his eyes.

What happened?

The last thing he remembered was coming out of the cinema with Harry. Harry had said something, and Eggsy had thought how strange it was that Harry sounded so sad. The movie had been a comedy, why did he sound like he was going to cry? And then it had gone dark and Eggsy had been pitched into the nothingness.

Someone drugged me, Eggsy told himself.

A light went on, blindly bright–well at least his eyes still worked, though Eggsy wasn’t so sure anymore–and Gawain walked into the room.

“What the ‘ell is going on, bruv?” Eggsy snapped, tugging forcefully at his arms. “Why the fuck am I tied up? Where’s ‘Arry?”

Gawain’s expression was unreadable, which was strange since Gawain always had a smile on. Eggsy enjoyed working with him because Gawain always had a joke on hand. But now he stared impassively at Eggsy, his eyes cold and calculating.

“Who are you working for?” Gawain asked.

“What? What the fuck are y’ gettin’ on about? Is this another joke? Y’ know ‘Arry is going to be pissed when he finds out,” Eggsy said. “Now let me up.”

Gawain didn’t move, but there was a slight tremor up his arm from how tightly he clenched his fist. “This isn’t a joke, Bors. We know you’re the mole. We found the transmissions. But we can’t decipher who they’re too. If you tell us who you’re working for, we’ll make this quick.”

Eggsy’s heart dropped into his stomach with a loud splash. “What?” Eggsy asked, incredulously. “Are y’ taking a fucking piss? I’m not the mole! I work for *Kingsman* y’ arse. Where’s ‘Arry? Does he know about this?”

“He knows,” Gawain answered, and it was a hard slap to the face, completely wrecking Eggsy.

“What?” Eggsy whispered. The two words rang in his ears. Gawain observed Eggsy with a predatory glare. The silence was violent. Eggsy could feel the noose around his neck, tightening with each passing second.

Harry knew? He knew and he left Eggsy here? How… how could he think.. Eggsy would never betray Harry. Never. Eggsy would die before he did that.

“I’ll give you one last chance. You can’t deny the evidence, Bors. There’s too much against you,” Gawain said. Eggsy met his glare, his mouth clamped shut tightly.

Gawain let out a long breath through his nose. “The hard way than.” He closed in on Eggsy, and for the first time in Eggsy’s life, he learned what true pain was.

It lasted for an hour, each cycle going in ten minute intervals. Gawain was a calculated killer and the best interrogator Kingsman had. He knew where to hit to make it hurt, but to not leave permanent damage. He stretched it out, and at first Eggsy resisted, keeping his mouth sealed. But his resistance was nothing compared to Gawain’s iron will, and as the strikes grew harder, the cuts deeper, the tactics deadlier, Eggsy began to crumble.

He screamed. He screamed for Harry. He screamed until his throat bled. And when making a sound choked him, he screamed around the blood.

Where was Harry? Why was he doing this? How could he believe Eggsy would do this? They’d been together for three years. Eggsy had been an agent for five. Why would he betray them now?

Eggsy didn’t know when the lights went out or if it was him going unconscious, but eventually the light returned, and when his vision cleared, Eggsy was looking at Harry from across the table.

Eggsy sobbed, trying to strain at the restraints, but too exhausted. Each breath was a struggle. Gawain had broken a few of his ribs. He avoided Eggsy’s face, but that didn’t mean that the rest of his body didn’t feel like a large open wound that someone kept pouring salt on.

“’Arry,” Eggsy croaked. “’Arry, please. It’s me. Y’ know it’s me. I’d never…”

Harry’s eyes were distant. They weren’t cold. They weren’t steel. They were dead, turned off to Eggsy. And that hurt more than anything Gawain could ever do. Harry rose to his feet and walked around the table to Eggsy, towering over him.

Eggsy craned his neck to look at Harry, whispering, “Please, ‘Arry… I love you.”

Harry sucked in a sharp breath, and something between ruin and fury passed over him. The slap echoed off the walls. Eggsy felt the pain radiate across his face, blood pooling in his mouth.

Harry had never struck him, ever. But now… Eggsy stared at him in horror.

“Don’t,” Harry whispered harshly, words trembling. “Don’t say those lies. We know. Tristan found everything. I loved you.”

Loved. Past tense.

Eggsy didn’t care anymore. He sagged in the seat, entire body going numb. His mind slipped into the place where nothing existed but a single snow globe, which he shook and watched, mesmerized by the falling glitter. It was the place he went to when Dean beat on him. It was his only safe haven.

“Tell us,” Harry demanded, his voice disconnected. “Tell us who you work for and we’ll end this now.”

End it. Kill him.

Eggsy rolled his eyes up to look at Harry. Maybe he should just tell them what they want. Come up with a name. Anything to make this end. Because what was the point of going on when Harry didn’t even believe in him?

Harry looked away, a shudder cascading down him. “I’ve never been more disappointed.”

Eggsy gasped, and his heart cracked straight down the middle. He let out a sob, head dropping. “Okay,” Eggsy croaked around snow and tears. “Okay.”

The door suddenly banged open and Merlin cried, “Stop!”

Eggsy’s head shot up. He winced at the pain that penetrated his neck and stared at Merlin, who gaped at him with wide horrified eyes.

“It’s not him,” Merlin said hoarsely. “It’s not him. It’s Tristan, he set it up–we have him. He forged the transmissions. Eggsy didn’t do it.”

Harry collapsed at Eggsy’s feet. No one spoke. What could they say? Eggsy hung from the chair, doing the only thing he could do–he sobbed.

Everything after was a blur afterwards. Tristan was taken in for questioning. Eggsy was taken to medical and tended to. Merlin oversaw his care personally. The damage, while excruciating, wasn’t life threatening. Gawain knew what he was doing.

Eggsy spent a few days in the medical ward. Gawain visited and pleaded with Eggsy to forgive him. Eggsy did, because he knew the man was acting on orders. When Merlin asked if he would quit, Eggsy said, “Of course not. This shite happens, right guv?” The response was hollow.

Merlin nodded, placed his hand on Eggsy’s, and murmured, “Good, lad.”

When Harry came to visit, he looked like a specter of his former self. He stared at Eggsy from across the room, mouth open as if he were going to say something–maybe apologize–but Eggsy turned away and curled in on himself. That wasn’t his Harry. That Harry was gone. The man before him was just another face of Dean, another face of a man who would wield his strength and power over Eggsy until he bowed.

Eggsy would stay with Kingsman and he would be loyal to Arthur, but Eggsy would never look at Harry the same again.

(I hope everyone is sad now!! XD)

Under the weather

Harry was never the type of person to easily fall ill, with Kingsman building up his immune system, but he was the type of man who knew how to take care of himself when he was feeling under the weather. Eggsy, on the other hand, despite growing up with a baby sister, he had no fucking idea of how to take care of someone when they were sick. However that didn’t stop Eggsy from speeding back to Harry’s house when he heard from Merlin about Harry calling in sick that day.

“Harry? Harry! HARRY?!” Eggsy was literally pounding on Harry’s bedroom door, half expecting a dead man in the room. After a long period of silence, Eggsy crashed into the bedroom and took in a passed out Harry, half on the floor and half on the bed. “’Arry?! Are you dead?” Eggsy ran over to the sickly man and shook him vigorously hoping that the older man had not died again.

“Ugh…” Harry groaned after a while when he felt his head swinging about. He slightly opening his eyes to see what was happening, only to be greeted by a teary-eyed boy with reddened cheek glaring viciously at him. “Galahad?”

“You fuckin’ piece of ‘shit. Don’t you ‘Galahad’ me!” Eggsy slapped Harry, not too hard so that he would be in pain, but hard enough for it to sting slightly. “I though you was fuckin’ dead.” When Harry tried to protest, Eggsy cut in. “ — no, stay in bed ‘Arry, I’ll bring ya your drugs.”

Harry didn’t try to say anything then and let Eggsy take care of him, despite him only running a slight fever. He thinks it’s a nice life having someone like Eggsy to nurse him back to health. Oh was he so wrong.


“’Arry? Wake up, ‘ere your drugs.” Harry groggily pried opened his eyes and instinctively opened his palms only to feel not one, nor two — but 7 pills fall into his hands.

“Eggsy — how many capsules does the label say I have to take?” Harry glanced up at Eggsy and down to the tub of antibiotics in the boy’s hand. “Because I can assure you, if I took 7 I would die almost immediately. Oh and Eggsy?”


“Where did you get those?”

“Erm… well they didn’t let me take anything from HQ.”

“So you stole it?”

Stole is a harsh word, don’t ya think, ‘Arry? Anyways, ‘tha doesn’t matter what the label says! The more you take, the quicker you’ll get better!” Eggsy put the tub of tablets onto the nightstand and held up not a glass of water, but a tumbler of Crown Royal whiskey. “’ere ya go, ‘Arry.”

Harry couldn’t help but laugh at that and his eyes crinkled at the corner, shoulders shaking slightly as he started laughing. “Oh my dear boy, I would be glad if you were my nurse, but I fear if I listen to you, I would get worse instead.” He sat up, leaning against the headboard and patted the empty area beside him on the bed. Eggsy nodded and plopped down beside Harry, looking dejected and guilty. “My boy, I would prefer if you were to stay here by my side for the entire duration of my illness. Just you being here makes me feel so much better.”

Oh god, shut up you old sap.” Eggsy turned to Harry, only to be met with a muscular chest and strong arms wrapped around him. “Ugh, ‘Arry, you’re really hot.”

“I know —”

“Not that kind of hot, ‘Arry.”

Little did these two know, Merlin had already sent someone who actually knows how to do things to Harry’s house after witnessing how Eggsy had attempted to care for him. “I swear if Harry dies one day, I’m holding it against that boy.” Merlin turns to Roxy who was just as amused as he was.

@hartwinorlose @kingsmananddurins

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Kingsman drabble please? Eggsy not letting go of Harry after a nightmare because "even if you're a killer, you're MY killer"

Darling ‘nonny, this prompt spoke to me and I just had to write this as a full fic. I didn’t quite use your line, but I hope you like it anyways. Thank you so much for the excellent prompt.

Shadows of the Past Are Cast on the Future

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  • nick: and harry styles, who thinks he's too big time for night-time.
  • harry: hello,
  • nick: hi!
  • harry: hi...
  • nick: why don't you come in at night?
  • harry: uhm, i'm always here. i'm just never... allowed... on the thing.
  • (example: ON THE THING!)
  • nick: i think you've probably been my... most... (popu-)
  • harry: i would say i've been the most supportive friend.
  • nick: i, i would...
  • example: shut up!
  • nick: i think it's between you and aimee phillips.
  • harry: i've been in the most times.
  • aimee in the background: IT'S DEFINITELY ME
  • nick: no, aimee, he comes in, he's here all the time.
  • harry: i'm here like, everyday.
  • nick: and everyone has to go "SHUT AH, 'ARRY STYLES IS IN 'ERE. IT'S A SECURITY NIGHTMAAARE!", why don't you tell the good people how you treat me, when i'm broadcasting on bbc radio 1?
  • harry: uhm, i usually throw things, (uh-huh) and uh, present things (yup), and uh, make your mic move away from your face.

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Could you please do non romantic Ron/fleur :)

“Oi, I’ve got yet another box of crap for you here! Where’d you want me to shove—oh. You’re not Bill.”

Not-Bill raised an eyebrow. “I am not,” she agreed. “You can leave the ‘box of crap’ on the table.” Ron flushed slightly, and took extra care when placing the box on the table. “Thank you for bringing it over,” Fleur said. “I know it ees a busy time for you…”

Ron shrugged. “It’s okay,” he said. “I’ve finished school, I’ve got no work to be doing and it’s not like I’d be a big help planning a fancy wedding—no offense. I may as well help you guys move your stuff in here.”

“I was thinking more of your…’ow you say…mission,” Fleur said. “I know that planning it keeps you very busy; Hermione also.”

“Mission? Er—we’re not planning anything!” Ron said, his voice rising on the last word and belying his attempt at casualness. “So, this is your new place, eh? Lovely…uh…decor. And a great view, too! Lots of…garden. I don’t know what else you would want in a house. It’s…smashing!”

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