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There are a lot of AoS kits that are dangerously tempting for me (Arkanaut Ironclad into an admech airship! Think how cool it would look converted up next to a knight! Kurnoth hunters into exodite wraith constructs alongside converted cold ones and a carnosaur!) but I really have to force myself to finish painting my tau before I can start on a new project, I'm only... almost half way done...

Yeah, absolutely! I’m giving serious consideration to picking up some Sisters of Avalorn to double as an AoS unit and Exodite Fire Dragons. If I was at all about Dwarves I would be going apeshit over the Kharadron Overlords models. The Ironjawz models are the coolest orky models in any line I’ve ever seen. 

Godspeed finishing your T’au! What color scheme are you using for them?

now im a pretty composed guy but jesus, popcorn really just does it for me. popcorn really just makes me go apeshit crazy. i start the bag off like a normal human but somewhere along the line, man. i stop eating it and start just rubbing fistfulls on my face. by the end of it im just fucking the bag

Lup dabbing at her brother to show him she was still lucid and then freefalling off the Starblaster to go apeshit on the hunger cleared my skin and cured my anxiety tbh

On the same note Taako being 100% supportive of his sister and giving her the greatest day ever and going to be there at the ceremony with a big smile on his face despite being fucking TERRIFIED for her safety and sanity watered my crops and fixed world hunger

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franchesca ramsey buddied up with her stalker and noted anti-sjw andy warski but I don't see you going apeshit about it. I wonder why?

Maybe it’s because franchesca isn’t over there excusing her significant other parroting stormfront talking points as just a question that should be debated.









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Hey i rly want to get into animation, should i drop money on getting toonboom or get a cheaper program? Ivr been wantig to get into animation for years but jist now have the courage to but im still doubting myself... thank you in advance!

i mean, its up to you how you spend your money i guess, but if youve never actually done animation and are just now considering getting into it & you dont know if you like animating or not, maybe find some simpler free programs to play with first? like drop money on whatever you want if u got cash like that, i dunno if you want animator advice or fuckin .. financial advice here

obvs toonboom’s a solid program but. for a beginner? its just .. excessive

A close relative has a severe hoarding compulsion and his psychologist has told him that a large part of why people hoard is to try and cope with loss - after having permenance ripped from you, you find the idea of getting rod of anything so terrifying because what if you need that and it’s your fault you got rid of it.

And in the second DGHDA book it’s clear that Book!Dirk is a bit of a hoarder, or at least someone who gives 0 shits about the state of his home… so hot damn will our Dirk be a hoarder. With no permenance in his life before he escaped Black Wing? With the loss of his mother and father?

What I’m saying is, that sparkly just-bought apartment we see is about a month away from a biohazard.

Stop fucking opening shit in the makeup department
Like if you are 110% gonna buy it, go apeshit, but if just wanna “try it” or want to touch up your contour, you and your little grabby illegal hands are what keep me up at night. Cause you know what happens after you put it back?
or even WORSE
Someone buys your gross af face printed makeup and rubs it all over their face and lips!!!!!
Like I’m sorry if the only way you can get kissed is through making out with the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick then letting some poor idiot buy it, but it gets thrown out!!!
Stop “trying” makeup products in the store! It’s gross! Don’t be gross!

Like/reblog if you’re willing to roleplay with a Tony Stark muse as a man of color.

Please give @ironhardpacker some love. They just got hate from “mutuals” who is giving them a hard time for roleplaying Tony as a Latino man with Oscar Isaac as the fc instead of RDJ. 

I can’t go through one day without the Marvel fandom being racist shitheads, especially in the roleplaying community. This is why y’all are called THE KLANDOM.

Show of hands, who is willing to roleplay with a Tony Stark muse who’s a man of color? I need to see not every Marvel roleplayer is as rude or racist as this. 

  • young writer: how do i make a story people will want to read
  • me: 1. i know the urge is to worry about audience first and foremost and the thrill of being read, and being read widely, but i must advise you to do stories you want to make most of all, and put them out with your whole heart
  • me: 2. okay, real no bullshit answer time: organizational systems they can classify characters into. like the houses in harry potter. people go apeshit for that
Hey you, buy Dragon’s Dogma on Steam

What the fuck are you doing reading this? Don’t fucking read this, go buy fucking Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen on Steam. It’s 30 bucks right now. Do it.

What? You wanna know why you should buy it?


Dragon’s Dogma is one of the best, most exciting games of the last generation. It took an interesting Dark Fantasy setting and let you go apeshit wild in it. Have you ever played another fantasy game where you whacked a giant dragon’s ankles with your sword until he fell over? Did you wonder why you could only wail on his knees instead of jumping on his back and stabbing his eyes out? Well Dragon’s Dogma had the same thought and said, “You know what? Fuck it, why wouldn’t you just climb that fucker?” And you CAN.

You can climb up a cyclops’ back and stab his eye out. You can ride a griffin into the air, cut its wings off mid-flight and crash-land that fucker into the dirt. You can cut off a hydra’s head, watch it grow back, and then cut it off again with FIRE and stop it from happening again. YOU CAN PICK UP YOUR CLOSEST FRIENDS AND ALLIES AND THROW THEM INTO THE SEA FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN SHITS AND GIGGLES!

I hear you say, “How’s the story though? I look for story in my Action-RPGs!” Well hold on to your butts, because this game got hella story. It’s got the most metal fucking opening to any game I’ve seen in decades. It’s a tale of love, loss, revenge, and fucking COJONES. You get your heart ripped out by a dragon and fucking SURVIVE. All he’s got to say to you? “Come at me bro, if you want your fucking strawberry tart back.”

“But what about the art? I can’t enjoy a game unless it’s pretty!” Well first of all, that’s very close-minded, but YES THIS GAME IS PURTY AS FUCK. This game’s art and setting is like that of the air-brushed panel van your weird uncle still owns in 2016. Your favorite metal album cover comes to life every time you turn this shit on!

“Okay, it’s got a cool setting and story. Can I make my own character? I’ve always wanted to make myse-” I’M GLAD YOU ASKED! The character creator in this game is supes deep! You want to play an 8-foot-tall amazon with a mohawk and ocular heterochromia? YOU CAN! You want to play a 12-year-old boy with no hair who’s also RIPPED AS FUCK? YOU CAN! You want to play a withered old woman who single-handedly destroys her enemies with a zweihander? YOU CAN! THE SHEER RANGE OF BODY TYPES AND PHYSICAL FEATURES IS THE NUMBER 1 CAUSE OF LOSING HOURS IN THIS CHARACTER CREATOR.

“Okay, so you’re already headed towards clas-” SHUT THE FUCK UP IT’S CLASS TIME NOW! You want warriors? Done. Rogue? Done. Wizard? Done.

“But those are typica-” THE FUCK DID I JUST SAY? You can go those routes but hodamn you can cross class motherfucker! Wanna be a sword-and-board assassin? Done. A Magick Archer (magick with a K because IT’S FUCKING METAL)? Done. A Wizard-paladin with maces and tower-shields? Done! The classes are so unique and fun to play there’s not a one that’s dull if you ask me.

“But what about romance!”

I’m glad you asked, straw-man reader. Have you ever found an NPC in an RPG that stole your heart? Not like the dragon does, but like, uh… metaph- fuck it, you know what I mean. Yes? Well this game let’s you make nice with and romance any named NPC. ANY NAMED NPC. The merchant? Banged. The captain of the foreign legion looking to prove herself? Woo’d. The fucking masked sailor moon villain? Fucked. The little girl you meet? Fuckin’ slow down there Jared Fogle… how did you even get internet access in prison? Anyways, it don’t matter your gender neither, fuck who you want to fuck, friend.

If you’re still not convinced, if you read all this and think I’m just all hype and no substance, then you can go fuck yourse- I mean, you can see for yourself.

I’m currently playing this game on the youtubes. Watch me play it. Watch me enjoy myself. Listen to me gush about how much I love this game, because I truly, truly do. If you like what you see, and you’ve got the means, please buy it. This game was criminally overlooked when it came out and it deserves so much better than it got. If enough people buy it, maybe we’ll get another one, eh? One that’s not Japan only.

Watch me play it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4OyvxEzC9A

i’m so scared for them