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breathe-and-exist  asked:

So, I was going through your blog for the 7492649264 time and I just realized, on your Aunt Petunia post (Were she wears blue eyeshadow and heavy blush), were you quoting Gayle???

((OOC: 5000%. I was rereading one of the books, and realized that I had no clear image of Petunia in my mind. So I thought, who is Petunia Dursley? And then it hit me.))




((Look me in the eye, tell me I’m wrong. Or, better yet, reread the books picturing this lithe slice of sexy pie as Petunia, and tell me it doesn’t enhance the experience.))

((You are VERY welcome in advance.))


a blessed fancam.


Jon and Dany’s theme though the GoT soundtrack in season 7

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