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Burn But Everyone Is Lin-Manuel Miranda
¡Hola! WARNING: This video was filmed by professionals who had the fire department by their side at all times. Do NOT try this at home! Like seriously my han...


Kpop & views

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m tired of seeing people only care about views and not watching the videos go enjoy their favorite artist .
There’s is this one girl I’m friends with that ONLY post about beating goals and getting their favorite group more views .
Yes I understand you want them to succeed but the views aren’t what it’s all about.
It’s about the love for music that you and the artist share , the wins or awards are rewards for doing well but once again, it’s not just about that .
Instead of trying to beat how many views a video can get the fastest , appreciate the new music , the meaning of the song , the story of the video & connect to it .
You’ll feel more love and understand deeper why they are your favorite group .

Me as a teacher
  • Me: ok class to further understand symbolism I'm assigning you a project. Go home, look up bts, watch every single one of their music videos and write a 4 page essay on your interpretation of them.
  • Class: ...
  • Me: oh and extra credit if you make a collage of your bias

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Hi I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to make your videos because I've been going through a rough patch with friends and family and watching your videos has made me forget about it all for awhile :,) thank you -M.R

aw ily anon hope your rough patch ends very soon ♡

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Oh you two NEED to watch the go hardddd video of you two!

This still doesn’t answer my question. Why would someone make a video of Sherlock and I? How did they even get the content to make a video?

Onision attacking Eugenia Cooney again

 I  heard that Onion is attacking Eugenia again and I’m not going to watch that video because I already know what he gonna say. As someone who dealt with both anorexia and bulimia insulting someone will not help them, hell you actually making worse because depending on the anorexic person they might think  a)they may feel even worse because some random asshole is insulting them and they feel not good enough for the first place; b) feel threatened because some anorexic people feel that need control and insulting them would make them starve themselves some more to keep that control; or c) Kind of like b they may think that your jealous of them and begin to feel paranoid which makes them think starve themselves some more to keep that “perfect figure”. Onion and probably everyone else needs to stop making videos about this girl, they’re making it worse if they believe it or not. Eugenia Cooney is seriously mentally ill and insulting her would only push her closer to her grave.

Junia & Cassandra - Shading Upgrade

Progression from base color to shading done up to this moment. I am VERY pleased with the result. It is far from where I would like to be, but I can feel the intuition start to creep in for coloring, which is amazing! I gave up on four or five other drawings as I was trying to get more complicated with shading than I am capable at this moment, watching dozens of tutorial videos.

I decided to go simple on this one, keeping the lineart above all other layers, and did not watch any tutorial. I gotta say,I am really glad to be able to do more than I thought would.

Thanks for everyone who provided support on the first status update of the drawing! I’ll keep updating as it progresses.


P.S.1.: Critiques, tips and advice are welcome!

P.S.2.: I’ve easily been over 10h doing this drawing. How long would it take for an experienced artist?


Tropical Sherbet 🍧
[by stellarslime on IG]