go and watch that anime if u like crying

Spoilers for anyone who only watches the anime

u remember when Mob went 100% gratitude? BRO that shit ….. Tore me apart …. I could cry thinking abt it like. Teru and ritsu were both basically begging mob to go 100% to save them all and Reigen is the only one telling mob not to because he knows how much him using all his power hurts him mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically. Like Reigen takes mob by the face and looks him in the eyes and is like “it’s ok to run. I got this.” Like. For all the bullshit that Reigen does he’s 100% there for Mob and his wellbeing and knowing he’s weaker against his opponent, Reigen still has Mobs best interest at heart and says he’ll do this, he’ll take care of it all and it’ll be ok and like ??? As soon as Reigen faces a life threatening situation (like immediately lmao) Mob goes 100% but he’s not angry and he’s not sad or ??? He goes 100% gratitude for Reigen and idk man.
I go pretty hard on Reigen sometimes because he’s a greasy uncle but. He’s so good to mob and I love him so much and I love their dynamic