go and watch that anime if u like crying

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Why do you love yusol so much. I haven't really seen anything that makes them canon

wow okay everyone make yourself a hot drink and curl up with a blanket cause you’re about to read a 3 volume novel 

First of all there’s the sharing of clothes. There is the legendary yusol beanie

^ this was taken january of this year so he still has the hat

then there is the yusol shirt

and some other cases

but let’s move on to some other things

there’s yuta talking about hansol at fansigns 

and them just generally being cute on twitter

and then just the way they look at each other 

and then skinship

and this moment caught in the backgrounf of a jaeyong moment

i just find it soft okay

oh and who could forget this legendary video 

and then there’s just the cute little things like hansol teaching yuta satoori to the point where he know more satoori dialect than korean (satoori is the dialect spoken in Busan where hansol is from)

or yuta being the only one not laughing when hansol had to eat the chili in bangkok because he was worried 

and them crying while watching anime together 

and being jaemins parents

i could go on forever but i have work to do today and i spent way too long putting this together 

so yeah stan yusol guys, they’re coming for you 

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. natsume yuujinchou is honestly one of the most heart-warming anime i’ve ever seen

Spoilers for anyone who only watches the anime

u remember when Mob went 100% gratitude? BRO that shit ….. Tore me apart …. I could cry thinking abt it like. Teru and ritsu were both basically begging mob to go 100% to save them all and Reigen is the only one telling mob not to because he knows how much him using all his power hurts him mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically. Like Reigen takes mob by the face and looks him in the eyes and is like “it’s ok to run. I got this.” Like. For all the bullshit that Reigen does he’s 100% there for Mob and his wellbeing and knowing he’s weaker against his opponent, Reigen still has Mobs best interest at heart and says he’ll do this, he’ll take care of it all and it’ll be ok and like ??? As soon as Reigen faces a life threatening situation (like immediately lmao) Mob goes 100% but he’s not angry and he’s not sad or ??? He goes 100% gratitude for Reigen and idk man.
I go pretty hard on Reigen sometimes because he’s a greasy uncle but. He’s so good to mob and I love him so much and I love their dynamic

so since i just found out that today is the last day of tsc femslash week have some clizzy headcanons (bc im clizzy trash™ help my poor soul)

-izzy is pan and very open about her sexuality so it’s not like it’s a secret to anyone

-clary is a closeted bisexual and when she meets the shadows squad at pandemonium she’s enchanted by that beautiful girl with the whip

-and then they take her to the institute and the girl is not only hot af. but also kindhearted and badass and sooo flirty and clary doesnt know what to do

-but after a dangerous mission on which she almost died she cant help it and kiss izzy in front of everyone

-and she’s so happy with herself

-she probably asks magnus things about bisexuality and the two of them become besties™

-ok but back to the main topic picture clary painting izzy. and she’s frustrated bc on paper she will never be as beautiful as she is in person

-and also clary using izzy as her canvas and painting constellations on her back BY MATCHING HER FRECKLES OK THIS IS SO CLICHE AND ALSO SO CANON

-ok but the two of them training together and clary keeps getting angry bc “im strong u dont need to go easy on me!” but izzy laughs and kisses her silly and ok training can wait

-also clary watching izzy training and being like hot damn. that’s my girlfriend and im so gay.

-double dates with alec and magnus.

-clary introducing izzy to the mundane world and making her watch movies and read comics. i bet they would cry like the nerds they are watching some shitty anime on tv


me:     im👏not👏going👏to👏watch👏the👏new👏anime👏adaptation👏of👏                     tg:re👏b/c👏hide👏is👏already👏confirmed👏dead👏since👏season👏2
me:     sees shirazu*
me:     nvm