go and follow her it's her bday

“No, Angie, I’m not 40, tomorrow,” Jake said rather patiently as one of the older tea room regulars questioned him on his birthday age for the following day. He was being as kind and polite as he could, but it was hard to keep his laughter in as the person behind Ang in the queue laughed along with him. He pursed his lips shut, trying not to smile or laugh.“Not married, yet, either, nope. Not gay either, Ang. Yep, if you were 20 years younger, I know,” Jake nodded with a big, evidently fake smile as he handed the lady’s tray over to her, and assured her that he’d be over soon, to continue their catch up. “She’s literally my grandma,” Jake said with a chuckle as the customer who’d laughed moved up to the till. “40, though! Really?! Do I look 40? And remember that I’m the one making your food and drinks, so be careful with your answer.”