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i'd like to hear your thoughts about the stevenbomb! most fans seem to love it but i kind of have mixed feelings about it tbh

Did the Stevenbomb officially drop yet? Am I allowed to talk about it??

Anyway, thanks for this message, first of all! It’s always great to hear that someone still wants to hear me rant about stuff.

Like you, I didn’t quite know how to feel about the Stevenbomb. On the one hand, it was beautifully animated (as usual) and the soundtracks were amazing (again, nothing uncommon there). There were the usual moments of tenderness and wonder and beauty when Steven visited Homeworld and was introduced to the sheltered and rather fascinating people of the Human Zoo; when he and Greg saw how the loss of Pink Diamond deeply affected Blue and Yellow Diamond; when Steven cried for his father in what he thought were his final moments. Sugar never fails to put emotions on full and intense display and I find that commendable, especially for a children’s show.

(Also, buff Amethysts, EVERYWHERE. Dream come true?? I think so)

However, I found myself disappointed by the lack of…closure. Sugar is infamous for dragging on certain mysteries, but I thought that, by visiting Homeworld, some of the bigger mysteries would be addressed. That was not the case.

There is still the issue of Pink Diamond and the circumstances of her death, for example. What were the first steps that led to the Rebellion? How did Rose, a common quartz soldier, able to slay a Diamond? What drove Rose to kill her at all? Was there negotiation? Or did Rose straight up shatter her in her sleep or something? The details of Pink Diamond’s death were never really discussed. At least we know that the Jaspers and Amethysts were kept as guards and the line of Rose Quartz are preserved in Pink Diamond’s throne room, but…there wasn’t much revealed aside from that.

And where the fuck is White Diamond? Is there even a White Diamond? How is it that, four seasons into this show, we still don’t know anything about her?

We know that her concept exists, seeing as her symbol appears in the Great Diamond Authority seal. You would think that, by going to Homeworld, she would at least be mentioned. Unfortunately, we will only continue to flounder in the dark on this one.

I don’t mind cliffhangers and “stay tuned”s and waiting for answers, but I find that the episodes that actually reveal things about the deeper storyline are few and far in between. Will we have to wait through another slew of filler before we return to the plot? I understand that it’s a children’s show, but this constant waiting game is frustrating. And that’s why I felt the Stevenbomb wasn’t as enjoyable as it could have been.

it was a 13hr flight it was very boring alright cut me some slack 

they turn the ship tf around and everybody lives. the end 

the poets were wrong.

you don’t burn and there are no tornadoes in your chest,
your hands don’t hold galaxies or stars
and your anger isn’t a volcanic god
ready to smite every enemy.
the moon doesn’t love you and neither do the stars,
but the earth does, in its own way, i guess.

see, you are human, my dear,
born to destroy and to take and to make,
born to learn and to watch. you observe the stars;
they do not observe you.

you run from tornadoes or you chase them,
you do not become them. your anger is just anger
an emotion to control or be controlled by;
volcanoes can stay dormant for years
but you are never still.

and why would the moon love you?
why would the stars?
they are too far away to be swayed by a pretty face,
but the earth lives under your feet, it feels you dance
to the beat it drums out in thunder and rain.

you are human, fragile
and while your skin is weak your heart beats strong.
it might not hold hurricanes but it does hold love,
and this can be just as deadly.
your anger won’t ever level cities
but it can topple friendships
and they amount to the same thing.

the poets were wrong.
you are not out of this world,
you are of it and beloved to it,
and you are still special.


  • me: *breathes in* I lo-
  • everyone else: YES, you love, LOVE™ V. We know. You love Jihyun Kim so much. He deserved so much better. You want to save that man. You just love V. You cry over him EVERY DAY. We KNOW. You love V. You fucking love V. Okay we know. We get it. YOU LOVE V. WE GET IT.

as the elevator door closes, for a moment the chaos surrounding them seems to stop. 

in the flickering light, jyn and cassian search each other’s eyes for comfort.

jyn decides to move closer, her arms now draped around cassian’s neck. he is badly injured. face to face and heart to heart, they both silently contemplate the fate that awaits them. 

cassian draws jyn still closer, they are now just inches apart. flashes of a future together in his mind, alongside the realization that there’s no time for that anymore. jyn gazes back knowingly. they continue to support each other, connected, their hearts beating in sync. both wanting to say so much, but understanding that all they have is this present moment together right now.

maybe that is enough.

i’m not used to people sticking around when things go bad // welcome home

#can we just take a moment to picture the double dates#magnus is just so amused and giggly#alec’s half trying and giving the ‘what do you want from me?’ look to izzy#WHO HAS HER ARMS CROSSED BC YOU TWO ARE GOING TO GET ALONG#and simon’s just standing there giving the awkward 'what can you do?’ shrug to magnus#i’m so in love with this tiny moment


G U Y S  The thing Warren is wearing is called a ‘Bum Flap’!!

It reduces abrasive wear to pants and provides protection, but they’re often worn as a punk fashion statement :D