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Rita 4-2: Rita and Estelle
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Rita: Good, it looks like he’s not hurt.
???: Naa~ ♪
Estelle: It sounds like he’s thanking you, Rita.
Rita: Y-You think so?
Rita: Now go home, and be more careful about it this time.
Estelle: There he goes.
Rita: Anyway, Estelle… About before… Um…
Estelle: You really like cats, don’t you? You’re very good at mimicking them.
Rita: …! Th-That’s not–
Estelle: I’m so happy to get to see a new side of you.
Estelle: It makes me like you even more.
Rita: …! S-Stop saying stupid things, we really should get back to the others!
Estelle: Huh? Rita? But our break just started…
Rita: Well, it’s over! The break and this conversation, they’re both over…!
Estelle: …?
Raven: Oh, there you are. Where’d you guys go?
Raven: Looks like Arche wandered off somewhere, too…
Estelle: There was a cat over there, and Rita…
Rita: Aaugh!! …Uh… I mean…
Rita: We were just talking over there for a bit! …That’s all!
Raven: Talking? ‘Bout what?
Rita: U-Um…
Estelle: Ah… That’s, uh… confidential! It’s a secret between just me and Rita!
Rita: …Phew.
Raven: Awww, come on, you can tell me. If you leave this old guy out of everything he might cry.
Rita: Go ahead!
Rita: Anyway, it’s nothing you need to concern yourself with, old man.
Raven: That’s cold, little Rita, hidin’ stuff from me… Well then, Estelle dear, will you tell me?
Estelle: …Hee hee, it’s a secret just between the two of us.
Rita: …!
Raven: Whaaat? This is so unfair!
Rita: A-Anyway… Break time is over!
Rita: Hey, old man, hurry up and call Arche back, okay?!
Raven: Man… Talk about yer slave drivers…