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Let me tell you a story that melted my cold child hating heart

Today at work a little boy came in dressed as Kylo Ren with his family to see Rogue One. The family is going about their business purchasing tickets and concessions, filling their drinks and buttering their popcorn, and I’m just standing in the corner watching this tiny dark side loving little boy. Two of my employees were like “but.. Kylo isn’t even in this movie” and I almost smacked them because who cares. I mean, I’m wearing my BB-8 earrings all weekend so back off. Then it’s finally time for the kid to approach and he whispers something to his dad before handing us the tickets. “Go ahead and tell them,” the dad says. Tiny Kylo: “I’m here to see Darth Vader, my grandpa.” And then I died because that was a level of child cuteness I had never encountered before. I almost cried in front of all my employees, but none of them seemed as moved by this encounter so I held my shit together.

I sincerely hope he enjoyed the movie.

plots i need because i’m obsessed with romcoms

  • how to lose a guy in ten days: the bet, the article, both think they’re duping the other
  • before sunrise: strangers meet, they have a connection, but it has an expiration date
  • pretty woman: prostitute with a wealthy person– who doesn’t love cinderella?
  • you’ve got mail: PEN PALS ( you can add in the real life hate for angst )
  • notting hill: basically people with completely different lifestyles fight for love
  • groundhog day: ~you must relive the same day until ur good~
  • what happens in vegas: VEGAS WEDDING!!!! miserable aftermath
  • uptown girls: nanny falls in love with cynical musican
  • whats your number: obsessed with having a low sex count, they find their exes
  • maid in manhattan: MAID&SENATOR (he doesn’t have to be a gross republican tho)
  • my best friend’s wedding: friend breaks marriage pact and u realize u love them
  • forgetting sarah marshall: u & ur ex are at the same hotel
  • bridget jones diary: modern pride and prejudice
  • sweet home alabama: country gone couture realizes they still love their ex
  • a lot like love: we’ve met up every few years & i want to tell you i love you each time
  • 10 things i hate about you: BETS!!!!! BETRAYAL!!!!! DYNAMIC PEOPLE!!!!
  • the proposal: who doesn’t love the fake affair stuff???
  • the wedding planner: we had a thing once and now i’m helping u with ur wedding
  • when harry met sally: can men and women be platonic friends?????
  • 500 days of summer: ‘i don’t want a relationship….’ but we do couple things
  • jersey girl: your the girl i met after my wife died!!!
  • along came polly: my partner cheated our honeymoon and you helped me forget it
  • the wedding date: i’m single & sad so i’m bringing a prostitute to my sister’s wedding
  • the wedding singer: i’m heartbroken and sad and singing at your wedding
  • sleepless in seattle: i heard you on a radio talk show and i’m OBSESSED
  • moonstruck: desperate widow falls in love with her slapdash fiance’s brother
  • no strings attached: besties hookup with no emotions hahahhaha ya right bud

All we ask for is an apology…

Fullmetal Alchemist AU

What if there wasn’t enough time for Ed to get to the armor and attach Al’s soul?

 Ed’s missing a leg and bleeding out fast, he doesn’t have the strength to knock down the armor and preform the alchemy required to bring Al back, so he does the next best thing. He attaches Al’s soul to his own body.

Ed and Al end up sharing a body. They take turns controlling, the other whispering in their brother’s head. Winry, Pinoko, and Mustang know, but everyone else just thinks the Fullmetal Alchemist is crazy. One minute he’s a hot-headed brat and the next he’s just ever so polite and kind.

Unlike with the armor blood does not stick to humans for long, Ed has to carve the transmutation circle into his flesh. Anytime the scar begins to fade Ed has to re-carve it. Eventually he may even tattoo the circle into his body.

At Briggs Al start visiting the gate and  Ed panics, because for the first time since he was 12 he’s alone in his head and Al is just gone, gone, gone.

When Al finally gets his body back it’s not getting re-adjusted to feeling he has to worry about, it’s the being alone. Neither Ed nor Al are used to being without the other in their head, to always being in control. 

Ed starts conversations only to realize there’s no one there. Al’s on the other side of the house. Al blanks out in the middle of doing something, expecting Ed to take control. It takes a long time for them to recuperate, a lot longer than it takes in cannon.


i spent some time looking up what size tumblr windows are/how tags work/etc. and i decided to go ahead and use this as my art blog. these are just pokemon b/w sprites recolored/pixeled. nothing special. martel is my fav here. i plan on posting more symphonia stuff in the future, so subscribe or follow or whatever if you want.

sylvarant team: scientist raine, schoolboy genis, pokemon ranger lloyd, waitress colette

tethe’alla team: pokemon ranger sheena, musician zelos, schoolgirl presea, blackbelt regal

four seraphim: veteran kratos, janitor* yuan, nursery aid martel, rich boy mithos

*because he’s always cleaning up other people’s messes


I made myself a(2) shameless phone background(s). If y'all want to use it, by all means go ahead.

BTW you have to adjust it to fit your phone. If you have specific dimensions, I can fix it for you!! I altered it to fit my iPhone 5S, the current dimensions for this is 620 by 1110px, so fit it to your phone’s (iphone 5s is 640 by 1110)

the friend that I’m staying with just handed me her laptop and said “go ahead and use it while I’m out!”

what the fuck

what kind of pure, sin-free, guilt-free being is she

To all my trans sisters out there who are early in your transition: Don’t be afraid to lie like hell to gatekeeper therapists, doctors, family, or anyone else who you feel you might need to in order to ensure your safety.

If you’re worried about how to present yourself to a gatekeeper go ahead and buy yourself a used copy of Trueselves by Mildred L. Brown. The book is disgusting and full of antiquated stereotypes about trans women but when it comes to gatekeepers it provides a very good insight into how they think and what they expect from you. Learn to parrot it.

Go ahead and use (cis) women without uteruses as an argument piece, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a woman who’s had a hysterectomy tell other women not to talk about their anatomy.

While we’re on the subject, I don’t think I’ve seen a woman with PCOS tell other women not to talk about regular periods.  Or a lesbian tell straight/bi women not to talk about contraception.  That’s….So….Weird….

ISAC 2017

Now that the recording is over I can talk about this without fearing it’ll get lost between updates and screaming.

I mean, I’m pretty sure most of us already know the results but please try to avoid spreading the spoilers as it’ll be easier for MBC to find them and they’ll end up cutting those parts.
Don’t believe me? Well, remember last year how Tzuyu’s archery gif went viral before the broadcast? And how ARMYs kept sharing fancams of BTS’ performance during archery? This gave MBC editors a plausible excuse to cut short the entire archery event and it looked weird, you can tell it was an almost last minute edit.
Oh, but it had to be done because the entire broadcast was cut short” Yes and no. ONCEs knew how much the gymnastics event meant for Mina and even though she kept going everywhere with a hoop they tried their best not to spoil her routine. The time that could’ve gone to the archery event was used instead to show the footage of her practicing the routine the previous night. There was absolutely no reason to show that, having the MCs comment on how she had previously done perfectly during practice was more than enough, but they decided to add it because they had time to spare and ONCEs earned it since they played by the rules and didn’t spoil the event.

This is something that keeps bothering me every year. NO, IDOL STARS ATHLETIC CHAMPIONSHIP IS NOT A DANGEROUS THING TO DO.
OF COURSE they can get hurt, just like everybody else when doing sports. Lately fans are treating idols like precious things that can’t get tired because that means they’re being overworked and need rest… Look, I get it. Being an idol is hard work, but complaining that ISAC should stop being a thing and that they should take better care of the idols participating to the point of spoiling your idol’s participation in hopes of them “not being invited anymore” is just dumb.
Most idols join the games because they find it fun. Treating them like kids and demanding MBC treats them like they’re special only spoils their fun.
This even made MBC remove futsal from their schedule. Do I need to remind you guys futsal was one of the most anticipated events by male idols to participate in? Same goes to basketball. They’re now considered “too dangerous”.  Futsal was VIXX’s Leo’s sport and it was taken away. BTS’ SUGA gave up on basketball so he could join BTS and (although it hasn’t been official) that’s another event that we’re taking away from him. This year Leo had to move onto archery, SUGA did so last year and now he’s trying the relay event because the one event each of them were looking forward to is gone.
Yes, they are not athletes. Yes, they can barely squeeze time to prepare. Yes, they’re trying their best. No, they’re not being forced to participate in an event they don’t want or can’t take part of. No, they’re not being forcefully added to the lineup. All idols take part of any and every event the want to be part of. Remember when they had the high jump event? And (former) EXO’s Tao injured himself? NO ONE forced him to do it, he thought too highly of himself and ended up making a mistake which led him to the injury. He’s not an athlete but practiced really hard and tried his best, it earned him an injury but it was his own decision to join the event.
While I agree that there being no news of injured idols is a good thing, you got to realize that you’re taking away one of the very little opportunities athletic idols have to show their talents.

I don’t think you guys realize what you’re asking for. One thing it asking for safety measures and another is asking for the entire show to be cancelled.
As I said before, you’re taking away one of the very little opportunities athletic idols have to show their talents. Rhythm Gymnastics are important for TWICE’s Mina and WJSN’s Cheng Xiao, without ISAC they won’t have another place they’ll get to show this.
Asking for the games to be cancelled is asking for one of the very few opportunities idols have to be themselves and enjoy with their friends.
Yes, it takes almost all day to film and that’s tiring but most of the time they’re hanging around enjoying themselves. It’s a schedule that takes all day and instead of running around sharing formalities, practicing the same routine over and over again, trying to get in time and act like the perfect idols they are, they get to run around, lay around, laugh and share with their fans.


Okay, but I had a MP100 idea where a powerful spirit sees Mob’s powers in action and wants to use/devour them, but the spirit is smart enough to know that Mob could exorcise him in 2 seconds flat, so they have to be clever about it. After watching Mob from afar for a short while, the spirit decides to possess someone close to Mob in order to lay out a trap. The vessel candidate? Reigen Arataka.

The spirit possesses Reigen and mutes their power enough so that even if Mob senses a spirit nearby, he won’t be able to pinpoint them. Mob comes into work and feels that something is off in terms of spirit presence, but since it’s difficult for him to read some social situations, he doesn’t necessarily find anything wrong with Reigen. After a bit of awkward chatter between Mob and “Reigen”, the spirit says, “We have to head out for a job now. We have a lot of work ahead of us, Shigeo.”

Mob’s powers automatically flair up as he says “Who are you?” because Reigen has NEVER CALLED MOB BY HIS REAL NAME, NOT ONCE.