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If you would ever say something like “I wish you got abducted” to someone over stupid fandom drama you should go ahead and do as that anon did and unfollow me too I don’t want followers like that 

A VERY Unpopular Opinion

I’ve been wanting to write something like this for a longass time and I’ve finally got around to do it. You probably caught through hints from some of my political reblogged posts over the past few months. I used to be scared but not anymore.

I used to be very anti-Trump. If you’re a longtime follower, you know I bought all the fear-mongering shit about Donald Trump. Before I used to wish someone would assassinate Trump, reblogged passionate rants and bashing about Trump and really expressed outraged for him. I take that back now and all that changed some time before Election Day. And you know why I changed my mind about him? It is because I have questioned friends of mine who are Trump voters/supporters why they support him. And I also have watched videos of why some people support Trump.

No, it was not because of white supremacy or sexism; some of my Trump supporter friends are female and different ethnicities/races, and they agree with Trump’s trading, foreign and immigration policies. Of course there are some actual racists who did vote for Trump and some violent, bigoted Trump supporters. Any side has their share of bigots anyway. But you should not generalize all Trump supporters as racists. My friends are not racist or xenophobic, they dislike illegal immigration and how (most) migrants tend to not conform to or follow the culture of the country they are sheltered at. They are not “Islamaphobic” and do not hate Muslims, they believe radical Islamic terrorism must be stopped, the ideology of Islam has some issues just like how Christianity has a fair share of their violence in the Old Testament and should be reformed, and that no religion is a religion of peace (I believe this too). Nothing wrong criticizing flaws in religions. And they would rather have improved relations with Russia instead of growing more strained. Depending on the friend, they do not entirely agree with his agenda or his choices for cabinet, but they support/voted him for the other reasons listed above. This is what I also see in most Trump supporter videos.

I used to support Hillary briefly after Bernie Sanders lost the primaries, but now I don’t either. I have a wide variety of other reasons why I don’t like or support Trump and Hillary actually (such as the way Trump carries himself publicly and Hillary’s corruption). I’ve always supported Bernie and still do today. But I’ve eventually come to realize how easily influenced others and I were; fear has a funny way of implementing onto people. I’ve seen anti-Trump people tend to be so close-minded. They do not question those who have differing opinions and ideology why they believe this way and try their best to understand their perspectives. Instead, they spread propaganda about Trump that’s usually so exaggerated, even going as far as to FAKING news of Trump supporters attacking Muslims and LGBT people. And it’s so common on Tumblr and social media: bashing, insulting, calling out names, sending death threats, and even going as far as to doxxing and using personal information against those who do not agree with them. Actually, this is very common among the left-wing, SJWs and most feminists (although at least most of them don’t doxx.) Anti-Trump people tend to also cut off friendships - even close friendships that have lasted for YEARS - just because of differing political beliefs, which I find utterly childish. I have friends who support Hillary and I do understand some of their reasons why they support her.

I thought the left-wing believed in being open-minded but I’ve seen many growing so bigoted. There was some violence from the protests for the Inauguration in D.C (and also in the past after Election Day). I get it, you’re still pissed off your ideal candidate did not win but violence caused by protest reflects badly on you. Why can’t some of you be like Bernie who does not encourage using violence to get your means? And you can rant and rant about Trump whatever the fuck you want, but this will not change the fact he’s been elected President by votes and the Electoral College (WHICH DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT BE ABOLISHED FOR THESE REASONS). And if you think about it, all this bigoted behavior from many of the anti-Trump people had pushed for more people to vote Trump. You may not realize many Trump supporters hid their political beliefs and support for him out of fear of being attacked from you.

If you also think Trump should be assassinated, then you must really want a Pence presidency, which is the real fear if you think about it. I have uncertain opinions on how I think America will be like for the next 4 years because our president is really a wild Trump card, but I don’t think it will be like how the left-wing tends to fear of it. Going to try staying positively realistic.

I know many of you may unfollow me for accepting Trump as my president and sympathizing with Trump supporters. I really don’t want to jump into an argument but go ahead and click the unfollow button if you so wish. I’ve already lost a few friends for my unpopular opinions on feminism, some left-wing beliefs, etc. so I have no problem with that, and I’d rather not deal with someone who cannot respect or at least tolerate my differing opinions.

On Mads Mikkelsen and His Fine Ass...

Soooo, let me just put this out there.  Do I love Mads Mikkelsen?  YES.  Am I in love with Mads Mikkelsen?  NO.  Do I respect his private life?  ABSOLUTELY. So, I don’t want to read any nonsense about wishing his wife dead or harm. That is straight up childish bullshit. O.K.?  

If you write shit like that on your Tumblr then just go ahead and unfollow my ass right now because this is me hardcore parkouring your silly shenanigans.

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As you were…

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anna I really wish youd stop buying meat and eating it. your poisining the body youve been trying to keep healthy.

I am a meat eater. I follow in my ancestor ways. Please go ahead and unfollow me if you can’t accept my eating habits. Good day.

and not to forget.. MY FAVOURITE MEAT EATING GIF

^ me = t-rex, you = Gallimimus

Whats up? Grimes here. So a couple months ago we hit 3k and I have always planned to do a giveaway but with schedules and everything we just haven’t had the time to do one yet! But finally our giveaway is hee. Firstly I want to give a shoutout to skinnylittlepunk for making this awesome banner for us! Secondly I want to give a shoutout to all of our followers for sticking with us and generally being such awesome people. I am going to save you from the mushy stuff and jump right ahead to the rules and prizes. 


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Would you look at that, I played more WoW then went to bed last night at about 5 AM assuming the religious debate would die down only to wake up to a bunch of notes and messages calling me homophobic and saying I deserve to die.

If you honestly think I’m homophobic for saying homosexuality is a sin, there’s no other way to put it: you’re way too offended.

There is a difference between “I see homosexuality as a sin but I support the LGBT+ movement and harbor no personal resentment towards homosexuals,” and “Faggots are going to burn in Hell for CHOOSING to have sex the wrong way!”

As a Christian, I believe that a lot of seemingly normal things are sins. Being greedy is a sin. Swearing is a sin (in both the literal sense of “I swear to God” and using foul language). Lying is a sin. Talking back to your parents is a sin. Being angry is a sin. Masturbation is a sin. It’s not like we go around calling people moneyphobic or swearaphobic for believing those things are sins…but somehow I’m called homophobic despite openly supporting the LGBT+ movement.

Saying something is a sin doesn’t mean you’re automatically predisposed against it. I’m allowed to form my own opinions on the Bible yet still identify with Christianity. If you can’t understand that and still want to try to pick a fight with me, go ahead. You’re only proving your immaturity and nastiness by sending me death wishes. As I said before, I can rest easy knowing I’ve never wished death or harm upon someone simply because we think different things or live different lifestyles.

As a final note, feel absolutely free to unfollow me of you can’t handle that not every anti-SJW is an atheist or agnostic. You won’t be missed. Meanwhile, I’ll be over here following many different types of people because I’m not a 5 year old who only associates with people that agree with me.

Ma niga??? You mean your endentured slave? Or…maybe you just meant best friend. I wish people knew how to just say friend. Never unfollowed someone so fast jaydeyfit

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I am sorry but I must disagree with your statement on depression, you have the power to make yourself happy, when you get right down to it only you can make you happy, no one gets sad for a random reason, there is always a reason. You can always get better and so long as you are Alive you will always find a chance to be happy. I am going to unfollow you but I wish you the best ^_^

lol what???

do you know what depression is? its a disorder in the chemicals in the brain that literally REFUSE to let you be happy. 

people can get better, thats true, through medication or therapy, possibly. But just telling themselves to “be happy” won’t work for everyone; everyone has what can/can’t make them happy, and should be treated accordingly. 

people who are diagnosed with depression DO get randomly sad. Maybe you should do your research so you learn how to help people with these situations rather than just telling them to suck it up and get over it. they physically can’t. 

being someone diagnosed with depression i know for a fact that people with the chemical imbalance can’t just “be happy”.

thats like telling someone with no legs to walk. they physically don’t HAVE the parts in their brain to make them happy. 

you could have just kept your opinion to yourself if you didn’t agree; people can have different opinions. but if you want to unfollow then go ahead i guess?

i wish you luck too but i sincerely hope that you learn more about this situation so that one day you may be able to understand and help people with their problems instead of just expecting them to change/fix it.

sorry if im being harsh but this really frustrated me to see and i wish that if you didnt have anything nice to say you wouldn’t have said it at all.