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plots i need because i’m obsessed with romcoms

  • how to lose a guy in ten days: the bet, the article, both think they’re duping the other
  • before sunrise: strangers meet, they have a connection, but it has an expiration date
  • pretty woman: prostitute with a wealthy person– who doesn’t love cinderella?
  • you’ve got mail: PEN PALS ( you can add in the real life hate for angst )
  • notting hill: basically people with completely different lifestyles fight for love
  • groundhog day: ~you must relive the same day until ur good~
  • what happens in vegas: VEGAS WEDDING!!!! miserable aftermath
  • uptown girls: nanny falls in love with cynical musican
  • whats your number: obsessed with having a low sex count, they find their exes
  • maid in manhattan: MAID&SENATOR (he doesn’t have to be a gross republican tho)
  • my best friend’s wedding: friend breaks marriage pact and u realize u love them
  • forgetting sarah marshall: u & ur ex are at the same hotel
  • bridget jones diary: modern pride and prejudice
  • sweet home alabama: country gone couture realizes they still love their ex
  • a lot like love: we’ve met up every few years & i want to tell you i love you each time
  • 10 things i hate about you: BETS!!!!! BETRAYAL!!!!! DYNAMIC PEOPLE!!!!
  • the proposal: who doesn’t love the fake affair stuff???
  • the wedding planner: we had a thing once and now i’m helping u with ur wedding
  • when harry met sally: can men and women be platonic friends?????
  • 500 days of summer: ‘i don’t want a relationship….’ but we do couple things
  • jersey girl: your the girl i met after my wife died!!!
  • along came polly: my partner cheated our honeymoon and you helped me forget it
  • the wedding date: i’m single & sad so i’m bringing a prostitute to my sister’s wedding
  • the wedding singer: i’m heartbroken and sad and singing at your wedding
  • sleepless in seattle: i heard you on a radio talk show and i’m OBSESSED
  • moonstruck: desperate widow falls in love with her slapdash fiance’s brother
  • no strings attached: besties hookup with no emotions hahahhaha ya right bud

Go ahead and add more if you want!

“Are you a magician? When I looked at you, everyone else disappeared.”
“I’ve been feeling a little off today, but you definitely turned me on.”
“Can I get a picture of you? I want to show my parents what my spouse looks like.”
“Your hand looks heavy. Let me hold it for you.”
“When God made you, he was showing off.”
“Your lips look so lonely. Would they like to meet mine?”
“What time do you have to go back to Heaven?”
“Are you a camera? Every time I look at you, I smile.”
“I might as well call you Google, because you have everything that I’m looking for.”
“Nice pants. Can I test the zipper?”
“I love every bone in your body. Especially mine.”
“Are you made of Copper and Tellurium? Because you sure are CuTe.”
“Would you like to have breakfast in bed tomorrow?”
“Are you a thief? I think you just stole my heart.”
“If I could change the alphabet, I’d put U and I together.”
“Call life alert! I’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up.”
“Do you have a name, or can I call you mine?”
“I lost my teddy bear, can I sleep with you?”
“Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes.”
“Feel my shirt. You know what it’s made of? Date material.”
“If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one.”
“There’s something wrong with my phone. It doesn’t have your number in it.”
“On a scale of 1 to 10: You’re a 9, and I’m the 1 you need.”
“I lost my number. Can I have yours?”
“Let’s play Titanic. You be the ocean, and I’ll go down on you.”
“Did we have a class together? I could’ve sworn we had chemistry.”
“Do you have a mirror in your pants? Because I can see myself in them.”
“There are 21 letters in the alphabet, right? Oh, wait. I missed ‘U’, ‘R’, ‘A’, ‘Q’, ‘T’.”
“If you stood in front of a mirror and held up 11 roses, you would see 12 of the most beautiful things in the world.”
“Are you going to kiss me, or am I going to have to lie in my journal?”
“I don’t have a library card, but can I check you out?”
“You must be a broom, because you just swept me off your feet.”
“Do you like KFC? Because you’re finger lickin’ good.”
“What’s on the menu? Me-n-u.”
“I’m no photographer, but I can picture us together.”
“Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”
“You must be tired. You’ve been running through my mind all day long.”


Okay so I went on a Scavenger Hunt™ for Anti stuff. Here we go.

•1 Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location episode 1. The first time we see Anti. Almost everyone knows this already, but I thought I’d start from the beginning. He appears a few times (I don’t have the exact times, but if you’d like to find them go ahead and add them!) throughout the video. The secret message in the description of this video is above. “You waited a long time Now I wake”

•2 FNAF: Sister Location ep 2. “Follow the signs Release me” Now what does this mean? I mean obviously these little hints are here for a reason, which leads to the release of Anti. We’ll get to that later.

•3,4,&5 FNAF: Sister Location ep 3. BUCKLE UP OKAY. SO! I never noticed this before, like I just now saw this, he says “I see you understand me, keep watching” and there’s a link. The link takes you to a video (5) with the description “Very good you may be worthy” (4). The video is all black and it has creepy sounds in the back. It legitimately gave me the shivers. Clever, clever boy. ALSO in episode 3 it’s like legitimately 2 seconds in when Anti shows up. As soon as he top of the mornin whip cracks, Anti pops up.

•6 FNAF: Sister Location ep 4. As the Sister Location series comes to a close, the Anti vibes still continue to grow. He’s also in this video. The description reads “Its almost time I grow stronger” he’s ready to show himself.

•7 The Big Reveal™. It’s Halloween so Jack is carving a pumpkin, but throughout the video Anti is showing up. Eventually, towards the end of the video (I forget the exact time) Anti shows up and he kills Jack. This is when Anti speaks for the first/longest time. We get an earful from this maniac, which the community just ate up. FINALLY he comes! The description reads “You wanted me well here I am”. The day after this Jack posts a vlog saying Anti won’t be coming back, but boy was he wrong.

•8 Detention. So Detention was a very good game for what we had seen of it at the time. The first episode was creepy, but didn’t actually have any Anti appearances. Which, it is February at this time so that would make sense. We weren’t really expecting it. Then Detention ep 2 has this little message in the description “Fogotten or just too afraid to remember?” I remember when Anti popped up for like a split second and I sat for at least 5 minutes going back and trying to screenshot every tiny part to get everything Anti was doing. Ahh, good times.

•9 Detention ep 3. Episode 3 was a doosey. The episode itself was really good and creepy, but also I mean Anti. What did you expect, that’s what this whole post is about. Description says “Broken spirit let me out”

•10 Detention ep 4. The end of Detention had many Anti appearances. I think there was like 3-5 (again, not sure.) The description in this video said “Betrayal, neglect, mistake” which is basically us forgetting about him. Or, at least that’s what I think. The thumbnails for this series had hella Anti vibes, which was awesome. I love the thumbnail for this episode.

•I don’t have any more pictures (I realized while writing this I didn’t check some videos so PLEASE add what I missed onto this!) but we don’t see Anti for a little bit after this. I believe we don’t see him again until PAX takeover. Well, there’s hints and things like on social media (Instagram) but we don’t get an ACTUAL appearance until PAX (I think.)

•PAX Takeover. I cleared my whole day so I could watch that heckin livestream because I couldn’t go to PAX. So I was sitting and waiting for it to start and when it did my computer was being dumb so I went to use my phone. As soon as Jack said “We’re gonna record a little message.” And Anti popped up MY PHONE CRASHED so I was screaming because Anti and my phone. Then I found the video (I STILL get giddy watching the video) and I got chills when Anti said “I’ve always been here…Always watching”. He also said “You found someone new, threw me aside.” Which I, and some others, thought this was an indirect at Dark because Dark had just had his reappearance on A Date With Markiplier. Jack later confirmed Anti was talking about Sean not Dark.

•Most recent Anti appearance. So a few days ago Epidemic episode 1 had a split second where Anti glitched in. Whether this was just a way to make the video feel better or some insight (I can’t think of the right word) into another return is unknown. Maybe he will come back, maybe it was just a tease. Who knows?

•Anti Lore™. Jack has been dropping some SICK Anti lore during livestreams and stuff. It’s been pretty great. Here recently he’s been re-blogging stuff about Anti A LOT. Does he have something planned? Probably not, but you bet your buttons I’m gonna theorize about it!

So that was my Anti Scavenger Hunt. It’s been a blast! I would’ve gone more in-depth, but this was a nice time. Maybe next time I do one of these I’ll work a bit harder. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if I missed something or was wrong about something add on to the post. I want to hear thoughts about this. Send stuff to my ask box too because I want to talk about it. Anyways, sorry for the long rambly post! Enjoy!

hetalia fandom explores a lot of cool concepts but it’s so fucking problematic this fandom terrifies me sometimes and also with just hetalia itself there’s so many things that I just wish weren’t there

like ya know, the trivialization of that period of history and the atrocities and bloodshed that occurred and still has witness to bear testimony to it today to silliness and awful WWII-related “ohhh they invaded that country ha ha ha>:DD” jokes (because rape jokes are funny right)

also the nice thing where people for a while felt justified wearing fucking nazi uniforms as cosplay

and also the show’s literally called “Axis Powers Hetalia” so that’s nice, by nice I mean that’s awful why Himaruya

in general I feel a whole lot of ways towards Himaruya and they’re not all good but this isn’t supposed to be a long post so I’m not going into it 

also the show goes off of stereotypes and that sounds harmless since it’s supposed to be “lightly poking fun” at those stereotypes and all, but it. does a fair amount of harm. also some of the stereotypes brought up in the earlier strips and fanon are quite offensive.(ex: s.outh k.orea)

and also so much offensive insensitive shit has been said about these countries because people don’t seem to care about the fact that these characters aren’t just characters, they’re based off of real countries with actual people and cultures and hence even for a show that goes off stereotypes, there are boundaries but who cares, right, it’s just fiction so it’s totally not offensive to say that “all italians are cowards and useless” and that “all french people are rapists” or whatever!1!

and speaking of which, the gross throwing around of terms such as “rapist” and “pedo” and whatnot (stares at btt trio and the really bad parts of their fandoms) because holy shit do I even need to explain why that’s bad at this point

and that’s even acknowledging that some of the stuff I just rambled about was from earlier strips, ok, fair. but there are still lots of issues with it

hhhh fuck “I don’t want this to be long” my ass this wasn’t supposed to be a discourse post
it was supposed to be “I like hetalia but I … have a lot of problems with it”

anonymous asked:

So why is it important to tell people not to ship shiro with other paladins? I mean, I dont personally see him being involved that way with them but is it really important to tell another person how they should think or what they should like? I understand why you dont like it but why not seperate from it so you dont see it and just not give a shit about what someone else is into and just not get involved in their personal life since ya dont know them (hopefully?)

Speaking out against sh*ladin ships is literally SO IMPORTANT because they’re normalizing pedophila and exposing minors to a dangerous mindset. I don’t actively seek out and harass sh*ladin shippers, I block them as they appear. I don’t want those kinds of people to be near me. But???? You’re basically saying “yeah i dont see why u care that ppl are engaging in pedophilic art/content u should just ignore it”. I’m not??? Going to ignore such a big issue. Sh*ro is an ADULT. a confirmed 25 year old. And the paladins are MINORS. p*dge is essentially a CHILD. the age gap/power imbalance is seriously insane. I’m voicing my disapproval because I AM LITERALLY A MINOR MYSELF and the fact that people think it’s okay to ship a 25 year old with minors is disgusting and?? should not continue. It’s gross that we even have to deal with people like that in the first place. And I DO give a shit about what those nasty shaladingdongs ship because it is not!! okay!!!!!!! for an adult to think it’s okay to romantically pursue a minor/for a minor to think that’s its NORMAL for someone so much older than them to pursue them. So, yeah.

things new to who blogs should know

  • there’s a difference between old high, modern and circular gallifreyan
  • old high gallifreyan is spoken by very few, most can only read circular and it is mostly used in computarized means while handwritten messages use modern 
  • not every gallifreyan becomes a time lord
  • not every time lord becomes a renegade, that is rare and unwanted
  • time lords who do not belong in the high council rarely leave gallifrey and have no access to time vessels
  • not every time lord has access to a fobwatch and a fobwatch is no means of punishment or a common / painless / easy procedure . it’s beyond extreme
  • the doctor is the exception to time lord culture, not the rule
  • during the time war there was a strict military fighfting outside the planet and most of the civilian population remained  obvlious inside the citadel until the last and most critical days of the time war

Considering how my paras are always meant to be more “ideal” forms of me, there are things about them that almost always are exactly the same as me. My paras normally react the same way I do when there’s an argument, they normally have only one parent, they don’t have a good connection with their extended family at all, they always end up liking video games; they just end up having the same parts as me for some things. It’s probably for the sake of being easy, but sometimes I just wonder why these are the things that stay the same.

He Can Try

Title: He Can Try
Pairing: Peter Parker/You (Romantic), Tony Stark/You (parental)
Character(s): Peter Parker/Spiderman, Stark!reader
Plot: Cocky Stark genetics vs cute boys
Warnings: none?
Words: 1155
 A/N: cinematic continuum? What’s that? :)
A/n 2: requested by Frosty0Python on Wattpad

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Jughead Jones x Reader: The Happy Homeless Couple


Hi love ur writing can you do a jughead imagine were him and the reader are dating she the reader is homeless like jughead and she lives with him and he asks the reader to marry him. 👑👑👑


A/N: Okay this one was cute to write so I hope you guys enjoy it and I lived up to the requestor’s vision. I honestly changed the title like 10 times until I came up with this one. Sorry for being a bit slow on the requests I just want to make sure I am proud of them and hopefully you guys are too. My request are open so go ahead and submit imagines you guys want me to add to my list (Riverdale Characters, my most famous ones are Reggie & Jughead; Currently working one of Archie).

Words: 1641

Summary: Things weren’t good at home for Reader she has no choice but to leave. Jughead being your boyfriend lets you move in with him (He’s homeless too)

Spoilers: You get engaged to Jughead.

Warnings: A bit of a sad beginning = An asshole dude trying to make a move on you.

Your family had taken a rough turn after your father died in a car accident coming home from a business trip. Your mother couldn’t handle the burden of a funeral and you had to plan and organize it, the good outcome is that you weren’t alone and your boyfriend Jughead and your friends helped you through it all.

Your mother started with wine and the wine escalated to binge drinking beers. That escalated to toxic guys from the bar.

Now you had to lock the door in your room and that “safety” was soon ripped away by one of your mothers Neanderthals.

You were fast asleep when you felt a new weight on your bed.

GET OFF ME!” you yelled at the tall drunk man trying to take advance on you while your mom was black out drunk in her room. You pushed him to the floor and grabbed the closest thing to you which was a vase and smashed in his head as he escaped your fury.

You ran to close and lock the door once you saw that he picked it which made you feel so violated.

You packed your school supplies and left your home in the middle of the night.

You would try to tell your mom, but at the moment that was worthless.

You made your way to Jughead at the Twilight Drive-In.

“Babe” Jughead said in a sleepy voice after you blew up his phone and knocked on the door.

His face quickly grew worried as he saw you with your bag and your puffy eyes because of the crying that took place after the incident.

You told Jughead the whole story in between sobs. You didn’t even realize when you both fell asleep as the alarm rang to get ready for school.

“You don’t have to go” Jughead spoke putting on a t-shirt “To school, just take the day off if you need to”

“I can’t, it’s our senior year Juggie” you reassured your boyfriend “I am going to see her to tell her about that asshole.”

“I’m not letting you go alone, what if that asshole is there?” Jughead spoke protectively.

“You can come, we’re just going to be late for class” you added getting out of the drive-in hoping your mom would believe you and try to fix her ways.

You went to your mom that morning, she was getting over a hangover and told her what happened hoping this would open her eyes. She would get better and you both would report the guy.

She didn’t, she blamed you because that asshole “loved her, and you were just asking for it.”

You couldn’t believe how low she’d fallen, in tears Jughead in shock of your mothers venomous words comforted you.

Jughead helped you pack the rest of your things and leave the place once called home and it was once safe with a person who you once you as your mother.

You walked out the door of the hollow, heartless place hoping maybe she would stop you, she didn’t.

You didn’t want to be a burden to Jughead but he refused to let you go unless you stayed with Betty or Veronica. Your friends didn’t even know about Jughead’s situation and you knew going with them would involve too many questions and that was something you couldn’t do. You couldn’t repeat what you told Jughead about that night, you would never hear the end with the whispers of this town.


Graduation day came as you and Jughead got accepted to the same colleges and leaving Riverdale just like all of your friends.

You poked fun at Jug about the fact that he couldn’t wear the crown beanie which was part of his signature look, but he decided to wear it under his graduation cap which made him looked ridiculous.

You finally met the infamous Jellybean as Jughead’s mom greeted you both before the ceremony began.

You hoped maybe your mom would show up since the school sent her an invitation about the ceremony, that maybe just maybe like in the movies she would support you and you two would make up and all would be well in the world, but she didn’t show up. You scanned the crowd while you received your fake diploma that only had a notice as to when you’re actual diploma would arrive and there was no sign of her. It was as if she never existed, no texts, no calls, nothing. It finally hit you that the only family you had was your friends and your boyfriend. Maybe that would be enough because at least they cared.

You and your friends were beyond excited about the new chapter in your life that was about to commence right after they handed you your diplomas.

After the ceremony you still saw a bit of nerves flowing in your boyfriends Jughead and decided to confront him about them as you all made your way to Veronica’s house for a graduation party for you all.

You were all going to different universities so you decided to have a graduation party together as all the parents agreed. It was a great idea at the beginning, but it turned a bit cathartic once the planning commenced so you all let Betty and Veronica take care of it.

“Hey is everything fine? You’ve been quite jittery” you asked Jughead linked in hands as he places a kiss on your forehead.

“What? No yeah, I’m good” he answered distractedly as he opened the knocked on Veronica’s pent house door.

Soon inside you met with plenty of familiar faces you would soon start to miss as you would move away and start your new lives.

You walked to the dessert table to grab a small chocolate to ease your appetite before the dinner when you over heard what sounded like Jughead and Archie.

“So todays the day Jug, how do you feel?” Archie claimed

“Good, Nervous, would be better if you stopped bringing it up every second Arch” your boyfriend whispered back.

“Hey (Y/N)” Betty spoke extra cheery which made you wonder if she knew what was going on, but as you were about to ask the blond they had announced dinner and you all made your way to the table and enjoyed the food accompanied with plenty of stories and laughs.

“Attention everyone” Veronica proclaimed as Kevin rang his fork against a glass cup.

“I have a couple of friends who would like to make an announcement” the raven haired girl beamed with happiness as Archie stood up.

At first you thought you guys were going around the table to say some heartfelt things about each other and your time here at Riverdale until the ginger began to speak.

“As you all may know, Jughead and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember” Archie began.

“Well with that memory of yours” Reggie mocked as you chuckled.

“Shut it Reggie” Josie smacked him in the shoulder.

“As I was saying, I am very happy to let Jughead continue but before he does, I just wanted to point out how head over heels (Y/N) has him and I have never seen him as happy as he is with you” Archie motions to you and you blushed still a bit oblivious as to what was going on and Jughead rose from his seat.

“Um, As you all may know (Y/N) and I have been together since I finally had the guts to ask her out in our sophomore year after knowing her all my life. We both have been through plenty of ups and downs in our lives, and believe it or not she is the only person that has ever worn my beanie” the whole room chuckled and you sat there smiling like a dork still not catching a drift as to where Jughead was going with this heartfelt speech.

“She has been my rock through plenty of my problems even before we started dating, and I hope she can say the same about me” he continued and you nodded “but what you all don’t know is that family wise there is not much besides my mom and jellybean and they had to move away, and my girl here lost her father in a terrible way and her mom as well along the way” Jughead revealed as you grabbed his hand and Jughead turned to face you.

“(Y/N) you and I, that’s pretty much all we have. We are going to start a new life away from all of these people, we’ve both have been broken, but we glue each other back as much as we can. We have been living together for the last year or so” and you heard a bit of whispers around the table but you kept your eyes on your boyfriend “I don’t see my life without you babe, I remember you left for an internship the summer after our freshmen year. I couldn’t stop thinking how much I missed you and that’s what drove me to ask you out. It was the best decision I took until now” Jughead kneeled down on one leg as the table erupted with gasps and you covered your mouth with your right hand as he kept hold of your left hand.

“(Y/N), I know we are moving together, but I love you and yes were young and I don’t care. I want to know if you would like to spend the rest of your life with me, be my family and I’ll be yours” he came to a conclusion and you nodded yes with some tears escaping your eyes as he placed the ring on your finger and the room filled with clapping and cheers and you pulled your now fiancé into a hug and a passionate kiss.

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sunny day

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The joys of having a muse that doesn’t speak your language, amiright? Just like writing anything that you don’t know about, it’s fine if you put in effort to research and understanding the subject. However, languages usually take longer than a quick Google search to master.

That is why I’d like to remind those who use Google Translate for the language’s actual symbols and lettering that it is not reliable. In fact, it is painfully obvious and anyone on your dashboard who is well versed in that language might be wriggling in agony over the inaccuracies. As someone who is familiar with multiple languages, I can tell you from experience Google Translate can help with one or two word translations, but anything beyond that is usually a little or totally off.

Don’t get me wrong here, if that’s how you’d like to do things, float your boat like that. Roleplaying is meant to be fun! Just toss out a disclaimer in your rules perhaps. 

However, if you’re reconsidering how to incorporate multilingualism into your threads, here are some tips ( besides all that amazing research you’ve done ):

     1. Use different word styles. By highlighting using bold/italics/brackets/etc you can indicate they are speaking in another language. For example:

Character A: <I love showing my crotch for gorillas.>
Character B: Was that French? What’d you say?

“*I love frogs that ride unicycles!” She exclaimed in Chinese. He had no idea what she just said.

     2. Ask an expert if they’re around. Acknowledge you are not an overnight expert at this, and I’m sure if you know someone they’re more than willing to help with a few phrases worth of translating.

     3. Avoid it. If your partner’s muse does not know this language, they do not need any more information. Often times writing out the translation causes the other to somehow act with an inkling of what’s going on. So, omitting it can provide a much more realistic tone. For example:

He yelled something unintelligible, though the few who understood looked up in shock.

Another thing I’ve seen is adding snippets of a language into their speech. For example, many French muses I encounter say things as “mon ami”, “excusez-moi” or give quite literal nicknames.

I highly encourage you to reconsider if they’d do these things. Are they the type to blurt out confusing bits of foreign languages? Most multilingual people I know of refrain from doing this, unless they are stuck or trying to explain just what they are trying to translate. it adds much more realism than pulling out words you don’t know for your character to seem cool or different. As for literal nicknames; the French can call someone a cabbage out of endearment, and I think that just goes to show all the fascinating traditions that have collected into a single language.

Of course, if there are more helpful tips feel free to add on. If you disagree with me, please go ahead and tell me in my inbox. I’d actually be very curious to know why ( if you aren’t too rude ). With that said, I’d like to reiterate that having fun is the most important. Toss out a disclaimer and continue on using Google if you feel comfortable that way. Thanks for considering this, have a great day!

T-REX RACE & OPENING CEREMONY (Winter Games) / requested by anon! thankyou!! request gifs here

Pay attention, you can see Wes go in to panic mode when he realizes.

On the subject of white washing...

Because this bothers me a lot, I see these posts (mostly about Lance) being whitewashed in art/edits/canon and it’s really getting under my skin. Especially when 90%of the complaints are just the fact that the lighting has changed the way a characters skin looks (that doesn’t make them white) 

Below, this is a screen shot straight from the show, unedited. If you compare it to character bio’s off the show it will look more saturated, that’s just the way it is and it goes for all the characters (official art always looks more vibrant):

Next is the same image saturated, this is not whitewashing, every colour has been saturated, a saturated image is not whitewashing:

Okay now let’s just see what the character skin looks like with the colour filters from their lions (just to give you an idea of how skin changes colour with different lightings, but I’m not going to sit here replicating ever specific lighting effect the creators used):

And now this is what whitewashing looks like,
Lance’s skin tone in the below image has literally been swapped out with no lighting effects, all the other characters skin is the same. 

I’m not saying whitewashing characters is a good thing. But a character being in lighting that makes them look pale doesn’t change their ethnicity.

- If you feel I’m wrong/have an opinion to add go ahead and let me know. I’m not going to sit here and claim like I know it all, maybe you know something I don’t - 

Smuttyfairy Group Chat

Hey yall Admin Kookfairy here and Im here to open up a groupchat with all the admins to celebrate the blog hitting 15k!! You can get a real look at how we communicate with each other and see our love for each other 😂

Its also super simple to join!! We all use the app Kakao Talk, if you dont have kkt (kakao) you can just download it and hella easy to set up! Just have a phone number you can sign up with!!

[Compatible with iphone & android]

Once you have KKT just go ahead and add me, my user is LovelyDevas, and shoot me a quick message saying you want to join the chat! Im once this is posted ill probably go to sleep and start adding whoever messaged me in the morning!

But about like chat limit, it depends on how many people want to join, a chat of 70 people can be a bit…overwhelming..we know from experience. But we will try to add as many of you as possible!!!

Just to reiterate how to join:

1. login or make a kakao talk account

2. Add me as LovelyDevas

3. Shoot me a message telling me youre interested

4. Wait to be added!

Super simple so lets go and have fun :D

-Admin Kookfairy

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