go ahead go ahead and light up the town!

After saving a bandit Lord after the undead they were working with turned on them;

Shaman: I stab his leg.

GM: Okay, go ahead and roll damage.

Barbarian: As she does that can I go ahead and knock him out?

GM: Sure, go ahead and roll a strength-

Barbarian: Nat 20

GM: Okay. He’s out like a light.

Barbarian: Okay, I’m going to tie him up.

GM: Alright, I’d say… Hrm. Just go ahead and make a basic int check to see if you can remember some good knots to use.

Barbarian: … Natural 20.

GM: Really?

Barbarian: Yes.

GM: … You tie him up immaculately. With like, a bow and everything.

Barbarian: Can I fashion him into a sling?

GM: With that roll, sure.

Barbarian: I fashion him into a man-bag.

Upon returning to the town to turn the bandit Lord in:

Local Guard: <Snort> Nice man-bag.

Barbarian: Thanks.