go ae jung x dokko jin

Dokko-jin : Are you wearing frog costume to do a sexy dance today?
Ae-jung : No, I’m pretending to be a frog, so I’m going to do a long jump.
Dokko-jin : Will you be able to jump with that big belly?
Ae-jung : No matter what, I’m still a human. So if I’m competing as a frog, I should have a disadvantage to be fair.
Dokko-jin : The weather is very hot today. Go Ae-jung the frog will be exhausted.[…]so Go Ae-jung the frog, do your best and jump, okay?
Ae-jung : Ahh, I wish he’d gotten angry instead. Why is he acting so cool? I shouldn’t look for the sneakers. If I found them, I would want to wear them. If I wear them, I’d want to run to him. There shouldn’t be any attachment…