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anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

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What methods do you use to make your art look so animated anyway? :0 It seriously looks great!!

Well there’s the obvious, of course. Line of Action, all that

use of weight and gravity to energize a pose, that helps show that it’s mid-motion

utilizing angles for just a lil’ extra spice

but also, there’s a sort of mentality. 

In drawings, you’ll have to get a little creative with animated expression. After all,

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I was wondering where can I learn more trivia and basically be smarter in general

Welcome to your one stop shop of knowledge, aka Reddit threads:

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Your opinions on grade changes aren't bad. Actually many conversations I've had with teachers lean towards the change of school systems in general.

Oh heck yeah, changes definitely need to be made, and not just to grades! The whole system is whack, and a lot of it just sets students up for failure >:/ 

I used to think that I only thought that way because I was an angsty lazy fake-rebellious teenager, but I still feel the same way years later haha ^^;

  • Newbie in the fandom: I just want to read fanfiction of my ship! That's all I want... Any fic is fine. I just really want to read fanfics of my ship!!!´
  • Ancient in the fandom: [Monday] Today I am in the mood for a +20k word fic, it has to be a drama AU where character A is the owner of a multimillionaire company and character B is hired by a rival company to go undercover in character A's company but character A and character B start out on bad terms but then fall in love with each other until the truth is revealed, also, aliens must be involved.
  • [Thursday] SMUT!!!!
INTP/INTP Relationship
  • <p> <b></b> *sitting in the park on a bench, holding hands while A reads a Wikipedia article about the Higgs-Boson while B is mostly daydreaming about concepts*<p/><b>B:</b> Look at that old lady over there<p/><b>A:</b> *glances up* Which one?<p/><b>B:</b> *nods in general direction* right there. Feeding the squirrel<p/><b>A:</b> She looks crazy<p/><b>B:</b> She looks... Interesting.<p/><b>A:</b> But she's mostly crazy.<p/><b>B:</b> I guess.<p/><b>A:</b> She obviously has no regard for her safety. Who knows whether or not that squirrel has rabies? And besides, it's unsafe for the squirrel too.<p/><b>B:</b> And causes the squirrel to have decreased fear of humans. Oh! What if eventually all squirrels stopped being afraid of humans and then rose up to take over the world?<p/><b>A:</b> *opens a new tab to Google squirrels* I don't know. There would probably have to be some sort of - Oh yeah! The food the humans give them could have chemicals that cause them to mutate to become more intelligent and able to take over the world!<p/><b>B:</b> A squirrel apocalypse!<p/><b>A:</b> Yep. That lady's probably a psychopath. She's plotting world domination by squirrel. She's feeding it chemicals.<p/><b>B:</b> And trying to acclimate it to humans so it won't fear us. I bet she's teaching it our ways.<p/><b>A:</b> She's definitely teaching it our ways.<p/><b></b> *woman's grandchild runs up to her*<p/><b>B:</b> She's going to pass on her plans to him.<p/><b>A:</b> Or turn him into a squirrel-human hybrid<p/><b>B:</b> She doesn't look the type. What would a human-squirrel even do?<p/><b>A:</b> I dunno. Be able to climb trees.<p/><b>B:</b> Would storing nuts in their cheeks be useful?<p/><b>A:</b> Maybe. How about a flying squirrel?<p/><b>B:</b> Makes more sense. But that would probably get in the way a lot.<p/><b>A:</b> That's actually kind of gross when you think about it.<p/><b>B:</b> Oh shit, yeah. Wingsuits all the way.<p/><b>A:</b> I wonder if it's possible to imitate a bird's flight.<p/><b>B:</b> I don't know. Birds move their wings weird. Kind of like - *lets go of A's hand to awkwardly flap arms, twisting them around*<p/><b>A:</b> *giggles a little bit*<p/><b>B:</b> *takes A's hand again* You know, they sort of have to bend or something. So the air force when the move their wings up doesn't push them back down.<p/><b>A:</b> How could you replicate that with technology lightweight enough to allow human flight?<p/><b>B:</b> Damn that would be interesting.<p/><b>A:</b> Crazy squirrel lady probably has a prototype.<p/><b>B:</b> Her daughter built the prototype and is testing it on the kid.<p/><b>A:</b> Probably.<p/><b>B:</b> Definitely.<p/><b>A:</b> Probably in her garage somewhere.<p/><b>B:</b> She probably has a lair.<p/><b>A:</b> Hidden behind a bookshelf full of books about squirrels.<p/><b>B:</b> Yep.<p/><b>A:</b> Mhm.<p/><b></b> *they both smile to themselves, glance at each other momentarily, then squeeze the other person's hand, falling silent as A goes on reading articles and B stares at squirrels suspiciously, plotting a cure for their theoretical mutation*<p/></p>
  • Me: *studies hard in school to get all A's, go to a really good college and study medicine, goes to the best medical school in the world costing me $1,000,000 to get the best results to become a surgeon*
  • Me: this is nothing like greys anatomy