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ryan ross peeks from the bushes of a dog park, He, Diligently, he watches for his next mission. beads of sweat form on his brow and he concentrates ever so quietly, plotting his next move. the thickly leaves from the bushes scuff across his 950 dollar gucci slippers. he takes a liver treat from his pocket and tosses it beside him. he waits. a nice and tall dog, perhaps one of the bloodhound family tracks the scent from 50 feet away. he trots towards it without hesitation as it’s owner converses with another dog owner with an english mastiff. theyre too caught up in their conversation about effects of 700 milligrams of niquil to notice that hes pulled the dog in with a kong ball, approx. 4 inches in diameter. he bounces it into the van and quickly drives off. he has a new dog. checking his tag, his name is elwood. all is good and he is eating that treat

One of the weirdest things about the ending to 7x05 is why Sandor is looking at Gendry like this.

Is he worried that Gendry will tell Jon about the fact that Arya hated him? because Gendry said don’t trust any of them.

or did Arya tell the Hound she thought Gendry was dead cause I don’t understand why they are focusing on Sandor’s reaction to Gendry in front of him.

I am really satisfied with this season of got, I mean all the reunions and all the badassery and MY SON GENDRY IS FINALLY BACK :))))))))))))))))))))))

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how about Pepperony + pregnancy announcement for trope prompt?

(Warning for misogyny).

Pepper lectures Tony for four consecutive hours over keeping his mouth shut. She has it all planned out. Quiet announcement at the four month mark, about the end of the time where she can get away with keeping it private, if she wants to remain a public figure.

And, god, Tony is so proud, so over-the-moon-excited-proud, and so prone to bursting out good news when he feels that people should be celebrating with him. But they’re going to wait.

First, they’re going to wait to make sure this is a sure-ish thing–she doesn’t mention this to Tony even though she’s sure he’s thought about it, but she’s over forty now, in a high-stress lifestyle–then give themselves as much time to handle this privately as they possibly can. The longer she can go without paparazzi hounding her for baby names and belly shots, the happier this pregnancy will be.

Tony agrees instantly, and she’s pretty sure he’d agree to anything she wants, a theory tested and proven when he runs out at nearly midnight to buy cherry Garcia ice cream because “cravings,” even though cravings in the first trimester aren’t typical and she’s certainly not having any stronger than usual.

Still, Tony’s sweet and accommodating, and, as previously noted, over-the-moon at the idea of a baby. Their baby. He’s nervous, too, but thankfully not to the point of nervous public babbling.

It probably shouldn’t surprise her that she’s the one who blows it, even if only by technicality.

She’s just past the three month mark, so she supposes she made it further in this than she truly expected, given the total lack of privacy in their life. She’s started to think about finding an interim CEO, to take her spot while she’s on maternity leave and Tony taking his paternity leave. She’s started to discretely shop for larger maternity clothes, and has conceded defeat in the heel department and invested in some good, dependable flats.

“Mr. Stark,” a paparazzi asks, cornering them on their way home from a lunch out. “What do you say to rumors that you’re planning to leave Ms. Potts, now that she’s started to let herself go?”

Tony looks so angry he could spit, red in the face and fists balled up.

Pepper starts to laugh. “Not happening, he’s stuck with me now,” she says, tugging on Tony’s shoulder so he turns to face her.

“Has he proposed? Is that why you feel the ability to focus less on appearances?”

Pepper snorts. “No further comment,” she says, before dragging Tony away before he can get a word in edgewise.

From there, it takes the gossip rags approximately four hours to put it together, her wearing flats, her not drinking when they go out, the weight gain.

“Potts and Stark–Iron Baby on the Way?”

“Next Generation Stark Heir”

“Potts Tames Playboy”

Of course, Pepper’s never one to be outdone, and she did have a reveal planned.

So she waits twenty-four hours, then has FRIDAY snap a picture of them, Tony’s face pressed against her belly. He likes to whisper to the baby. Tell the truth, she likes it too, which her fond expression in the picture makes evident.

She uploads it to Tony’s instagram account with his murmured permission–he barely looks up from her stomach–with nothing but a heart as a comment. The world can make what they want of that.

She and Tony are busy having a conversation with their baby.

Well…apparently a good old chuckle means I get catapulted through a wall??

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