Ishida and Pokemon Go

Most people probably saw it already, but here’s some of the posts from yesterday translated. Bold text means it’s someone else and not Ishida talking. His answer is added to that with an /.

Looking forward to the Pokemons in Fukuoka. I’ll make an appereance as well.

Good evening. Pinsirs are all over the Nanakuma Train Station(‘∀’*) / Pinsir! This is interesting… Thank you! 

There’s a Bulbasaur in Osaka! / Too far away!

The Ōhori Park’s full of Pikachus, Sensei!! / What did you just say…

Here you go. [The image below was attached to this.] / Not erotic. [Alt: Not lewd enough.]

Got a Pikachu and a Chaizard at the Ōhori Park! / I see…!? 

Wow…! I’m having trouble at the gyms…

My sister found a Ivysaur. I feel so stupid. (By the way, I’m at level 11 now)

There was a Pikachu at the Ōhori Park. I’ll get back to work.

Looking at his progress in like 8 hours (and I’m pretty sure he didn’t walk around playing PG for that long), he either spend a good amount of cash on this or he’s plain insane. Also you may meet him someday if you lurk around the Ōhori Park.


“I don’t fucking want to be just friends” Jungkook says finally.
And that’s when he kisses him.

insp. by let’s not fall in love by Jungkoojk