go! rhinos

a list of things peter would like to complain about

  • enhanced senses are bullshit, they should have come with an off switch
  • why does nobody give me money for this shit, saving the world ain’t cheap you know, enhanced metabolism means ten times the food bill
  • got bit by a hairy goddamn spider and i still can’t grow a full beard
  • enhanced senses are bullshit, i can only wear like five kinds of fabrics now, which means the spider suit can’t be fucking kevlar
  • also since the suit is thin, fucking thongs, most of my underwear drawer is thongs now and i don’t have an excuse if somebody finds out
  • why are all my villains just jacked furries, is it the suit???, i can rebrand, it’s not too late
  • speaking of, why does like half my rogues gallery like to lob slime or goo at me, like what is the appeal, get a more practical weapon loser
  • enhanced senses are bullshit and the sun is literally evil, i’m adding it to my villains list, it’s going somewhere above rhino but definitely below electro
  • i would like to stop getting molested by aliens every other week
  • why isn’t one of my powers not being afraid of spiders anymore, rude
  • dear civilians, if i am around, you should be running, i stg if one more person tries to get me to take a selfie with them while im being crushed to death i will… i will do… something bad probably, fuck
  • dear avengers, stop pulling the “you’re too young to do this peter” shit and then turn around and tell me i’m “too old to be making these kinds of mistakes”, like am i a failed adult or a failed child, make up your minds
  • fuck you jj, i break your billboards on purpose, and i shred your insurance paperwork so you never get anything out of it, that was me!, it’s always me, i befriended people in the accounting department just so i could sneak a peek at the quarterly expenses and fucking laugh at how much money you spend on new goddamn fucking billboards, this is the only thing in life that brings me joy now, so fuck you

scottieisstressed  asked:

idk if you're still doing hc's but hc that evan loves animals like he loves trees

wow, what a boy! I love him.

-You go outside for lunch and you see him feeding a squirrel and you just?? Melt bc wow, what a boi.

-you have dog/cat and whenever he’s over it’s always in his lap?? He loves them so much it’s insane.

-whenever you go outside for a walk or something, he always looks for animals and if he sees one, he recites the animals complete history of the species. He’s adorable.

-sometimes you catch yourself looking at a squirrel or something, and Evans’ voice pops into your head with a random squirrel fact and you are just like??? what??? why is his voice in your head???

-One time you caught him watching documentaries on animal planet about how some rhino is going extinct and he was almost in tears

-So many animal facts?? Out of nowhere?


Spider-Man Comic: Mary Jane Watson [ENFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by mysterylover123

Dominant Extroverted Intuition (Ne) MJ is always on the lookout for new ideas and new ways to enjoy herself. She doesn’t like to be in one place for too long, or to do anything for more than a few minutes. In the first comic she appears she out of nowhere suggests that they go to see the Rhino because “it would be a kick”. MJ is creative and willing to change careers and life paths very easily; she starts off as an actress, then becomes a dancer, then a supermodel. MJ has severe commitment issues, and tells Peter firmly that “little ol’ Mary Jane is too free a spirit to tie herself down to any one swinger”. She gets the reputation of being really flighty and shallow because she is so flirtatious, sociable, and easily bored.

Auxiliary Introverted Feeling (Fi) MJ pretends she has no feelings and tries not to express herself emotionally. She deals with her real feelings privately; when MJ has a real strong emotion, she contemplates it on her own. The most notable part of her character for years was her apparent lack of caring about anything. MJ is determined to stick with who she is, refusing to change for the opinions of others. She’s a moral girl who reprimands Peter when he does something she feels is wrong, like keeping the black suit. MJ feels very deeply but tries to avoid real emotional expression, rarely acting affectionate with anyone.

Tertiary Extroverted Thinking (Te) MJ is supremely confident in herself; her very first line is “Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot!”. She’s very opinionated and quick to share her thoughts on everything she sees (“It bugs you when I’m alone with Petey, doesn’t it Gwen?”). MJ is more capable of organizing other people than she appears, being the one in charge of money in the Parker household.

Inferior Introverted Sensing (Si) MJ struggles the most with her past; She has vivid memories of her family life and her abusive father and won’t find peace until she confronts this aspect of her life. MJ has a traditional side and eventually settles down and marries Peter.

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Wild Man Fischer - Monkeys Versus Donkeys

Larry “Wild Man” Fischer (born Lawrence Wayne Fischer, November 6, 1944 in Los Angeles, California) is a prolific songwriter in the outsider genre. He is notable for being responsible for Rhino Records’ first release, Go To Rhino Records (1975). Described by Allmusic as “certified paranoid schizophrenic and acid casualty”, Fischer’s highly unusual style has developed a cult following.

sixba  asked:

“Boundaries. This is my personal bubble.”


Zazu pointed a wingtip in the space surrounding Simba and stepped closer to him again and began flattening the hair on his head.

“Boundaries or no boundaries, you are not going to meet the rhinos looking like a baboon just dragged you through the trees.”