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idk if you're still doing hc's but hc that evan loves animals like he loves trees

wow, what a boy! I love him.

-You go outside for lunch and you see him feeding a squirrel and you just?? Melt bc wow, what a boi.

-you have dog/cat and whenever he’s over it’s always in his lap?? He loves them so much it’s insane.

-whenever you go outside for a walk or something, he always looks for animals and if he sees one, he recites the animals complete history of the species. He’s adorable.

-sometimes you catch yourself looking at a squirrel or something, and Evans’ voice pops into your head with a random squirrel fact and you are just like??? what??? why is his voice in your head???

-One time you caught him watching documentaries on animal planet about how some rhino is going extinct and he was almost in tears

-So many animal facts?? Out of nowhere?


Recently got this random idea for a female Rhino Anthro. Not sure why, but after seeing how rare actual female rhino anthros/furry’s are, I just had to take the challenge. At the end, only thing I was not sure about was what Skin color I chould use for her. Classic Gray, some more brownish, or going Albino Rhino… but personal I think, the brown version looks the best, if you think other wise, please tell me and if you like her design in general. Is not much at the moment, but was still a nice little experiment.

Also not sure yet about the name. For the Albino version, I might would go with something like “Al Brino”, but for the other ones….

Also while working on this idea, kinda got an odd idea for a furry fighting game, where girls with different fighting skills, are invited onto an island and get turned into furrys, and now have to fight for getting turned back into humans (or preventing to get turned into full blown animals). But thats just a random idea for now.  Still would like to hear your thoughts about it. :3

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Is this Fleetwood Mac pack giveaway legit? I tried going on the rhino website and can't find it

Hey anon, it is legit. Vyper is just a giveway/contest platform. Rhino announced the giveaway on twitter. View it here.

Spider-Man Comic: Mary Jane Watson [ENFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by mysterylover123

Dominant Extroverted Intuition (Ne) MJ is always on the lookout for new ideas and new ways to enjoy herself. She doesn’t like to be in one place for too long, or to do anything for more than a few minutes. In the first comic she appears she out of nowhere suggests that they go to see the Rhino because “it would be a kick”. MJ is creative and willing to change careers and life paths very easily; she starts off as an actress, then becomes a dancer, then a supermodel. MJ has severe commitment issues, and tells Peter firmly that “little ol’ Mary Jane is too free a spirit to tie herself down to any one swinger”. She gets the reputation of being really flighty and shallow because she is so flirtatious, sociable, and easily bored.

Auxiliary Introverted Feeling (Fi) MJ pretends she has no feelings and tries not to express herself emotionally. She deals with her real feelings privately; when MJ has a real strong emotion, she contemplates it on her own. The most notable part of her character for years was her apparent lack of caring about anything. MJ is determined to stick with who she is, refusing to change for the opinions of others. She’s a moral girl who reprimands Peter when he does something she feels is wrong, like keeping the black suit. MJ feels very deeply but tries to avoid real emotional expression, rarely acting affectionate with anyone.

Tertiary Extroverted Thinking (Te) MJ is supremely confident in herself; her very first line is “Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot!”. She’s very opinionated and quick to share her thoughts on everything she sees (“It bugs you when I’m alone with Petey, doesn’t it Gwen?”). MJ is more capable of organizing other people than she appears, being the one in charge of money in the Parker household.

Inferior Introverted Sensing (Si) MJ struggles the most with her past; She has vivid memories of her family life and her abusive father and won’t find peace until she confronts this aspect of her life. MJ has a traditional side and eventually settles down and marries Peter.

Tangled!au chapter two!

It’s here you guys! Thanks for everything! We have both pots and they don’t quite meet yet… sorry not sorry! @kanarael’s au too!

Chapter two: a crown, a horse and an idiot.

Katsuki knew what he was doing was wrong. Did it stop him from doing it?
Did it make him feel the tiniest bit guilty?
Again, no.

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The Enemy - 3.07

In “The Enemy,” Riker, Worf and Geordi head down to the surface of some shithole for reasons that escape me (in my defense, I watched the first half of this episode a few weeks ago). The only real benefit is that we’re able to get some real good foul-weather acting out of our guys:

What Tyra wouldn’t give for some hair-in-breeze action shots like this

Geordi of course falls down a hole because of course he does:

You know if Geordi is gonna be a main focus of an episode that he’s going to end up at the bottom of a hole, emotional or otherwise

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What is the process of digital drawing with parametric cad softwares? I start with autocad for 2D, then I use SketchUp for a 3d model, 3dstudio and vray for a render and then photoshop for the details. Is it correct?

I don’t know, I have never designed using parametric cad softwares.

Can someone in the tumblrverse help us?

Originally posted by lightprocesses


mustithinkofaname said:

Hello! Concerning all the questions on digital design process: everyone has a different process, there is not really a ‘correct’ way. I personally tend to start in 3D then go 2D: rhino (sometimes grasshopper), autocad, illustrator and for renderings, V-Ray, photoshop. For students trying to expand their process: look into Revit, Rhino (and its many plugins), AutoCAD, SketchUp, V-Ray and 3dsMax. Students might also want to check out what the firms they hope to join work with. Hope this helped~

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Better starting point is rhino with the grasshopper plug in