i want to take the train and just go. go to another city and explore it by myself with music playing in my ears. sit in a cafe, sip some coffee while reading a book and watch other people. take pictures of famous attractions. talk with the people who live there and learn what they think about life. i always have this strong desire to go and explore. a never ending wanderlust for life.

Important OMGCP information!!!

I live in samwell. like, obviously not actually, but my town is exactly where samwell is on the map. i have noticed some things that people don’t rlly know are real things, so i decided to make a list
- andover is a real school. most ppl i know refer to it as phillips, but there’s also exeter which is also phillips so ????? it’s a hella nice private boarding school in andover.
- stop n shop is a supermarket and there are So Many of them it makes sense that there’s murder stop n shop and smelly stop n shop
- it’s honestly not that weird that nursey is always surrounded by leaves like as a person who is a Mess when there r leaves on the ground there r leaves on my body bc they stick to ur hair and ur clothes like mad
- probably everyone thinks the haus is haunted bc legit everywhere around here has at least one place where ppl swear there r ghosts - okay that’s it for now small town ppl feel free to add shit if u want bye

Commission Time!

alright.. i’m ready to take on more commissions. i’ll need to be doing them as much as possible for the next week, so it should be a quick turn around!

-If it takes me a while to respond to your email, please be patient! I tend to answer them as my ability to work on the commission opens up so just hold tight!

-I do not start the commission until after you have sent the payment.

-It will be $25 for one person colored and +$15 for every additional character added. If there is a lot of detail, it may be an additional charge. 

-please send references and let me know if you have an idea of what you want the characters to be doing! something like “draw something coupley” is better than not giving me an idea to start with at all!

-I will do ocs and fanart. I tend to stay away from gore unless it’s minor (i.e. a busted lip or a bloody nose). I don’t draw much nsfw either, but if it’s not explicit and it doesn’t make me uncomfortable then I might be down to draw it.


My email is taylertots.tumblr@gmail.com, so if you’re interested please email me!! Thank you very much!!!