This is just a reminder that when Sir Terry Pratchett was knighted, he dug up his own iron ore, learned to smelt, smelted it, added meteorite iron, learned to forge, and forged himself a starmetal sword. As you do.

And then he put it away somewhere safe so he wouldn’t violate any UK knife laws.


Made a pilgrimage to Sailsbury to The Sailsbury Museum today.
Well worth it! I probably could have spent all day looking at the pictures and artwork finding things I’d missed previously.

I couldn’t resist putting Rincewinds hat on!
I even found a Feegle hiding in the pottery

Treated myself to a luggage necklace (and a cat themed postcard for my dad)

“Death with Stray Cats,” by Paul Kidby
Discworld 2012 Calendar October Image

Cats can see Death.  In this image you get the sense these particular cats have seen him before…  It’s just so nice to know that Death likes cats but also cats like Death.