page 317 - if an enormous skeletal claw were to descend from the ceiling I think I would be okay with it. First off, I’d know nothing about it until it grabbed me because of how dark it tends to be in here. Secondly, cool, ya, that makes as much sense as anything else.

page 317 - I once got into a huge debate with myself whether it was possible to be sitting on the ground when you are underground. If so, I have been sitting on the ground for a long time, and if not I have been sitting on the hard stone surface that may be blocks assembled by a mason or may be stone, just stone, for a long time.

Hello here here and I’ve been think of it. Watching GT episode where bete noire release sans soul and corrupted with hate. So i realise that what happen when she release all their souls and do her bidding

I might be curious and I’m not such a good theory man here ._.

Animation and art belongs to @camilaart

P.S I might gonna fix the background cause it looks bad tho. Or the character….