stark-treks  asked:

Are you an agnostic atheist? Because I came out to my father that I'm an agnostic atheist, and he said that atheism is just another form of religion. To be 100% sure that there is no god is the same as saying you are 100% sure there is a god. I agree with my father, and I've been asking other atheist tumblrs if they agree with this line of reasoning. (and my definition of agnostic atheist is that there is a possibility there may be a god but I strongly think there is none.)

I am very much an agnostic atheist, but I would disagree that gnostic atheism is a religion in itself.  The evidence for a god at ANY step of the process, from the creation of the universe to the creation of life to everyday “miracles”, is completely non-existent.  I have various personal fancy scenarios that cause me to stay agnostic, but just because one is personally certain that there is no god does not make that person religious.  At worst it may indicate a lack of imagination.

~ Steve