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Ford rescuing Fidds who has been kidnapped to be the gnomes bride?

Ford did’t have time to untie him so he just grabbed him  and ran, and that thing Fiddleford is wearing is the official Gnome Queen bridal hat. 

Originally I was going to have it just be a flower crown, but I thought It’d be better to be some sort of reference to a Gnome hat.

(Fiddauthor fest Gift exchange prompts)

“The strange and wondrous secrets of Gravity Falls, Oregon.”

When Ford was trying to convince Dipper to be his apprentice, he says “I’ve been reading your additions to my journal, and I’m impressed with your potential!”


The page the journal flips open to is from “Tourist Trapped”.

 Mabel was the one who discovered that gnomes have a weakness to leaf blowers. Mabel was the one who found a way to trick and defeat the gnomes. Mabel discovered that, not Dipper.

And while yes, Dipper has made some amazing discoveries and contributed so much to the journals on his own, I think it says something that this is the page we see.

Despite Ford’s somewhat dismissal of Mabel, she’s still clever, and still valuable. Particularly to Dipper. She makes him stronger, and braver. Many people have already pointed out how Dipper is at his best when he’s protecting those around him.

Mabel has helped him by being there with him. But let’s not overlook that Mabel is a mystery solver in her own right. She is brave, and smart, and knows how to problem-solve. Sometimes, she just has a sillier solution. 


Jumanji Falls - Part 7

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  • The enchanted forest, from Swedish folklore photographer Photographer Vilja Lingonren. She says “Gnomes and trolls top my list of favorite creatures. Small, but powerful. Ingenious little beings that make life more interesting. They make the woods more living and mystic. They know every rock and tree, and when you don’t see them - they always see you.” Model Hanna Andersson
  • Found in Faerie Magazine
  • Via Medieval Dreams

107 Mystery Gnomes

Marcela Telehanicova, of Ivybridge, England, woke up one morning to find an army of gnomes in her front yard, 30 rows deep.

In a story headlined “Call Gnomeland Security,” The Plymouth Herald reports that the statuettes were placed there sometime between 9.30pm on June 1 and 1.30 am on June 2.

No gnomes were reported missing and authorities have no idea who did this or why. Marcela found this act to be hysterical.

Trivia and Extra Details From Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets!

This first portion will be completely spoiler-free from the game’s story and such. It’s just things you learn from the characters as you talk with them!

Then, under the read more cut, WILL contain spoilers because I will be placing the decoded ciphers under there! These ciphers are usually tied to the game’s story (but not always).


  • When born, his face was blue from possibly having his umbilical cord around his neck during that time


  • “Socked” the doctor in the jaw when she was born
  • Knows of the hug that Pacifica gave to Dipper (and teases them about it)


  • Writes fanfics about his own life
  • Sometimes opens and closes the cash register while pretending it’s talking - All of this while Stan isn’t looking at all
  • He dreams of running the shack himself one day
  • He’s thinking of sending a “romantic package” to Melody, containing a picture of his face duct taped to a chicken nugget
  • Soos wrote a love poem for Melody, which he had to translate from binary code:

“Roses are red. Ham is pink. I’ve really grown to like you I think. The day we met lives on in my brain. I’m glad I rode that plastic train. I used to be scared of ladies and stuff. But when I’m with you I can’t get enough. I have something to say and I hope it’s not rude. I really really like you, dude.”


  • Whenever she and her brothers have disagreements on something, they settle it in arm wrestling
  • She always wins these arm wrestle matches against her brothers
  • She actually listens to Sev’ral Timez, but denies it on the spot

Grunkle Stan

  • Was at the hospital when Dipper and Mabel were born!! (I aww’d so hard at this)
  • Once he was holding baby Dipper and Mabel, he couldn’t let them go; “Had to fight Shermie just to keep you for another minute” - Softie Stan
  • Stan thinks ladies would call him “Hunkle” Stan (The awareness of the fandom just from this one factoid holy cow)
  • He wonders if Carla would ever return to him if he became rich one day
  • Plans on telling Dipper’s and Mabel’s parents that all they did was fish the whole Summer


  • Is a huge fan of “Monster-Mon”
  • Either reads or writes Monster-Mon fanfic novels (Most likely writes them herself)
  • She’s impressed with Dipper’s Monster-Mon knowledge and wants to talk to him about the franchise sometime
  • Sometimes makes dog sounds to scare townsfolk


  • Her pet iguana is named “Grenda Jr.”
  • And her pet dog is named “GrenDog”
  • She once sneezed so hard, that she broke a table

The Gnomes

  • Jeff had been watching the Northwest Mansion because he was planning to try making Pacifica the gnome Queen next
  • Jeff wrote 12 pages about his baby blanket in his diary
  • The gnomes lost their Queen to a badger in the beginning of the Summer, so Jeff’s been taking leadership until they can find the new Queen they’ve been searching for
  • His failed attempts to find this new Queens made many other gnomes slowly lose respect for his leadership


  • Stan called Shermie “square” for being so formal and wearing a bow tie when at the hospital after Dipper’s and Mabel’s birth
  • Thompson is a very picky eater
  • Robbie is still very happy with Tambry


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