“Enough now.”

I did a thing/so did dip dop

don’t ask me where this came from besides the fact that this remains as the BEST MOVIE EVER 

I decided to leave it up to you who’s on the other side of the door. it could be ANYBODY

Merry Christmas everybody :) I hope you have more snow than I do. which is none.

It just occurred to me that not everybody has seen this movie.

Based off this scene from the best movie ever made by humans

“Love has many faces.. A quartet, a ballet, ready to be danced.”

~ Joni Mitchell

This is the first in what will become a series I’ll be working on this month of sort of ‘dance’ AUs. This one is done with watercolours, which I’ve never worked with before so it’s a little iffy but I like how it came out.

I imagined it to be, like, if somebody made a ballet of A:TLA, this would come from that.

P.S. Katara’s pose came from here.. I’m not really sure where the original is from (I found this on Pinterest) but if anybody knows plz drop me an ask.

EDIT: I found the og post for Zuko here yooo this post is so good these refs are wonderful i will continue to use