Mussorgsky - Pictures at an Exhibition (trans. Ravel)

One of the “pillars” of Romantic music has to be this work, which was originally a piano suite that has had multiple orchestrations. It has everything characteristic of the time: a big Russian sound, a programatic “journey” among an art gallery, memorable melodies, difficult to perform, and a great audience pleaser. Mussorgsky was inspired by his own walk about an art exhibit, a posthumous exhibit for the art of his friend Viktor Hartmann. Mussorgsky encapsulated the spirit of his friend’s art through music, and it has since become his most well known work. Each movement is a different painting, followed by a variation of the opening “promenade” theme, as if the listener were walking from painting to painting, taking a moment at each one to appreciate the work. This is Ravel’s orchestration, which is probably the most often performed version of all the other orchestrations out there. Ravel injects an interesting “French” style of coloring into the folksy “Russian” music of decades prior, and his ear for orchestration bright interesting shades to the music.

Movements [Before each movement, except the last, is an interlude that is a different variation on the first theme]:

1. The Gnome

2. The Old Castle

3. Tuileries

4. Cattle

5. The Ballet of Unhatched Chicks in their Shells

6. Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuÿle

7. The Market at Limoges

8. Catacombs

9. Baba Yaga

10. The Great Gate of Kiev

Change the order of the items in your windows' title bars

This guide is mainly for users of Gnome 2 (now known as Ubuntu Classic session), since the title bar is included in the upper panel in Unity. I suppose it could work on down-scaled windows in Unity too, but that would just make everything seem awfully confusing.

Install the “gconf-editor” package by using either Synaptic or command line. Run it (this must be done by command line or Alt+F2). Go to Apps > Metacity > General and find the option labled “button layout”. Now place the buttons in whichever order you want to. Here are some examples of how you can make your layout look:

Default layout:

Windows layout:
Mac OS X layout:
Alternate layout 1:
Alternate layout 2:
You can place the buttons in whichever order you like. Try experimenting a bit until you find the layout that suits you best. Enjoy!