gnome project
SO YOU WANT TO PLAY DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS You probably heard it played on The Adventure Zone, or Friends at the Table, or various other podcasts. Or maybe you saw them playing it in Stranger Things, or in the most famous of the Chick Tracts, or it was brought it up on some other show or movie. Ho...


You probably heard it played on The Adventure Zone, or Friends at the Table, or various other podcasts. Or maybe you saw them playing it in Stranger Things, or in the most famous of the Chick Tracts, or it was brought it up on some other show or movie. However you came across it, it made you think that maybe D&D could be really fun, maybe you should give it a try. And it can be! Tabletop games are really fun! I highly recommend them.

Unfortunately for you, D&D is bad. It’s really bad. It’s a trash pile of a game. Getting into tabletops via D&D is similar to getting into video games off of shovelware platformers - it might work, you may have a good time, and it might encourage you to branch out into other, better games, but you are playing garbage to get there. It doesn’t even matter which edition you get - they’re all pretty bad and mired in legacy mechanics and poorly thought out decisions and this weird idea that only spell users get to have or do anything cool.

Fortunately for you, you don’t need to play it first! You can jump into much, much better games right from the get go! The tabletop market is full of really good games right now, but none of them really have an advertising budget like D&. To help you find the game that’s right for what you and your group want, I’ve put together a flowchart to get you started.

Current status: gnome project

Yes, garden gnomes… and birds, specifically warblers. The project will inevitably also involve flowers, because cliches. It’s kind of what I do. Technically, I had a gnome illustration penciled in for this year’s calendar, and that just didn’t pan out.

So, there will be 4 illustrations. That means that I have to pick 4 warblers. Pretty sure I’m going with cerulean, magnolia, and yellow, so, I have to select 1 more. It’s between the common yellowthroat, MacGillvray’s, and the American redstart. For color continuity I’m leaning towards MacGillvray’s. I needed some visual sketches to make my decision.

Yes, nerd alert: I do research. It’s like I learned that in college or something… Anyway, garden gnomes also required a little research. Based on that episode of King of the Hill — I’m aware that there are different kinds. According to the garden statuary industry they like to moon people, and, of course, also come in zombie form. I’m not doing zombie gnomes. They’re creepy enough without being undead.

And, yeah, the snowmen are on hold. It’s hard to get into working on snowmen when it’s January, there’s no snow but there’s fog, and also it’s like between 35˚F to 50˚F. That’s just not real winter weather.

The solution I came up with for Nekima’s horns? Just make new ones using Green Stuff and attach those while they’re sticky. I am not sure it’ll work and I might tear them off tomorrow, but in any case, I’d made a bit too much green stuff.

Never one to waste materials, I grabbed one of the empty bases I hadn’t used for my army of Malifaux dudes and I smeared the greenstuff over the bottom. With some creative use of my fingernail and an exacto knife, I now have a new custom base! I think Angelica will use this one whenever I pick her up. She’s the announcer, she gets to roll out the red carpet.


And now, a massive compilation of group shots of my Showgirls crew.

These are the only shots I got of the Coryphee Duet, so if you want a look at her, she’s in the middle of the first shot, and she’s on the right in all the other shots. She’s second from the bottom right in my storage case.


And the Kirai crew I painted last summer! Except for the Gakis, which are new and I posted yesterday ( Here and here ). I am actually kind of unhappy with most of them! They are not that great, but they are also the absolute first time I have ever painted miniatures. They could’ve gone worse.

So I only took closeup pictures for the Ikiryo and the Datsue-Ba. I learned quite a bit about doing washes from these two, and it turned out really nicely on the both of them, I think. It turned out significantly less nice on Kirai herself, and on the Onryo. Oh well, live and learn.

And then I didn’t use the technique at all on the Gaki, just a darker base coat with drybrushing in the color I actually wanted, and they turned out way better than either of these. Woops.

None of these guys have special bases, so they look kind of plain. If I get around to it, I may rebase the whole lot of them on something nicer. And possibly/probably do some touch up painting on basically all of them.


Kaeris! I don’t run her as a master basically only because she can’t run Coryphees. That’s a design oversight if there ever was one, I swear. So she’s just backup firepower for my Showgirls. And boy, can she bring out firepower.

She’s also one of the first units I used Quickshade on. After Quickshade sort of ruined my Performer, who I’ll be posting up later, I stopped using it except on mechanical bits, because it looks great on robot parts. However, Kaeris herself got a complete coating of the stuff, and now her pants are shiny. It looks awesome on her wings and her coat, though. I’ll complain more about Quickshade once we get to the Performer post (and slightly with my Mechanical Doves post), because it turned out lovely for Kaeris. Just lovely.


day two of “slapping shit together and hoping it doesn’t fall apart!” Tomorrow’s edition will hopefully include a Nekima. She’s tough to put together with nothing but green stuff and epoxy, let me tell you. All captions from left to right.

Up on top, we’ve got 3 Gaki, one of which was unlucky enough to get an ordinary base instead of one of my special ones, so I made a half-buried skeleton to keep him from having too empty of a base. Some different arm poses and the group is now finished.

My Colette crew is essentially completed, excepting the other Coryphee and the Doryphee Duet. Kaeris, the Performer, and the sitting Mechanical Dove took a bit of a balancing act to epoxy into place, but the hold is pretty sturdy, so they’re excellent now. Otherwise, her units have been really easy to put together.

The coryphee, a bit less so. It’ll be an adventure getting their arms to set in place properly. An adventure and a balancing act. Those and Nekima are tomorrow’s task, and then all of them will be shipped off to the priming mills.