Yes, you read it right.. GNOMADZ!! I don’t know who came up with this name but this was what we used to call ourselves back in highschool. Oh I can still remember the days in Highschool! How I wish we could all go back! Anyway Arrian wasn’t able to make it that night. This was Cookee’s despidida before she left for the Cali again.. 

So yeah its pretty clear we love timed shots!! =)

There we go.. hahaha.. So we put the camera on timer and made it take 10 shots of us! It’s so much fun! 

Well this is just half of the timed shots we took! But I think these were the best! 

I miss my Sissy’s already! I hope to see you all soon! Cookee we miss you already! I hope that you will be back next year as planned! =)

Till my next post.. 

♥ Sarah


Cookee’s Post birthday celebration at See’s Residence! I had so much fun with my Gnomadz! =) Missing Arrian that night.. But I know we will be complete in our next get together!!!

The theme was the 70’s but I don’t really know if we achieved that look. I tried. hehehe.. here are some of our fun shots during the night.. Seriously we loved Ira’s stairs! =)

To Cookee, I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I am so glad you got to celebrate it with us!! Happy birthday Sis! Love you! =)

Lunch Out With Sissy!

Last Thursday, I went out with my Sissy Joyce to ATC to do my last minute buys for E for our Anniversary. This was the surprise part since he already got the first part. 

Anyway its just so great to catch up with friends and squeezing it in the schedule. Here are some of shots from cam whoring! =)

I love yah Sis!! Thank you for accompanying me! I had a great time! See yah soon Birthday girl!

♥ Sarah