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music battles [michael m. x reader]

hi! i saw this post with soulmate aus and there was one where whenever one half of the pair listens to a song or any music, the other half hears it as well, no matter the distance or whatever they are doing.. do you think you could use it with a michael x reader? it reminds me sm of him.. thanks! :) )

this is such a cute au like honestly you had me at soulmate au to begin with but then i was completely sold by the end of it

warnings: n o ne

     There it was again. You weren’t familiar with the artist or the song this time, but half-way through your math test you were hit with whatever your soulmate was listening to. You were used to it - music coming on at the worst time sometimes, sometimes waking you up at the least expected times. But it was fine at times - the thought that you had a soulmate to share music with was warming, even with everything it came with. Normally, you’d have slipped your own headphones in if the song wasn’t good and turn on something else a little louder than your soulmate’s music. If they didn’t like it, they’d usually end up turning their music up a little louder, and eventually it’d be a little battle until one or the other turned off the music. But you were in the middle of a test and you didn’t need to fail it, so you let the song continue as you scratched out another answer.

    Then it switched. They were playing something you actually enjoyed - probably because you played it after hearing it from your soulmate and sometimes it’d end up in the mix of songs they’d listen to. Your leg started to bounce slightly to the music, and you attention slipped from triangles into the lyrics. Damn it. You didn’t need this. You’d find your soulmate and punch them for all the times they played songs associated with memes when you were in the middle of a test.

    Then there’s another change, half-way through the song. You frowned a little - it was just getting to the good part, what the fuck? - but look back to your test. Soon you’d be done and free for the afternoon. Soon.

    There’s a pause.

    You’re gonna punch your soulmate for rickrolling you again.

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jake waking up to the sweet snuffling sounds of amy nursing their baby as she sits upright in bed next to him…she runs her free hand through his floofy bed hair as he stirs and he sleepily grins up at her and thinks to himself how did he ever get so lucky…his half alseep brain handily provides flashbacks of all the times he thought he’d die alone, all the times he thought he’d never be a father,, but then he remembers to just be grateful for this love and this life so he strokes his baby’s cheek (how are babies’ cheeks so impossibly soft) before placing an arm round amy’s torso (he would argue amy’s skin is just as soft) (genes, he thinks)


a (blessed) compilation of shownu singing in his solo vlive !!!

Christmas Present Exchange

Request: Can you do a Christmas one?

Your name: submit What is this?

Your family was one of those families that went all out for Christmas.  The decorations were put up the morning after Thanksgiving with Christmas music blasting through the house 24/7.  

You couldn’t complain, Christmas was one of your favorite holidays.  You loved the atmosphere that surrounded the holiday season and the Christmas movies playing all day was a blessing.  But your favorite thing about Christmas was going out and buying gifts for your friends and family, and then seeing their reactions when they open their gifts.

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She is, in modern parlance, ‘hot.’ Who is best to deal with that? Well I suppose we would all say someone who is intellectually her equal, but also very attractive to her. But I think for her, both of those are required. You could say that Gillingham is clearly the one who fires her up, but in a way, Charles Blake’s brain is the one she finds most entertaining. So she’s sort of torn between the two of them. – Julian Fellowes