I wasn’t gonna deal with this cause really I’m about fucking done with this whole mess, show, fandom, apologists, all of it. But I’ve got nothing better to do tonight, so what the hell.

1. the anger over the ‘innocence’ quote baffles me this is a children’s/family show of course there isn’t going to be sex and explicit violence in it. ’

Where was I, or anyone, asking for explicit sex or violence? This idea that a queer relationship must equal anything explicit baffles and infuriates me. There is nothing inherantly more ‘sexual’ about queer relationships than heterosexual ones. My expectation of a queer relationship on a show like Merlin would be that it would be G-rated, just as every other romantic relationship is on the show. Flirting, banter, maybe a kiss, acknowledgement of the romance from other characters - that’s it. How on earth is that explicit? 

As for explicit violence… I never asked for explicit violence. I don’t know anyone who has done. Why would we want that? The show already HAS some fairly damn explicit violence anyway, a lot of it directed at women by men. I think that’s way more damaging to any kids watching than seeing two men kiss would be, don’t you?

2. Homosexuality was never going to happen in this show so why so much anger that it hasn’t happened?

I have no idea what you think people who are complaining were 'expecting’ from this show. I personally was never expecting Merlin and Arthur to have a canon relationship - we can talk about what 'should’ or 'should not’ have happened in terms of writing a good TV show for a particular demographic, but no, I never expected that. I would EXPECT this show to do what Doctor Who has already done (even if it’s faltered somewhat under Moffat), which is have guest/recurring characters who pop up and have story lines and are awesome and also coincidentally GAAAAAY or bi or queer or trans.

We live in a POST CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS ERA. How is this not sinking in with people? We had John Barrowman rolling round the TARDIS flirting with anything and anyone with a PULSE regardless of gender (or planet of origin). That happened. The sky didn’t fall. Would it be so impossible to have that happen on Merlin, really? A guest character with a minor c-plot queer relationship?

And my anger here is that what Johnny Capps is saying in that interview where he laughingly talks about the cleavage on the women being 'something for the dads’ whilst totally dismissing the idea of a queer romance on the show because OMG THE CHILDRENZ IT WOULDN’T BE APPROPRIATE, is that this man is saying that he finds no issue at all with overtly sexualising the two female characters - that’s TOTALLY appropriate for children to see and be influenced by - but GOD FORBID they see a G-rated queer romance.

Let me say that again: Reducing women to sex objects = totally non-harmful to kids.

A consensual, healthy, G-rated gay romance = TRAUMATIC, HORRIBLE, DNW.

Cause, you know, that makes so much sense. 

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Gni is going to rant about Atlantis, the media and her professional life - hold onto your hats

The more I hear about Atlantis the angrier I get.

I don’t know if it’s how patronised I feel by the marketing - like seriously, shirtless men was stupid on Merlin all the time so now it just feels eye-roll worthy; and ‘IT’S TOTALLY MERLIN BUT NOT SHHH’ is so pandering it’s ridiculous  - how stupid do they think fandom, and by extension young women, who they KNOW make up the bulk of fandom, are? It’s bordering on misogynist.

Or it could be a more basic professional frustration with laziness in this industry. I’m a young, jobbing industry creative paddling frantically, trying to Have A Voice and maintain my personal integrity whilst getting a foothold in a medium which I love but which all but DEMANDS homogeneity and 'marketability’ especially from those who haven’t made a name for themselves.

Like any young creative, doors being slammed in my face is still a pretty much daily occurrence - no one wants to hear my original ideas, because my track record and experience is limited and no one wants to risk a fucktonne of money on an unknown name. In a lot of ways that makes perfect sense, and certainly it was a reality I accepted when I decided on this career. I just have to hope that eventually I’ll meet the right producer, the right agent, and catch a break - until then I have to keep working my ass off. 

So it pisses me off when I see people who have made it not doing the same.

You don’t earn your way into the sort of success JCapps and Murphy have had without working yourself to the bone, I know this. And it’s not like I could sniff at some of this pair’s earlier achievements - Sugar Rush was fucking great; and I know enough about the development process behind Merlin (thank you, friends who worked in development at the beeb!) to know that getting that show onto the screen in the first place was no mean feet. 

I just don’t understand why, once you MAKE IT, you would squander your opportunities by being so fucking lazy.

JCapps and Murphy are now successful enough that they could stroll into almost any production company in the country with a smart, brave, original idea for the right time slot and the right channel and they’d be in business.

And they have the gaul to regurgitate exactly the same show that they’ve already HAD success with, a second time

 It’s insulting - it’s insulting to the licence-fee payers, it’s insulting to other industry professionals. 

I don’t know where these guys get off being so damn disrespectful.

annnd i already have my first weird comment over on AO3 on Rooftops and Parking Lots whining about Felicity being OOC.

Guys, from where I’m stood, Felicity Smoak is morally grey as they come. The idea that she’s somehow above ever cheating on anyone makes me roll my eyes. I wrote Rooftops and Parking Lots in large part because I’m sick of the way large chunks of Olicity fandom treats Felicity as one-dimensional - and specifically likes to make her an accessory of Oliver’s ‘darkness’ by writing her as his 'light’ (ICK). Putting her on a pedestal does her no favours, and makes her dull when she’s written that way in fic - and frankly it makes Oliver and Felicity’s dynamic WAY less interesting.

The Felicity Smoak I know  and love is many things but nice kinda isn’t one of them (something I explicitly reference in the damn fic). She’s awesome, she’s smart as hell and tough as shit, she has her crap together and her priorities straight. But she also fucks up, makes mistakes, makes difficult, morally ambiguous decisions and is totally capable of having an affair. It doesn’t make her a terrible person - it makes her fucking human.

Get used to it or stop reading my fic.